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X=Xiao Cheng???!

Tang Bai’s pupils trembled, and his small mouth opened into an “o” shape. One was a fairy reader who could gently blow rainbow farts for him and resonate with his three-views harmoniously, and the other was a cool guy alpha who was full of heroism and high-coldness. These two were actually the same person?!

The contrast between the two was too great!

And X said that he was his hidden favorite, if X was Xiao Cheng, then Xiao Cheng must also like “Tang Bai”, so why did Xiao Cheng look so indifferent on seeing him today?

Eh, wait…

Tang Bai’s mind was suddenly filled with Xiao Cheng’s uneasy expression after he saw the bad guy snatching the gun, his bewildered frustration after he had finished scolding him, and looking back when he wasn’t paying attention, he had even felt his tender gaze.

Such a restrained and gentle gaze contained too many unspeakable emotions, like a dark sky full of stars.

This was not the look you should have for a stranger you had never met.

Tang Bai’s heart started beating violently, and he typed tremblingly: “Xiao Cheng?”

Xie Ruheng stared at the word Xiao Cheng quietly, looking at every stroke from left to right, up and down, for some reason, he suddenly had a kind of foreboding.

No no no, it must be an illusion.

Xie Ruheng took a deep breath, turned on the voice chat and replied in a low voice: “It’s me.”

Xie Ruheng was originally going to give up Xiao Cheng’s casually fabricated identity.

At that time, in a hurry, he didn’t have time to take off the human/skin mask and rushed over directly to rescue Tang Bai.

Xie Ruheng originally thought that Tang Bai would recognize the appearance of “Mouse” after watching the game in the underground arena, but maybe it was because “Mouse” often stayed in the mecha and rarely came out before the curtain call, and because of his passers-by look, so Tang Bai had not found his identity.

At that time, Xie Ruheng was still angry about the conversation between Tang Bai and X. For a while, he didn’t want to face Tang Bai with his real identity, so he simply used his false identity casually.

If… If Tang Bai hadn’t picked up the lucky charm or if he hadn’t lost it, it would only be a daily vest.

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “Little angel?”

Xie Ruheng continued to hum in a low voice, feeling more and more ominous in his heart.

In fact, after he realized that Tang Bai had a high opinion of his identity as “X”, Xie Ruheng was about to give up the vest.

Because Xie Ruheng thought that it was not good for him to use the identity of “X” to chat with Tang Bai.

Xie Ruheng thought about it differently, if Tang Bai pretended to be another person to go to the underground arena to cheer for Mouse while he had a close relationship with him as Xie Ruheng, and then he even became Mouse’s number one fan, while often talking with Mouse, when he finally learnt that this fan was Tang Bai, he would also have some subtleties in his heart.

Although Xie Ruheng did not deliberately conceal anything during the chat with Tang Bai using the “X” vest, and even kept revealing various information, such as being born in a slum and being a military school student from Federal Military Academy. But Tang Bai never suspected that X was Xie Ruheng.

Finally, he said to “X”, “Actually, have you ever thought that Tang Bai doesn’t like both of them?”

If Tang Bai knew that “X” was him, then the two of them would definitely be awkward getting along in the future, so Xie Ruheng originally planned to let “X” and Tang Bai drift apart.

Flowing readers, for such a hard-working author, there would always be many readers who would disappear after a passionate confession. Tang Bai should be able to adjust his mood after only a few days of feeling a sense of loss.

If…if the lucky charm was not lost, the vest of “X” would have gradually disappeared.

But now it was also going according to the plan, and the two vests would be thrown away after getting back the lucky charm.

Xie Ruheng nodded calmly.

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “Little angel, you look so calm, I was stunned when I knew you were Xiao Cheng [great.jpg]”

Xie Ruheng paused with a nod.

