TMCF Ch. 16

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Tan Mo couldn’t help but say with emotion: “There are so many green teas.”

She actually encountered two of them at once.

“Green tea?” Wei Zhiqian looked at the table strangely. There was no green tea on the table.

The old lady of his family liked to drink Longjing.

So what was on the table today was Osmanthus Longjing.

“Do you want to drink green tea?” Wei Zhiqian called for the waiter to serve Tan Mo green tea.

Unexpectedly, Tan Mo had her own requirements for tea at such a young age.

“No.” Tan Mo quickly grabbed Wei Zhiqian’s raised arm to stop him from calling the waiter.

She didn’t want to drink green tea, it was so bitter.

“I’m talking about Qin Murong and Yuan Keqing.” Tan Mo explained in a low voice.

“Why do you call them green tea?” Wei Zhiqian asked curiously.

“This is a description of a certain type of person who looks innocent on the surface and is always acting bullied, but in fact they use this appearance to attract sympathy and attract men, and even use this to hurt and destroy others.” Tan Mo explained with her fingers, “It’s not just girls, there are boys like this too, we can all call them this.”

“For example, Qin Murong, on the surface, seemed to be persuading me kindly and that she was being nice, but actually she was helping Qin Muxiao to bully me. Another example is Yuan Keqing, who said it didn’t matter if I didn’t let her play with the doll, but her statement was so weird that it made it seem like I wouldn’t let her play with it, thus implying that I was being stingy. This sounds like there’s nothing wrong, but in fact it was forcing others to achieve their own goals. In turn, it makes her look particularly pitiful and heart-wrenching. This is called being green tea.”

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

He didn’t expect that there was such a statement.

But when he thought about it, it was really the case.

“So you understand what they did.” Wei Zhiqian raised his eyebrows.

Tan Mo paused for a moment and said “ouch” in her heart.

No, she had talked too much and she was about to reveal her secrets!

Tan Mo immediately patted her chest innocently and said, “Of course, I’m smart.”

Seeing her like this, Wei Zhiqian smiled relievedly.

Although this little girl was naive and simple, she saw things very clearly in her heart.

That’s good.

“But how come you are so knowledgeable about this?” Wei Zhiqian saw that Tan Mo knew a lot at such a young age.

“I have three brothers, so of course I need to get to know each type well. This will prevent my brothers from falling in love and getting married after being deceived by green tea in the future, which would be bad.”

Tan Mo raised her head and looked at Wei Zhiqian with her big black and white eyes, “Uncle, you have to be careful. You are so good-looking, so many girls must like you. You must protect yourself carefully, lest you meet someone unkind and be deceived by green tea.”

Wei Zhiqian looked at Tan Mo’s serious face. He looked like he was laughing softly.

This little girl actually knew the word “unkind”.

However, children were children, and her focus was only on his good looks.

They thought that as long as someone looked good, many people would like them.

Wei Zhiqian said “Okay” without hesitation.

Tan Mo could see that Wei Zhiqian was just trying to coax her, but in fact he had no intentions at all.

Tan Mo was very angry. Wei Zhiqian didn’t take what she said to heart.

There could be very serious consequences.

Tan Mo ” stuffed a big mouthful of sweet-scented osmanthus and yellow rice cold cake into her mouth. She turned to look at Wei Zhiqian and decided that she must brainwash Wei Zhiqian and teach him how to recognize green tea people!

Tan Mo’s little arms were short, so even if the food was turned to her, she couldn’t reach it even if she stretched out her arms.

All thanks to Wei Zhiqian who ordered the waiter to keep an eye on her and serve her dishes in time.

Tan Mo had a small appetite and was full quickly.

She was trying to find a reason to go back to her parents and brothers, but when she looked up, she saw Old Mrs. Wei sitting across the table raising her hand and pressing the upper part of her temple.

“Grandma, are you feeling unwell?” Wei Zhiqian noticed this almost at the same time as Tan Mo.

Old Mrs. Wei rubbed the area where her hands were pressed and said, “It’s okay, I just have a little headache.”

“Let the doctor come and take a look at you.” Wei Zhiqian went to call the doctor.

The old lady had a specialized doctor, but he didn’t come with her today.

However, there was also a medical office in Shengyue, with doctors on duty.

This was just to prevent Sheng Yue’s customers from feeling unwell. If the problem was minor, it could be solved directly in the infirmary.

If there was an emergency, necessary first aid could also be done before the ambulance arrives.

Wei Zhiqian planned to let Sheng Yue’s doctor take a look first.

“No need.” The old lady waved her hand and refused, “It’s just a headache. It’s an old problem. You all know it, so there’s no need to make a fuss.”

Even so, the old lady was obviously affected by the headache, and her interest in dining was not high.

Wei Zhiqian’s attention was focused on the old lady at this time, and he didn’t notice when Tan Mo slipped out of the chair next to him.

When he saw Tan Mo again, Tan Mo had already arrived in front of the old lady at some point.

Not only the Wei family at the main table, but also the other tables except the guests from the eight major families were paying close attention to the situation at the main table.

The Wei family was one of the eight major families, and the other seven families were all very familiar with the Wei family.

Of course, there were also some people who were not so core, such as Wei Zhigong and Wei Zhijian. Although they were in the family, sooner or later they would become farther and farther away from the core.

They thus paid special attention to every detail of the core family.

Everyone who saw Tan Mo’s move stared closely at her.

“Grandma, are you in severe pain?” Tan Mo stood next to Old Mrs. Wei’s chair.

Unexpectedly, before the old lady had time to answer, Wei Zhiqian corrected her: “Your seniority is wrong, you should call her great-grandma.”

Tan Mo: “…”

“It’s okay, I can bear it.” Even though the old lady had a headache, but because she didn’t want to scare the little girl, she still smiled calmly.

Tan Mo still retained the intuition of a white lotus, and had an intuitive sense of good and evil in people.

Just like she wouldn’t like Yuan Keqing even if she had never seen the mirror of the world.

Although this was the first time she met the Qin sisters, she didn’t like them either.

But for Old Mrs. Wei, Tan Mo had a natural affinity.

“Grandma, do you often have headaches?” Tan Mo raised her face, stood on tiptoe, and reached out to touch the spot where Old Mrs. Wei had her headache.

“Whose child is this? She is so unruly!” A strange and stern male voice came out from nowhere, “The old lady is already feeling uncomfortable, how can she have the energy to deal with the ignorant children? Don’t disturb the old lady.”

Everyone looked over in search of the voice, and saw a male guest standing at the table, pointing to the waiter: “Why don’t you pull that child away yet.”

Xu Mingzhen’s heart suddenly lifted, although she felt uneasy and didn’t know what Wei family was doing. Would the old lady be unhappy with Tan Mo’s actions, but she also couldn’t let Tan Mo be accused like this by an unknown man.

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