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Su Yu’s remarks were indeed true, but when Lu Ran listened to them, it made him look a little bit different, as if he had peeked into the deepest secrets of his heart, and at the same time his inverse scale had been touched, making him especially angry.

Su Yu naturally saw the expression change in his eyes, and he only saw nothing when he did anything. So, he smiled and said to Cang Qiong: “Dear, let’s go.”

After listening to Su Yu’s words, the heart of Cang Qiong went so soft that he didn’t even look at Lu Ran’s eyes. He directly took Su Yu’s hands and left. The destination was naturally the home of the two in the game. What they were going to do, others would not know.

Lu Ran looked at the back of Cang Qiong and stood in the place for a long time. He could already confirm that the person who was next to Cang Qiong must have known the things between him and Cang Qiong. He couldn’t think of how this person knew it. What was his identity?

After pondering for a while, Lu Ran just lifted his feet and left. It seemed that there had been many things happening in the past few years. It was necessary for him to check it out.

As for Su Yu on the other side, as soon as he returned to the house, he was taken to the bed by Cang Qiong. He didn’t have time to think about it until the expression was condensed, and the warm-hearted Cang Qiong finally let him go. Su Yu took this opportunity to call over the Ball.

“Host, what do you need?” The Ball floated there.

Su Yu squatted: “That Lu Ran, is he the person who designed the East Magic continent?”

According to the information found, the Ball said: “Yes, he is the main designer of the map of the East Magic continent. However, in the original plot, this person did not enter the game world at this time, so his appearance should be because of the snow mountain melting, which led to the opening of a new map.”

“This way,” Su Yu slightly narrowed his eyes, with a hint of insidious malice in his voice. “Since he let it go with his own hands, what qualifications does he have to get it back? The one I hate most is this kind of person. Can you stop him from appearing in the game?”

The Ball swayed, and it was a bit difficult: “This is a bit difficult. As the designer of the East Magic continent, he can even be regarded as a creator. It is difficult for us to completely expel him, because for this game, he is also a tool for cheating.”

Su Yu lay on the bed, then after a moment of silence, he said: “Then let Cang Qiong get out of the game as soon as possible, into reality, I am ready for it, are you ready?”

The Ball nodded again and again: “It is ready, because this is the mission world, there should be no problems.”

“Well, you can continue to accompany your black egg.” Su Yu slowly closed his eyes and waved his hand.

After the Ball disappeared, Su Yu was still thinking about the plot. Although in the original plot, the snow mountain in the game did not melt and the western fantasy continent was not opened, but when introducing the game, it was mentioned in the background. This was simply to introduce the reasons for this game.

There used to be a pair of lovers, they both loved gaming. After learning superb game designing skills, the two decided to design a game that was ingenious.

But in the early days of this incident, the two had a big dispute. One preferred the mysterious fantasy world of the east, while the other favored a western world that was full of rich colors.

Because of such a huge disagreement, this matter had to stop temporarily. This should not have been a setback between the two on the road ahead. It should have been overcome soon, but it became an unsolvable problem because of an accident.

One of the lovers was suddenly discovered by the family with a long-lost secret and was forcibly taken away from the country and sent abroad.

It happened so suddenly that the two had no time to cope and they had to be separated from each other.

After the lover’s departure, the other lover did not give up the common dreams of the two before, and he took the initiative to give up his previous insistence and set the background of the game in the medieval Western world.

In the next five years, he waited for the return of his lover, led the team to design and develop the game, and finally pushed the game out at the end of the fifth year.

Because the talent was very good, and because of the good intentions, the game became uncommonly popular after being launched, and not only was it loved by domestic gamers, but also attracted many foreign players.

This made him very happy as the designer of the game, but just as he was full of joy and ready to tell the lover who was hiding abroad for five years this surprise and secret, he suddenly got the news that his lover would be stepping into the hall of marriage, and the object of marriage was even an elegant Western lady.