To sort out this matter from Xiao Cheng’s point of view, that was, Xiao Cheng rescued an Omega, whom he had a crush on in the slums, and accidentally lost his lucky charm, but luckily the author he liked also went to the slums today and happened to pick up his lucky charm. Before the author called out his real name, Xiao Cheng would have thought that the author and Tang Bai were two different people.

That was to say, before X didn’t know that Tang Bai was “Don’t fall in love and start a career”, but when Tang Bai directly called out X’s real name “Xiao Cheng” on Xingwang, it was like telling X—the omega you saved today was me.

Tang Bai was him.

Tang Bai = Don’t fall in love and start a career

Because “X” or “Xiao Cheng” didn’t tell the author Tang Bai’s real name, and only told the three-dimensional Tang Bai his real name.

So the “Xiao Cheng” that Tang Bai called him at the beginning was not only to confirm his identity, but also the author Tang Bai taking off his three-dimensional vest in one go, and telling him that “the one he liked and his three-dimensional favorite Omega are the same person”. So, Xiao Cheng should show the shock he should have…Oops! Mistake!

Xie Ruheng quickly made amends, and replied hypocritically: “No, I was actually so nervous that I didn’t know what to say.”

Don’t fall in love and start a career: “Me! Also! Yes!”

Xie Ruheng: “…” It’s just a fan, what are you being so nervous about!

Tang Bai was so nervous that he knelt and sat obediently on the plush carpet at the door of the bathroom. He didn’t dare to let out a sigh of relief. He had already taken off most of his clothes because he was going to take a bath, and he was kneeling on the wool blanket in that disheveled condition, showing the sitting posture of the duck in the cartoon.

Very obediently ready to listen to training!!!

When they met today, Tang Bai was deeply impressed by Xiao Cheng’s attitude of sternly teaching him a lesson. In fact, when Tang Bai was being scolded at that time, he felt the coercion released by Xiao Cheng for a moment.

Although it was revealed only for a moment, the sense of oppression at that moment seemed to be that the world around him had collapsed. What made Tang Bai most flustered was the numbness of his skin that had been in contact with the other party.

His physiology teacher had told him that top-level alphas had a pervasive control over omegas, and every cell in an omega that had been tuned/taught by this level of alpha could become addicted and fascinated, turning them as soft as a puddle of water, wanting to be rubbed wantonly.

Tang Bai was afraid of this feeling of restraint.

Now that he recalled the feeling of being suppressed by Xiao Cheng, he subconsciously put on a posture of obediently listening to the training.

Speaking of which, Xiao Cheng was still the first alpha who would be so merciless and fierce towards him…

The amber eyes stared nervously at the text “typing in progress”, Tang Bai was already ready to be caught by Xiao Cheng and prepared for a long speech explaining the dangers of omega going to the slums alone.

Xie Ruheng didn’t know that the opposite side had made a pose that would make him really angry, and he was passionately interpreting the character design of his vest: “When I was reading novels before, I wondered what kind of person the author who could write such an outstanding and dazzling protagonist was, it turned out that Da Da itself is so dazzling that people can’t take their eyes off him.”

Tang Bai: “…Eh?”

Tang Bai’s eyes widened, and his brain couldn’t react for a moment. In seconds, the rosy little face turned completely red.


The feeling of shame and embarrassment in his heart was different from when he was praised before, because Tang Bai had met X himself, and knew what the other person was like in his daily state- absolutely cool male god brother.

He was so cool that his words were like gold, such that people couldn’t imagine that an alpha who exploded from A hormones like him could blow rainbow farts in such a serious way, okay?!

It was as shocking as watching an iceberg melt!

Tang Bai was so ashamed that he covered his red face with his hands, he was in a fluttering mood like a child who had been slapped and then given a sweet date, but his bright eyes peeked at the rainbow fart message from X through his fingers.

He suddenly remembered that more sweet words had come from that indifferent alpha.

——”Da da, you have to work hard. On the road ahead, don’t abandon your courage and don’t let go of your soft heart.”

