TBLF Extra 11 (Ch. 111.2): Vampire × Blood Hunter

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Qi Ying felt extremely wronged: “I really didn’t kill anyone.” She squeezed her flat belly, “Look, I’m hungry and thin.”

She hugged her knees and shrank into a ball. She looked very small and thin. Ji Rang looked at her for a long time, and asked slowly, “Why didn’t you kill?”

The little girl sniffed, aggrieved: “I dare not.”

Ji Rang almost suspected that he had heard her wrong.

He frowned and looked at her for a long time, then suddenly reached out and pulled out the silver short knife from under his trouser leg. Qi Ying’s eyes widened in horror. When she thought she was about to be killed by a stab, he spread out his palm and slashed at it.

The blood came out.

He stretched his hand to her mouth: “Drink.”

Then he saw the little girl’s eyes open wider and wider, her face getting paler and paler, and she passed out with a scream.

Ji Rang: “???”

The blood dripped down from the palm of his hand.

He insisted on not spoiling or wasting it, so he pinched the little girl’s chin to force her to open her mouth, he formed his palm into a fist, and dripped blood into her mouth.

Then he picked her up and went all the way back to his apartment.

The little girl was unconscious till the next morning.

The curtains were drawn such that no sunlight came in. When she was unconscious, she dreamed that she finally drank blood, so she was very satisfied. But when she woke up, her consciousness recovered, and she found that her hunger really subsided a lot.

She touched her belly incredulously, and a man’s low voice came from a corner of the dim room: “Woke up?”

She turned her head abruptly and saw the blood hunter sitting in the corner on a rocking chair, and she pulled the quilt back up in fear.

Ji Rang smiled, got up and approached her, sat down by the bed, shook his gauze-wrapped palm, gestured to take it off, and asked with a smile, “Do you want to drink?”

Qi Ying stammered anxiously and waved her hands again and again: “Don’t, don’t..! I’ll faint!”

Ji Rang: “???” His worldview was subverted again, “Why would you faint?”

The little girl wilted: “I get dizzy when I see blood, so I dare not kill.”

Ji Rang: “I thought you didn’t kill people because of your kindness.”

Qi Ying immediately added: “There is also this reason! I am a kind-hearted vampire, really!”

Ji Rang couldn’t help laughing. He got up and walked to the kitchen. When he came back, he held a black water glass with a straw and handed it to her.

Qi Ying smelled it and it was very fragrant.

Glancing at him, she couldn’t help the temptation of food, and took it, holding the cup in both hands to drink.

Seeing her drinking so happily, Ji Rang’s dark eyes became softer unconsciously.

Qi Ying drank enough, touched her bulging belly, licked her lips, and softly asked the blood hunter who was sitting in the rocking chair reading the newspaper, “Can I go now?”

His cold voice came from behind the newspaper: “No.”

Qi Ying pursed her mouth, jumped off the bed, stepped barefoot on the soft carpet, ran to him and squatted down, and said seriously, “Thank you for not killing me, and giving me blood to drink. I’m full now and I have recovered my strength. I will leave here tonight. I promise you that I will never kill. I will return to bottled blood.”

She paused, and her voice lowered: “Although… Although I haven’t completed the hunting mission, I will be nailed in the coffin for a hundred years, alas, it’s okay. I think I will be able to have a long, long sleep.”

Ji Rang finally looked away from the newspaper and turned to look at her.

The girl’s light green eyes were soft and beautiful, and at a glance, he felt like he had fallen into an endless galaxy.

He put away the newspaper and enunciated every word: “I said it, no.”

Qi Ying slowly realized what he meant, and stepped back a little bit, then hesitated and asked, “Then you, what do you want to keep me here for?”

Ji Rang glanced at her: “Don’t your kinsmen like to keep humans in captivity as your blood bank? I also want to try, the feeling of having a captive vampire.”

Qi Ying: “!!!”

Then the little vampire was imprisoned by the blood hunter in his apartment.

In fact, in general, life there was pretty good, at least she was not hungry.

Ji Rang used his own blood to feed her.

She was still young, she had just become an adult, she had a small appetite, and one hundred grams of blood a day was enough for her stomach. Sometimes Ji Rang didn’t want to feed her, so he went to the hospital to buy blood bags for her. The taste was worse than blood from a living person, but she could at least drink enough.

