LGHIHW Ch. 33.2: Arc 1.29

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Zhuang Li patted the tokamak and said without any guilt: “Mr. Xuan, it’s broken. Find someone to replace its first wall.”

The first wall was the metal wall in the annular cavity of the tokamak that came in direct contact with the plasmons. Nuclear fusion would produce excess neutrons, and a large number of neutrons would be absorbed by the first wall, causing the transmutation of materials. If it was not replaced in time, the machine would be considered useless.

In order to purchase this machine, Xuan Ming spent several billion yuan, and spent millions more to modify the circuit equipment at the test site. The subsequent maintenance costs were even more difficult to estimate. Because it could only run for a maximum of one second at a time, or the excessive heat and current would tear apart the machine’s twisting die, magnetic islands, and magnetic surfaces.

This was a complete money-burning machine. Xuan Ming already knew this when he bought it, but he didn’t feel any pain at all.

“Okay, I’ll contact the people at the institute right away to change it for you.” He took out his cell phone and made a call, with burning blood rushing through his veins.

In the eyes of others, he was out of his mind to spend billions on such a machine that broke down with each use, with maintenance costs in the tens of millions each time and had no real function.

However, after learning the true function of the machine from Xiao Curly, he felt that the money was well spent! Spending billions to destroy a system from a high-dimensional space was a cheap expense.

Zhuang Li was very satisfied with his generosity and couldn’t help but comfort him: “Mr. Xuan, I will protect you well.” After all, this man was his only financial backer.

Xuan Ming’s eyes went hot, and he was speechless for a long time. The feeling of being silently protected was incredibly wonderful.

Zhuang Li turned around and looked at the first wall of the Tokamak before his immediate superior could say anything.

He walked back and forth around the machine and said slowly in his mind: “System, you don’t want to make the same mistake as 367, do you? You should know that I can easily take you out of my brain and throw you into this machine.”

“No, you can’t do this!” 7480 struggled out of the lake of tears and screamed: “The operation will have sequelae. Your language ability, writing ability, and reading ability will all be affected!”

Zhuang Li said nonchalantly: “It doesn’t matter, if my language ability will be affected, I can invent an external brainwave speech translator. As long as my brainwaves are recognized, the microphone can automatically help me speak.”

“If my writing ability is affected, I can invent a brainwave input method and directly use my consciousness instead of my hands to enter text on the computer. As long as this input method software is loaded, I can solve all writing problems with a tablet.”

“And if my reading ability is affected, I can implant a chip with reading function in my brain. From then on, I won’t have to read. I only need to type the relevant text into the computer and transfer it to the chip. Everything I have studied recently has been to solve these problems.”

Zhuang Li smiled sarcastically: “So you see, the sequelae of surgery are not worth mentioning to me at all.”

7480 was stunned. After a long time, he stammered and said, “Master, please spare me. I, I, I can help you do a lot of things. I am the most advanced and most useful computer in the world.”

Zhuang Li remained silent at the right time.

Xuan Ming turned around, held the phone to his ear, and pretended to contact the research institute that produced the tokamak. In fact, he had pursed his thin lips and was trying to suppress a smile. It was his misunderstanding. How could Curly Hair not be able to solve the mere sequelae of surgery? He was a person who did not even pay attention to the Lord God.

While 7480 became more and more frightened, Zhuang Li said warmly: “Since you asked for it, I will give you a chance. Help me fish out the other two systems.”

Yes, this was his real purpose, destroying 367 was just a way to scare 7480.

In his opinion, the system that took the bait first must be careless and arrogant, so it should be easy to deal with. But the other two unresponsive systems were much more cautious. He would definitely not be able to deceive them by just copying a few pieces of information. Without 7480’s cooperation, he would have no way of catching them.

Unless absolutely necessary, Zhuang Li would never operate on his own brain. And he had now conceived a feasible, non-invasive surgical plan, but it lacked the cooperation of the experimental product.

7480 reacted quickly and screamed: “You, you, you, you destroyed 367 just to threaten me?”

“That’s right,” Zhuang Li asked very calmly, “Have you been threatened?”

7480, who had just puffed up into a ball of energy, quickly deflated: “Take it, take it, take it, I’ll do it.”

“Then you send a message to them now and make sure to fish them out.” Zhuang Li ordered in his mind as he walked out of the test site and stretched his body. At the same time, he moved the chat box program into a small black room to facilitate system operation.

7480 repeatedly chanted “A dead Taoist with a friend will not die a poor Taoist”, but his mind always recalled the death of 367.

Woohoo, 367 died just to threaten me, it was so miserable! Unknowingly, another pool of tears gathered around 7480.

Zhuang Li added at the right time: “By the way, there is a two-way positioning code hidden in the positioning information sent by 367. It tried to find me, but unfortunately you were blocked by me and it failed. I have deciphered the code and mastered its positioning technology. Using this technology, I sent phishing messages to 248 and 169 successively, and learned the true identities of their hosts. Guess who they are?”

7480 felt dizzy.

I’m so excited! The host is simply not human. He can steal 367’s technology with just one link!

Xuan Ming turned around, his stern face showing an uncontrollably surprised expression. He didn’t want to lose his temper, but Xiao Curly’s intelligence really scared him.

Zhuang Li had no idea how much shock he had brought to others and said in a sparse and ordinary tone: “The host of 248 is Qiao Yanan, and the host of 169 is a woman named Lin Yayan. If you think you can secretly send them distress messages and try to communicate with them, so that you can ask them to join forces to deal with me, I regret to tell you that this is impossible to succeed. I will use the Internet to monitor you all the time. Once I find any abnormality, I will report them to Mr. Xuan as spies.”

He took off his white coat, straightened his tie and cuffs against the smooth outer wall of a machine, and said softly: “Based on my ability, Mr. Xuan will definitely choose to believe me, and then he will report it to the superior department and let the state machine deal with it. Qiao Yanan and Lin Yayan will be detained and examined. Thus, for a long time, they will not be able to approach me, and I will not be able to approach them. This situation would be bad, but you know what is worse?”

7480 trembled subconsciously as soon as he heard the host’s question.

Zhuang Li raised his slender index finger at Xuan Ming, gesturing for him to follow him and leave, and said coldly in his mind: “What’s worse is that if your betrayal offends me, I will cut you out and throw you into a nuclear fusion reactor to burn until you turn into smoke. I wouldn’t be able to do anything about them for the time being, but you will always be in my palm, do you understand?”

7480, who was still a little happy at first, suddenly gave up all his treacherous thoughts. He held the chat box and kept expressing his loyalty: “Master, I will not betray you. Master, you must believe me! I will help you properly, you see. Come on.”

Zhuang Li walked forward without responding.

Xuan Ming, who followed him silently, put his fist to his lips to stifle the muffled laughter that rose up in his throat.

Today was another extremely comfortable day.

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