——”Stay here and don’t move.”


——“He is my hidden love, I like him so much that I don’t want to share it with anyone.”

——“But it’s not a bad thing to be naive.”


Do not fall in love and start a career: “You called me Da da again.”

After posting this sentence, Tang Bai was so ashamed where his subtext was that he was very angry, ah, in fact, Tang Bai hesitated in his heart for a long time and didn’t know what he was thinking.

It was just that he suddenly didn’t want his relationship with X to be confined to his identity as a reader and an author… but he also didn’t want them to stop at being close friends who had the same views…

The beautiful little omega covered his face with his hands embarrassingly and let out a shameless “Laugh”.

Maintaining the kneeling posture, Tang Bai’s toes were even slightly red, as he bit his lower lip lightly, and turned on the optical brain slowly, seeing the “Tang Tang” sent by X.

It was the text version.

In fact, Tang Bai wanted to listen to the voice version, and wanted to hear Xiao Cheng call him like that with his subwoofer voice that was so sublime…


Tang Bai was so ashamed by his thoughts again that he kept patting his forehead with the palm of his hand, and muttering: “Reserve! Act as cold as if he is a black fan.”

Xie Ruheng raised his brows slightly, for some reason, Tang Bai’s shy expression when he looked at him today reappeared in front of his eyes. After reading Tang Bai’s words, they were plain words without even wavy lines, but Xie Ruheng seemed to have heard Tang Bai’s coquettish tone.

He had never heard Tang Bai act like a baby to him in a coquettish tone…

It was a pity that it was not the voice version…

Xie Ruheng regretted for a moment, and suddenly realized that it was not he himself who was supposed to be enjoying Tang Bai’s delicate tone, but his vest—thinking this, the corners of his raised lips drooped suddenly!

The world was going down! You are too young! It’s just a passerby’s face and a hypocritical rainbow fart offensive! And you have never been so sweet to your brother Xie!


As an alpha wearing several vests, Xie Ruheng thought calmly, I should switch to the indifferent mode.

“Because you are so perfect, so perfect that I don’t think you will exist in my world.”

Yes, Xie Ruheng’s indifference mode was to switch into a ruthless rainbow fart machine.

Tang Bai also felt Xie Ruheng’s ruthlessness through the screen!

A cool A picked up a cold rainbow fart transmitter, and every step he walked towards was sending out rainbow farts, bang bang bang, sending all the annoying things into the sky, and coldly stretching out his hand to show him that he was careful.

Hi! I can’t lose either!

Tang Bai replied shyly: “Actually, today I became…”

“I became a fan of your voice, brother.”

“Does such a nice voice really exist? .jpg…”

Everyone liked to be praised, and Xiao Cheng should also be very happy to hear his rainbow fart.

Tang Bai’s little face turned flushed, and his tender young heart was puddled by his own boldness and intentions. He only felt that the cold alpha on the other side of the light screen would definitely show a melting iceberg smile on reading his rainbow fart.

But at this moment, the grim alpha groaned in his heart. He raised his eyes and saw a green light between the elder brother’s words.

The iceberg was not melting.

The iceberg had cracked.

After waiting for quite a while, Tang Bai did not receive any reply from X.

Tang Bai blinked his eyes, Xiao Cheng was shy? So he was avoiding talking about the topic just now?

Sure enough, no one could refuse rainbow farts!

Tang Bai decided that if Xiao Cheng praised him again in the future, he would boldly praise him back!

Do not fall in love and start a career: “It’s late now, I want to give you the lucky charm tomorrow, do you think it’s okay?”

X: “Okay, you decide the time and place, I will arrive.”

Do not fall in love and start a career: “See you at the entrance of the School of Etiquette at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon?”

X: “Okay.”

Tang Bai stared at the chat record for a long time, smiling from time to time, like a child stealing candy, and then he clicked on X’s profile picture, and after hesitating for a while, carefully changed X’s name to “career”.

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