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With Su Yu’s temper, how could he let such a person speak out in front of himself? He just wanted to grasp the exact evidence first and accurately kill the person directly.

Speaking of scumbags, Su Yu naturally liked to directly crush them in various aspects, but he was not a person who ignored the overall situation. Liu Cheng was the biological father of the original owner and was the legal husband of Lin Shuru. Su Yu naturally could also abuse him into a slag, but it was not comparable to letting him and Lin Shuru divorce, lose his custody, and then throw him in the dust.

As for the reason, if Lin Shuru and Liu Cheng fought before the divorce, it would not make Liu Cheng be disgusted with that mother and daughter. In this way, even if he was shot dead in the future, he would blame all of this on Lin Shuru and him, and not on the little three and Liu Jinjin.

However, if the two people were divorced, and the fault was all his, he would not make such a big noise against Lin Shuru and Su Yu. His achievements would not be apparent on the surface, and he would definitely feel guilty, not to mention when dealing the divorce, since the direct cause could still be placed on Liu Jinjin’s body.

Sometimes, letting the slags bite among themselves was far more fun and dramatic than shooting them directly.

Of course, there was another reason why his actions were very small. It was because of Lin Shuru. Although Su Yu’s feelings for this person were not deep, Lin Shuru really loved the original owner, and he really felt that his choice was the best for the original owner. In this case, Su Yu did not mind letting this person suffer a little bit less.

“As long as you divorce my mother, I will not publicize these things.” Su Yu looked directly at Liu Cheng and said with a serious expression. “After Liu Jinjin appeared, I have already thought about things very clearly. You have betrayed my mother and betrayed the family, then the family has no need to continue to exist.”

Speaking of this, Su Yu turned to look at Lin Shuru, whose emotions were close to collapse. Then he patted her shoulders comfortably. “Mom, I didn’t tell you about this before because I thought you didn’t know these. I was afraid that you would not be able to bear it after you know it, but now it seems that you should have known about father’s derailment since earlier. Mom, how are you so stupid? Since you already know, why have you never told me? Even if father doesn’t want to be with us, you still have me, am I just a little child in your heart?”

Once she was touched, it immediately let Lin Shuru collapse onto Su Yu. She wanted to speak a few times, but she was crying so much that she couldn’t speak. She could only force Su Yu.

Su Yu’s heart was actually a little disgusted, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t push Lin Shuru away, but instead he reached out and patted her back.

As for Liu Cheng, at this time he did not know what to say. Before he thought that Su Yu first provoked the bullying of Liu Jinjin, so he dared to shut down Su Yu’s game holographic cabin and come to make trouble, but now the evidence was in front of him, the person being bullied was not Liu Jinjin, but Su Yu, who had just been accused by him, so what else could he say?

It was true that his heart was still very annoyed at the moment, but this anger was completely untenable. He was a man who was derailed in marriage and couldn’t even bother to gather evidence before he came to blame his innocent son?

Of course, Lin Shuru’s huge cry was also one of the reasons why he found it difficult to open his mouth. Although this woman had shed tears in front of him before, but her crying so badly as this time was still a first. This kind of hard crying shocked Liu Cheng’s heart. And inexplicably, he felt a little illusory.

Seeing him say not even a half-word, Su Yu said: “The situation is very clear now, I think you will agree to divorce my mother? For those things you have done before, I don’t want to do more evaluation, just hope that from now on, you would not bother me and my mother’s life, nothing more.”

Seeing the calm and clear eyes of his son, Liu Cheng’s achievements were tempered and he couldn’t even come out to say anything. He could only scream with indignation: “I will send the divorce agreement.”

After that, Liu Cheng was embarrassed to escape.

For Liu Cheng, there was still a bit of shame. After seeing the evidence, he continued to swear. Su Yu was still somewhat surprised, but it was a good thing for him as he did not want to publish it.

It was just that Lin Shuru, who was still holding him was quite helpless. After Liu Cheng’s departure, Lin Shuru cried for a while, until finally she couldn’t cry anymore. He began to pull her away and said the words of the original owner between mother and child, then Su Yu wanted to directly remove people from his body.

But in the end, Su Yu still didn’t do this. He even spent a full four hours listening to Lin Shuru saying some words over and over again. In the process, Lin Shuru fell on him at least seven times and made Su Yu exhausted. He felt so tired, well, but he had expected that kind of thing.

After he finally sent Lin Shuru away, it was about six hours later. Su Yu looked at the time and simply ate a meal before he re-entered the game.

