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After chatting with Xu Mingzhen for a few more words, Li Xiangrong took Wei Keli back.

Li Xiangrong sat back in her seat without saying a word and sighed deeply.

She knew that the Tan family had given up the idea of cultivating Wei Keli and Tan Mo as childhood sweethearts, so that they could be together in the future.

Li Xiangrong felt full of regret.

If she was nurtured well, Tan Mo was indeed a particularly good candidate for her daughter-in-law.

They had known each other since they were young, and the key was that the relationship between the two families was good.

Tan Mo was the only daughter in the family and was much loved.

For this reason, Tan Jia initially set their sights on Wei Keli. They probably felt that they understood each other and had a close family relationship, so they could safely entrust Tan Mo to them.

Li Xiangrong had also made some calculations. Putting aside her relationship with Xu Mingzhen as best friend, based on how much Tan Wenci, his wife, and the three Tan brothers doted on Tan Mo, Tan Mo’s dowry would definitely be indispensable in the future.

Even much stronger than many big families.

As the family got bigger and had more children, it may not be possible to give out much to the married daughter.

Tan Mo was different.

If Wei Keli encountered any difficulties in the future, Tan Mo’s brothers won’t stand idly by.

Although Wei Keli was born in the Wei family, there were too many children in the Wei family. In the future, the Wei family would belong to Wei Zhiqian and his children, and it would not be Wei Keli’s turn at all.

As for Wei Zhiqian, he was just Wei Keli’s uncle, and even his grandparents were not the same.

Old Mrs. Wei, the protagonist of today’s birthday party, had given birth to three sons in total.

Wei Zhijian’s father was Old Mrs. Wei’s second son, and Wei Zhiqian’s father was Old Mrs. Wei’s third son.

Wei Zhijian also had a cousin, Wei Zhigong, and his father was Old Mrs. Wei’s eldest son.

It could be said that by Wei Keli’s generation, their relationship had become more distant.

If you really want to talk about it, Wei Keli’s financial condition was actually not as good as Tan Mo’s.

If they looked again in the future, they might not be able to find anyone as suitable as Tan Mo.

Li Xiangrong had to make early plans for Wei Keli’s future and keep an eye on Tan Mo early.

Who knew this kid was so confused!

Such a good marriage was ruined by his own hands.

Wei Zhijian held Li Xiangrong’s hand and whispered: “The two children are still young now, and Tan Mo is only 6 years old. There is still time for Keli and her to re-establish the relationship as childhood sweethearts. The little girl’s family will definitely be straightforward, but she is young and easy to coax. Let Keli coax her well. In the future, if Tan Mo is willing, she can convince her parents and brothers with their love for her. You don’t have to be discouraged so early.”

Li Xiangrong thought about it, and her mood finally recovered.

Yuan Keqing didn’t have an invitation, so the hotel naturally didn’t arrange a place for her in advance.

There were name tags on the tables, and the positions were fixed.

When Yuan Keqing saw that Tan Mo was actually assigned to the main table, her jealous heart seemed to be torn apart.

Tan Mo was so lucky. She was originally bullied by the Qin sisters and was helpless. However, because of a few stupid questions, she tricked the Qin sisters to death. Then she ran to sit at the main table by herself.

However, Tan Mo’s original position happened to be vacant.

She didn’t have a place to sit, but she could sit in Tan Mo’s seat.

Although she felt like she was picking up the leftovers of Tan Mo, Yuan Keqing could only endure her nausea.

But just as she was about to sit down, she was stopped by Tan Jinyi: “What are you doing?”

Yuan Keqing’s buttocks had just reached the edge of the chair, when she froze, and turned to face Tan Jinyi, who looked dissatisfied and bored.

“This is Momo’s position.” Tan Jinyi stretched out his hand and pulled Tan Mo’s chair towards him.

Yuan Keqing suddenly lost the support of her chair and stumbled back, almost falling to the floor.

Tan Jinsheng quickly gave Yuan Keqing a hand and helped her stand firm.

Yuan Keqing’s face turned pale as if she was in shock: “Thank you, second brother.”

After talking, he said coldly: “I’m just afraid that if you fall, people will see you and think we are bullying you.”

If there was no one here, he would not bother to care about Yuan Keqing.

Yuan Keqing was about to cry because of the two brothers.

They were too much of a bully!

They were both their sisters. Even if she was a cousin, she was still related by blood.

Why didn’t they like her!

With tears in her eyes, Yuan Keqing explained aggrievedly: “I don’t have a seat. I was thinking that Momo went to sit at the main table, and her seat is empty…”

“So you came to sit down?”

Tan Jinqi tried his best to protect Tan Mo’s seat, raised his chin and looked at Yuan Keqing coldly, “This seat belongs to Momo. Even if she doesn’t sit on it, it must be reserved for her. This seat cannot be occupied by anyone else even if it is empty. No one can sit on it.”

Tan Jinqi said the most ruthless words in the gentlest voice: “It’s not just a seat or a chair. Everything, as long as it belongs to Momo, even if she doesn’t want it or throws it away, we won’t let anyone else pick it up.”

Yuan Keqing was so angry that her heart ached.

Was she a rag picker?

Would she pick up the rags that Tan Mo no longer wanted and threw away?

When the three Tan brothers talked about others, they were actually talking about her!

She was the same age as Tan Mo, why were they treating her so unfairly!

“Originally you came uninvited.” Tan Jinsheng said coldly, “That’s why, they didn’t prepare a seat for you.”

Yuan Keqing couldn’t bear it anymore, and turned around to find Xu Mingzhen crying: “Aunt, I…Can’t I sit in Momo’s seat?”

Afraid that Xu Mingzhen would agree, Tan Jinqi quickly said, “Mom, what if Momo comes back, and sees that the seat that originally belonged to her was gone and given to someone else. How will Momo feel?”

“Cousin, can’t she go back to the main table and sit down?” Tan Mo wouldn’t not have a place to sit.

“That’s not her place.” Tan Jinqi straightened Tan Mo’s chair.

Just now, Tan Jinyi pulled Tan Mo’s chair a little crooked in order to prevent Yuan Keqing from sitting down.

“I’ll have someone give you another seat.” Xu Mingzhen patted Yuan Keqing’s shoulder and gave her a tissue, “Momo’s seat is indeed reserved for her. She will sit on it when she comes back.”

Xu Mingzhen called the waiter over and got Yuan Keqing another chair and a set of tableware.

Yuan Keqing finally sat down.

She looked at the temporarily stuffed tableware in front of her. The distance between it and the tableware on both sides was obviously closer. It seemed that she had been stuffed in temporarily, making her look particularly redundant.

She lowered her head and became jealous beyond recognition.

Even if it was a chair or a set of tableware, as long as it belonged to Tan Mo, even if she was not around, she could not have them.

It was too domineering!

Tan Mo sat next to Wei Zhiqian and looked at Yuan Keqing from a distance, who was crying and looking pitiful and aggrieved.

Then she turned to another direction and saw Qin Murong being comforted.

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