MGSGW Ch. 235

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After this bite, in the end, there was only the dot on Lin Mumu’s finger.

But Yun Ting was like a person with a broken hand, he just refused to do it himself, so Lin Mumu could only continue to feed him.

At the last point, Yun Ting licked Lin Mumu’s fingers with his tongue.

Lin Mumu was stunned for a moment, she couldn’t come back to her senses, and when she came back to her senses, she quickly stopped her hands, her face was also blushing.

It was like Yun Ting’s tongue had magic power, just licking it lightly like this would give people a strange feeling of numbness.

Lin Mumu admitted that she was really teased this time, and she couldn’t recover, she just looked at Yun Ting in a daze.

“Little fool.” Yun Ting stretched out his hand and tapped Lin Mumu’s forehead lightly.

Although he loved Lin Mumu’s dazed appearance so much, until he couldn’t wait to hug her and question her, why were her fingers so sensitive?

But this was a restaurant, so many people were watching, not to mention An Mingxuan with bad intentions, so he couldn’t let him see her this appearance!

An Mingxuan came back with a few plates of meat and kimchi, and what he saw was the dog abuse interaction between the two, he shook his head helplessly, took the clip from the dazed Lin Mumu, and resignedly gave Major General Yun the barbecue.

“Ah, I’ll do it myself.” Lin Mumu came back to her senses, with an embarrassed expression on her face.

Because she was teased by Yun Ting just now, she looked at Yun Ting and her own fingers in such a useless manner, and then forgot the meat on the grill.

Her temperature was quite high, but the meat slices were thin, which was convenient and quick to cook.

She was just distracted for a while and that side was already a little burnt. And An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan were normal gossiping female college students. Seeing the ambiguous aura of these two people, they only cared about watching the fun, who would care about the barbecue.

If the virtuous An Mingxuan didn’t arrive in time, the meat on the grill would be useless~

Yun Ting pulled Lin Mumu’s shoulder into his arms, and said solemnly: “You are a girl, it’s good to move your hands occasionally, this kind of thing should be left to a man.”

‘You are her man, you should do it! What kind of skill is it to enslave me and other mortals?’ An Mingxuan rolled his eyes helplessly, but his hands still didn’t stop.

“Sleepy? If you’re sleepy, just lean on for a while.” Yun Ting also patted Lin Mumu’s shoulder thoughtfully.

She was not sleepy, she was embarrassed!

Lin Mumu buried her head in Yun Ting’s chest, and thought for a while that instead of being teased by others, she might as well take a lazy nap.

Thinking of this, she became really sleepy, and fell asleep leaning on Yun Ting before she knew it.

Yun Ting’s appetite was moderate, and he got full quickly.

An Mingxuan still had to investigate the case, so he paid the bill and left first. An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan didn’t want to be light bulbs, so they wisely left with An Mingxuan.

Fortunately, this buffet would be open from noon to night, and there would never be a lot of customers, so there would always be vacant seats. If they sat for a while longer, it would not affect other people’s business.

Fortunately, Lin Mumu didn’t sleep deeply, it only took about half an hour, and after a short nap, she was woken up by the phone call.

Yun Ting also wanted to hang up Lin Mumu’s cell phone to avoid disturbing her, but Lin Mumu took it by herself.

“Chen Fangya, where have you been?” Although Chen Fangya was with Zhou Qiang, they were basically fine, but Lin Mumu was still a little worried. There was a restless Fang Tianyong beside them after all.

“Lin Mumu, I tried my best.” Chen Fangya’s voice was a little tired: “Fang Tianyong, that money fanatic, it really disdains me to talk about him. I really don’t know how Abbot Jueming would take such an apprentice by mistake.”

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