He thought that in just six hours, there should have been no change in the game, but who knew that when he went to find Cang Qiong, he found one more person beside him.

This person was male, it seemed to be a player in the game, but it was absolutely impossible for him to play the game character on the East Magic continent, because he was obviously wearing Western-style aristocratic clothing.

Before he was able to figure out the identity of this person, Cang Qiong had come over with no expression, and took Su Yu’s hand and walked forward.

The man behind him immediately followed up with a slap in the face: “Cang Qiong, you wait, the words I just said to you are true, you have to believe me.”

This made Su Yu turn inexplicably and look back at the man. This was the third person in this game who could shout out the words “Cang Qiong”, which made Su Yu feel very unhappy because he had not thought it was possible.

Cang Qiong said nothing, and quickly walked away with Su Yu. Although the expression on his face did not seem to change, Su Yu could clearly feel that he was very unhappy now.

Although this kind of thought was not kind, but realized that his lover was really unhappy because of the appearance of this man, Su Yu really felt more comfortable, so he was in a good mood as he said to Cang Qiong: “Who is he? Why does he want to follow you?”

“I don’t know him, but I can’t beat him.” The voice of Cang Qiong was unhappy.

Hearing the answer of Cang Qiong, Su Yu’s gaze flashed, and the guess in his heart had already been answered.

How could a person who even Cang Qiong couldn’t get rid of, be a normal player?

Su Yu suddenly stopped and pulled Cang Qiong: “You wait, I have something to say to this person.”

Cang Qiong immediately frowned. “Do you know him? I don’t like him, I don’t want you to talk to him.”

“Of course I don’t know him, but you are my lover, and he has been entangled with you. How can I not care about this?” Su Yu smiled and patted the back of the hand, and calmed, “I just want to tell him that we are in a relationship and that I hope that he will not continue to entangle you.”

This made Cang Qiong feel very comfortable, so he moved the hand holding Su Yu’s hand onto his shoulder: “Okay.”

As the two men talked, that man had already chased them up and seen the current position of Cang Qiong and Su Yu. The man’s gaze was clearly awkward: “Cang Qiong, can we talk alone?”

“No,” these words were spit out from Su Yu’s mouth. In this case, of course, he couldn’t let his lover run to talk to a man who had no go intentions towards him. This situation could never exist. “I will introduce myself first. My name is Suzha Cangqiong, I’m the lover of Cang Qiong. We are already married. I don’t know who you are?”

Upon hearing this news, the man did not show any surprise, but his eyes turned gloomier. He stared at Cang Qiong and said: “My name is Lu Ran.”

Lu Ran’s performance showed that he obviously hoped to see a subtle reaction from the face of Cang Qiong after hearing the two words, but the result was destined to disappoint him, because Cang Qiong did not even have a little reaction.

“Do you really not remember me?” Lu Ran smiled bitterly, and the voice was full of bitterness.

Su Yu thought for a moment and sneaked a sigh: “You are too strange of a person? Just grabbing a stranger and asking if the other person doesn’t remember you. It’s not that you are just picking up. No matter what your purpose, I have to tell you one thing clearly. Cang Qiong is my lover and can only be my person. Do you understand?”

Lu Ran’s eyes stared at Su Yu in a depressed way. After half a moment, he gnashed his teeth and said: “If he had a loved one before?”

Su Yu deliberately misinterpreted the meaning of Lu Ran and smiled and said: “You are right in this regard. He used to have a lover, and that person has always been me, and our fate has lasted more than a lifetime. I and he both have already talked about the love of nine lifetimes. We will continue to talk about it in the future. Are you satisfied with this answer?”

He didn’t expect that this person would say such words so thick-facedly, and Lu Ran’s face was so angry as if he wanted to hit people directly.

After hearing this, Cang Qiong asked seriously: “A Feng, are you telling the truth?”

“Of course it is true,” Su Yu took the hand of Cang Qiong, his voice was smiling, but his tone was very solemn. “We have known each other for a long time, but you just forget the things that have happened in the past, and you do not remember me. But it doesn’t matter. I have found you again now. Whether you remember me or not, I will definitely find you and become your lover again.”

The author has something to say:

[Little Theater]

Cang Qiong: How long have we known each other?

Su Yu: Have I not said it in the main text? Nine lifetimes.

Cang Qiong: Well, we’ll do it nine times tonight.

Su Yu: … I don’t know you.

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