RCFS Ch. 260

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Even Emperor Xie, who had extraordinary self-control and determination, couldn’t help but tremble.

This little elf!

Ding! Peach blossom value +30!

He stared intently at this increasingly enchanting and beautiful face, his dark eyes getting darker and darker.

His fingers subconsciously reached over, and he suddenly lifted the person forward, instantly pulling her into his arms.

The huge force made Ye Yunxi drive in all at once. Di Junxie curled his lips, leaned over, and murmured charmingly: “Baby, cooperate with me.” After saying that, he opened the car door, threw the person directly in, and slammed it tightly.

If he didn’t throw her in, he was afraid that he would really miss the target!


The little woman’s laughter came from the car, making Di Junxie even more annoyed.

Did she do it for a long time to tease him on purpose?

She must be so happy now, right?


After taking a few deep breaths and barely calming down, Di Junxie glanced outside coldly.

The large cloak blocked everyone’s sight, and no one saw his interaction with Ye Yunxi. But now, everyone could clearly feel the cold gaze emerging from the chaotic darkness under the shadow of the big-brimmed hat.

Well, so terrible!

It was obvious that they couldn’t see the eyes and facial features, and everything was hidden in the shadows, but they had the illusion that they were being targeted by wild beasts, as if, if they didn’t run away, blood would be splattered on the spot!

“Let’s go, let’s go!”

The students screamed, turning around and running away.

Di Junxie snorted coldly, took out his phone, and sent a WeChat message directly to Gao Shuying.

The eldest lady’s godfather: Our baby is taking half a month off.

Gao Shuying: …Well, the final ancient martial arts competition is coming soon. Do she have to ask for leave at this time?

However, there was no movement there. With the tone, she felt it was not a discussion, but an order. Gao Shuying was so angry that she wanted to smash her phone.

Damn it, Ye Yunxi, your parent is like a giant Buddha, why don’t you be so awesome! Also, do you want the teacher to support your parents as well?

I have really corrected my mistakes, why are you like this!

Also, you are the president of Yehuang. What will happen to Yehuang if you leave? The newly established club has just begun to show some positive signs. If it dies prematurely, who will be blamed!

The jeep ran along the busy streets until it entered a hidden guest house and never came out again.

In the room, Di Junxie took off his big-brimmed hat and stood in front of the full-length mirror. His fingers with sharp joints climbed up to the collar, and he unbuttoned the buttons with his rough fingertips, and then slowly moved down.

His movements were very slow, his shoulders were straight, his black eyes were arrogant, and every movement of his carried his unique dignity and arrogance.

The shirt was thrown to the ground, and the man’s perfect figure was reflected in the full-length mirror.

The graceful collarbone, the sharp abdominal muscles, and the straight boots were full of a wilful atmosphere.

Di Junxie shook his head, and strands of his hair fell on his forehead. At that moment, this man who was so righteous and hard-hearted became even more seductive.

Very handsome!

He was so handsome that he could make all the females faint on the spot!

“Change your clothes!”

The man turned back and looked at the door.

Ye Yunxi looked at the skirt on the wall with disdain: “Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.”

The man smiled wildly, his handsome face looking extremely enchanting.

Ye Yunxi frowned. She knew that she might need to cross-dress to do tasks, but what was hanging in front of Di Junxie was a fitted suit. Why was he hanging clothes like this here?

After dithering for a long time, she could only take the clothes and go into the bathroom.

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