This news was no different from thunder from the sky for him. The joy brought by the popularity of the game had all been washed away, leaving only a bleak and awkward sensation.

It had been a long time in five years. He could make a well-designed game come out smoothly, and it made his lover go farther and farther away from him, and so far that he couldn’t get him back.

If this was the case, this would just have been a tragic love affair that could make people sigh. While waiting for the lover to return, the poor man could only wait for the news that the lover was about to get married. Under the heartache, he decided to attend the wedding of the lover. At the same time end their past.

However, on the way to the wedding of the lover, he accidentally suffered a car accident and became a vegetative person.

This incident came too suddenly, but it did not prevent his lover from continuing to enter the marriage hall. Everything seemed to have been frozen. Until half a year later, his lover accidentally learned about the existence of the game and got to know that this was done by him. It took him five years of exhaustion to design a game specifically for his lover.

It was then that his lover looked at him who was still sleeping in the hospital bed, and finally felt deeply regretful, and as time went on, this kind of confession and apology became deeper and deeper, and he almost suffered from it.

It was also in this case that his lover had done what he had been doing for the past five years.

His lover spent three years designing a game in a fantasy background. The player’s career in the game was all mentioned by him. Even the ultimate boss was conceived by him.

He even cast a double sword and conceived the character of Cang Qiong.

His weapon should be a sword, a sword that was cold, a sword that could pierce people’s hearts and make people feel uncomfortable…

After the most self-torturing memories and the most deliberate sketches, the character [Cang Qiong] finally appeared, but this word had become a taboo in this game.

His lover put this character in the westernmost part of the East Fantasy continent, where there was a huge snowy mountain where no one would appear.

After the game was launched, it was also a hit, attracting countless players into the illusory world.

But he never woke up, and he didn’t know what happened in the past three years. He was so fast asleep, neither knowing what his former lover had done or what the game looked like.

Until three years later…

His brain cells suddenly showed irreversible decay which was becoming more and more intense.

In this bad situation, his lover struggled and eventually had to take a very risky approach, completely copying his brain waves and transplanting him into a virtual character.

Cang Qiong, the one that pinned his lover’s blood, except that it could not exist in reality, was almost equivalent to be tailor-made for him.

His lover gave all the privileges to Cang Qiong, making him the Boss of the East Fantasy continent, allowing him to control everything here and change all the rules.

After making this decision, his lover combined the two games into one. The East Fantasy continent was adjacent to the West Fantasy continent, separated by a snow-capped mountain that could not be crossed, and on the snow-capped mountain, only Cang Qiong, one person stood there.

In the beginning, his lover would also enter the game, wanting to tell Cang Qiong what happened in the past few years, telling the depression and remorse of his heart, but every time he would be ruthlessly driven by the insult of the ultimate boss.

The lover eventually had to accept this cruel reality. Although his brain was copied into his mind, Cang Qiong was doomed to not be his.

Over time, his lover probably finally gave up, so he did not appear in this game again, only remembering those beautiful memories in his dreams.

Until one day, the snow-capped mountains melted, and the two continents were connected to each other. In a night, it seemed as if the heavens and the earth had changed.

So, someone thought that his lover had awakened in this game world, so he re-entered the game and wanted to determine this guess, but the result was very sad.

Cang Qiong did not restore the memory he should recover, but he got together with another game player, and they even turned out to be a relative.

At the moment of learning about this, Lu Ran didn’t even know whether he should cry or laugh. Maybe he shouldn’t have had hope from the beginning, because this was hopeless, but he couldn’t help but think, since the snow-capped mountains could melt, wasn’t it enough to show that Cang Qiong had awakened that only humans could have such emotions?

So maybe he just refused to remember who he was because he was still blaming him.

Although there was infinite pain in his heart, Lu Ran’s idea was still a little bit biased towards the side of hope. As long as the lover could regain the human feelings, this would be the best news for him, wasn’t it?

As long as he was good to him, he should remember him one day, he would remember it…

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