YXBG Ch. 26.1 Revenge

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But Yin Ruoji did not explain to her. Chang Mei watched him carefully, even if she wanted to ask, she didn’t know where to start. She fell into endless anxiety and worry, as if a divorce agreement floated in front of her eyes, with a dazzling white color.

But there was no divorce agreement. Yin Ruoji seemed to have completely forgotten about it, while Xiaomei thought that her mother’s depression was related to her departure. So, she stuck to Chang Mei every day: “Mom will go with me.”

Only at this time, Yin Ruoji would emphasize: “Mom can’t go with you.”

But when Chang Mei’s gaze turned to him, he didn’t seem to perceive it. She gradually became frightened while waiting, and she could even feel that Yin Ruoji was evading her deliberately.

Yin Xiaomei was not aware of the emotional crisis between the two, and she was still focused on Yin Zhefei. Since knowing that she was leaving, Yin Zhefei had become more reticent, and Yin Xiaomei was uncomfortable with the thin ice between the two.

However, what she didn’t know was that Yin Zhefei’s gloom was related to a scene he saw.

Early that day after school, he saw a woman sneaking around Yin’s house, and then his father showed up. He didn’t know what he thought at the time, so he hid away, as if he had seen something that he shouldn’t have seen.

He only heard his father say: “I said I will divorce her. You appear now, don’t you trust me?”

Yin Zhefei was dumbfounded, but this sentence fell well in his ears. He had known since childhood that his parents’ relationship was very good, sometimes even good enough to make others feel embarrassed. He poked his head out and looked at the woman, a young, enchanting woman. He never knew his father would like such a woman.


“You have to hurry up, I can wait, the child in my stomach can’t wait.”

Yin Zhefei was stunned. It took him a long time to digest the news, and he felt that his eyes had gone black. Father and this woman actually already had a child? He thought of the despair of his mother nowadays. He thought it was because of Xiaomei’s departure. He didn’t expect that there was such a thing. No wonder his mother always looked at his father with that kind of sad and timid eyes. He only felt that the image of his father in his mind seemed to collapse. Mother told him that day that she thinks UK is really good, and she also wanted to relax. China was so dull that it was driving her crazy. He didn’t understand what it meant at the time, but at this moment he understood.

He couldn’t imagine how much psychological pressure his mother was enduring.

When his father left with the woman, he returned home in a daze and sat on the sofa without saying a word. But when his mother came back from class, she was obviously surprised by his early return, and it was too late to dry the tears on her face: “A Fei, how come you are back so early?” She slightly turned away, “The wind is too brisk today, my eyes were unaccustomed…”

He stood: “Mom, you look very tired today!”

“Ho ho, okay, I’m used to it.” She laughed, her expression a little stiff, “You kid, you won’t turn on the lights when you come back, I thought…”

“Mom, if you are tired, go to England with Xiaomei,” he stood in front of Chang Mei, his tall body covering the dazzling lights, “I am already this old, you don’t need to take care of me.”

“You are here. What are you talking about, A Fei,” Chang Mei was very panicked, did her son see something, “Mom is only going to send Xiaomei…”

“Mom!” Yin Zhefei said solemnly: “I know, I just want to tell you if you are not happy, just say it, or find a place to relax, don’t worry about the rest, there is still me.” He stopped talking, turned and went back to his room.

Chang Mei was stunned, and her tears could not stop streaming down for a long time.


When Yin Xiaomei went to the high school campus to find Yin Zhefei, it was when the students had extracurricular classes in the afternoon. The students who had no extracurricular activities either went back to the dormitory or went home for lunch. She went around for a long time and couldn’t find Yin Zhefei. There was only Zhang Xiangyi in the huge classroom, because he was very tired after playing basketball, lying on the desk, sleeping soundly.

Wow! Xiaomei stood in front of him, holding her breath. The big bearded boy in front of her looked like a middle-aged daddy, while his thick black eyebrows were slightly frowning as if he was imagining killing his opponents on the basketball court in his dream.

The last time the complaint had little effect, she could see how he looked “intact”. Yin Xiaomei frowned, but now she had an opportunity. She remembered that Yin Zhefei laughed at Zhang Xiangyi for being a deep sleeper and said that he might not turn over even if fifty elephants ran past him. She had the opportunity. If she didn’t take revenge today, she would have to wait hundreds of years for another opportunity!

Xiaomei reached out and pulled at his beard: “Brother Xiangyi?”

Sure enough, he really didn’t move!

“Brother Xiangyi, sister-in-law Xianxian is here!” Her voice was a little louder.

Zhang Xiangyi was still asleep, even snoring.

Oh my God, even the legendary sister-in-law couldn’t move him! Xiaomei let out a chirping laugh. Since he won’t get up, Xiaomei wanted to give him a big gift. She went around the classroom, and when she came back, she already had a marker pen and a pair of scissors in her hand.

“Scissor hands Yin Xiaomei!” She put on a gorgeous look. It was a pity that Zhang Xiangyi slept too hard, and there was no sign of opening his eyes at all. Xiaomei pouted, “You’re going to sleep to death, idiot,” she leaned forward and carefully cut off his beautiful thick eyebrows with scissors. The fine hair fell down and fell on the boy’s face. “Ha, I said, how did Yin Zhefei know that I was going to sell his photos? At first glance, you betrayed me. Didn’t your mother teach you not to betray a friend? You got me beaten up and let Yin Zhefei confiscate my money. What a damn! What is it called, ‘You don’t eat shrimps, shrimps die because of you,’ you are all guilty of the same sin.” She mumbled, and turned to his beard, “Look at you, never shaved, it’s so sloppy and ugly!”

Zhang Xiangyi’s beard and right eyebrow were cut as if a dog had gnawed it, and the other side was pressed against his arm, so that Xiaomei couldn’t trim it.

“Huh? You look so beautiful in this way.” She grinned, picked up the marker and drew a dark circle on him. Then he wrote the words “Little Man Zhang” on his face very carefully.

Let’s have another little tortoise on the forehead! That’s it! She was almost exasperated when she laughed, and at this moment, the school bell rang as usual, and Xiaomei hurriedly hid under the table in fright.

However, after waiting for a while, the vigorous bell passed, but Zhang Xiangyi did not move at all!

She slowly poked her head out: “Brother Xiangyi?” Wow, he could still sleep like this, she really admired him!

“I wish you a good dream, and it was nice to meet you. Xiaomei is leaving tonight, so even if you want revenge, you won’t find anyone in the future.” She leaned forward and looked at the handsome face of the young man. There was no place to write, so she kissed him: “Farewell kiss! So, don’t be angry with Xiaomei!”

And Zhang Xiangyi, as if feeling her sincerity in his sleep, the muscles on his face relaxed unconsciously, showed a smile.

“Ha, then Xiaomei will take it that you agree!” She said with a smile, putting the pen and scissors back in place, “Then, Xiaomei is going, I have to deal with Yin Zhefei! Don’t miss me. Oh, have a good dream.” She blinked mischievously and closed the door for him.

If it was an extracurricular activity class and Yin Zhefei was not in the classroom, he must be in the swimming pool! Fortunately, it saved her a lot of trouble.

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