RCFS Ch. 261

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By the time she finished getting dressed, Di Junxie had also finished dressing up. The well-fitting high-end suit outlined his perfectly proportioned shoulders, back and waist. His long legs were straight and his leather shoes were shiny.

At this moment, he was assembling the gun with his back to her. With his neat skills and skilful movements, the cold weapon seemed to be alive in his hands, jumping happily and making a pleasant clicking sound.

Hearing the movement coming from behind, Di Junxie looked back. The arc of his profile was exposed in the light, and he looked so handsome!

After finishing dressing, Ye Yunxi pulled off her shirt and slowly walked into the light.

Slender girl, very beautiful, really beautiful!

The clothes fit her perfectly, making her look even more charming and feminine. It was completely different from the way she looked in school uniforms before. It was extremely alluring and really beautiful!

Oh, she was worthy of being the one he chose, so impressive!

Ding! Peach blossom value +30!

Di Junxie raised the corners of his mouth, his eyebrows full of fascination.

He walked over slowly, his height and long legs making every step of his move very powerful. Ye Yunxi raised her eyes and watched the man walk over step by step, shrouding her in shadow.

His rough fingers were slightly raised, as they were placed against the cheek and penetrated through her dark hair. The temperature on the man’s palm seemed to be aggressive, making Ye Yunxi slightly stiff.

“Tie your hair up.”


She took out a rubber band and tied her hair into a high ponytail. The full back of her head was perfectly displayed, and her white and slender swan neck was connected underneath, which made her charm soar.

Ding! Peach blossom value +10!

“What do you need me to do?”

Now, can you reveal a little bit?

Di Junxie indifferently pulled out a book of information and threw it over: “You will be my personal assistant from now on. This is the company we run. You don’t need to know anything else.”

After flipping through it quickly, Ye Yunxi pricked her eyebrow, this was just a very ordinary import and export trading company.

“Personal assistant? What a good name, personal assistant? Isn’t it just a little girl?”

Tsk! Did this person really give her such a task on purpose?

“Get some rest, we will go south tomorrow morning. We have to go to Yangcheng.”

Yangcheng, the earliest port city opened in the Yan Kingdom, was still the busiest place for foreign trade, and also the place with the most imported and exported goods and the latest categories.

“Got it!”

But this bed…, it was just one double bed?

What did this mean?

When she lived in the Di family house, she had a single room anyway?

Di Junxie stuffed the assembled weapons under the pillow indifferently, and then took a picture patting the soft mattress: “Don’t want to sleep?”

“Why a double bed room?”

“Personal assistants stay with her boss. What kind of double room do I want?”

Ye Yunxi: “…”

Damn it, what he said made sense, and she couldn’t refute it!

“Come on, get me some clothes. Let me see if you can do the work that I came here to do for you.”

Di Junxie opened his arms and sat there like an uncle, waiting eagerly for Ye Yunxi to serve him.

If it weren’t for AS, she wouldn’t have done such a thing!

Frowning, Ye Yunxi gritted her teeth and walked up, serving the healthy young man who had arms and legs and was not disabled to change into pyjamas!

Di Junxie enjoyed it very much.

Ye Yunxi’s skin was very white, so her leaning closer created a beautiful scenery for everyone to admire.

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