Qi Ying felt that she had returned to the days when she stretched out her hands and opened her mouth in the castle.

After being raised by Ji Rang for a period of time, she developed a sense of dependence.

Although she also knew intellectually that it was terrible to be a vampire dependent on a blood hunter, but she couldn’t help it, as his blood was in her body.

She was familiar with his taste and could smell the fragrance of his blood within a one kilometer radius.

She was young, and when she was in the castle, blood for her consumption was drawn randomly from the blood bank. No one had told her that vampires could not consume the blood of the same person for a long time. In the vampire clan, this behavior was called: blood embracing.

She would become obsessed with this person and would no longer be able to tolerate the smell of other people’s blood, she would always want to stay with the other person all the time and would never leave him for life.

It wasn’t until Ji Rang was out for a week because of an errand, when she looked at the blood bag he bought from the hospital in the refrigerator, but had no appetite, that she realized that something was wrong.

When Ji Rang returned to the apartment after completing the task, he saw the girl who was hungry and fainted on the carpet.

Not a single bag of blood in the refrigerator had moved.

He held her in his arms, pulled out the silver knife from the cabinet, cut his own finger, and put it in her mouth.

The girl was awakened by the familiar smell of blood, so she held his hand and sucked on his finger.

The tip of the tongue was so soft, it swept across his fingertip circling it, he felt a slight tingling sensation accompanied by itching, he couldn’t help rubbing her neat teeth with his fingers.

She was full and opened her eyes in a daze, her light green eyes were hazy, her cherry lips were stained with red blood, and she smiled obediently at him.

Ji Rang lowered his head and kissed her lips.

The smell of blood blended between their lips and teeth.

Qi Ying almost suffocated when kissed by him, and she complained aggrievedly: “Why did you come back just now? I was so hungry.”

He picked her up and put her on the bed and kissed her all the way from her lips to her ears: “I’m sorry, I won’t go anymore.”

When Shu Ran found the apartment, Qi Ying was holding a small cup, biting the straw and drinking blood while watching TV.

The little girl who used to be thin and slender was now white and fat. Shu Ran had imagined a picture of his cousin being tortured and hungry. Now he found that the gap between reality and imagination was so big that he couldn’t accept it.

Qi Ying was also happy to see him, and ran over to hug him: “Shu Ran, how are you? How is everybody at home?”

As soon as he touched her body, Shu Ran smelled an unfamiliar smell of blood on her body.

His expression changed drastically: “Have you done blood embracing?”

Qi Ying blinked his eyes: “What is blood embracing?”

Shu Ran: “…”

Then he saw the tall man walking out of the kitchen, his muscles stiffened, and he jumped three steps away: “It’s you!”

Ji Rang leaned against the door frame with a water glass and nodded slightly: “It’s me.”

Shu Ran found it unbelievable, staring at Qi Ying, “He is the immortal blood bank you looked for? This blood-hunting tribe who might cause you to have a bad stomach?”

The little girl bared her teeth and her claws: “I forbid you to say that about him!”

Shu Ran was very angry and pointed to Ji Rang: “She is still young and doesn’t know the meaning of blood embracing. As the veteran of the blood hunter tribe, would you not know?!”

Ji Rang drank the water, while still looking sluggishly: “I know.”

Shu Ran: “You did it on purpose!”

He deliberately raised her in captivity, deliberately fed her his blood, deliberately tied her to her side, and made her inseparable from him forever.

Shu Ran gritted his teeth, walked two or three steps over and pushed Ji Rang into the kitchen, slammed the door, pinched his neck and pressed him against the wall: “Do you know you will die? You can’t accompany her for generations to come, you are just a humble human!”

Ji Rang easily pushed him away, brushed his neckline, and stretched out a finger: “Looking at her face, I have condoned your impoliteness once. I have let you in. You have already seen the person, and you can go.”

Shu Ran’s fangs were exposed: “You are just a human! What will she do if you die?!”

Ji Rang tilted his head to look at him for a while, and then smiled: “If she has not completed the blood hunting mission, she will be trapped for a hundred years, won’t she?”

Shu Ran’s face went pale.

Ji Rang opened the door: “A hundred years from now, she will find me. In every life, she will come to me.”

Outside the door, the girl with soft eyes waited nervously.

Ji Rang smiled and reached out to touch her head.

As long as she appeared before his eyes, he would definitely fall in love with her again.


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