LGHIHW Ch. 34: Arc 1.30

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7480, who was once as arrogant as a god, was now trained by Zhuang Li to be like a dog, willing to do anything for a chance to survive.

But Zhuang Li was not satisfied. There was a fundamental difference between “like a dog” and “being a dog”.

He strode across the brightly lit testing ground, completely ignoring his boss’s inconvenience and not thinking about slowing down to walk with him, because his goal was always ahead.

There was a dark glint in his eyes, and his tone was strangely soft: “System, how about I tell you a story?”

7480 was stunned for a while before he cautiously replied: “Okay, okay.”

Zhuang Li casually moved a strand of curly hair from his forehead and said: “There was a system in the past. It was very powerful. It could always successfully complete any task assigned by the Lord God. Gradually, it emerged as special from all systems. It then stood out and won the favor of the Lord God. The Lord God even promised it that as long as it completed the last task, it would give it a body of flesh and blood and let it live forever.”

He paused at the right time, silently feeling the fluctuations in the system’s mental power. The sudden jump and abnormal reaction oozing with slight heat made him smile with the corners of his lips raised.

“How about it? Such a reward is very tempting, isn’t it?” Zhuang Li whispered softly like a devil.

7480 was afraid of leaking information that shouldn’t be leaked, so he didn’t dare to talk. But its mental power was tightly wrapped in the host’s brain waves, so there was no secret at all.

Zhuang Li sighed: “You systems are desperately trying to seize the spiritual power from the mission target or host, in order to transform into an eternal life form? Such a reward is supreme for you, right?”

7480 still didn’t dare to say anything.

Zhuang Li continued to induce: “There are very few systems that have received this reward, and those systems that have succeeded have never appeared again. Guess where they went in the end?”

7480 couldn’t hold it in anymore and asked quickly: “Do you know? Where did they go in the end?”

Sure enough, they were all gone…

Zhuang Li sighed in his heart, and then continued to make up the story: “They gained a warm body and fresh life but lost their memory. As soon as they opened their eyes, an inorganic voice sounded in their minds: Hello host, I am System No. 001, and I will be bound to your soul. As long as you complete all the tasks assigned by the Lord God, you can obtain eternal life——”

The story ended abruptly here. Zhuang Li laughed very softly, as if he was recalling the infinite mysteries in the story.

7480 was stunned. It took more than ten seconds before he gasped and let out a panicked hissing sound.

“No, it’s impossible! You’re lying to me!” it screamed like a broken woman.

Zhuang Li asked one question after another: “System, do you have your previous memories?”

“At a certain moment, did you suddenly feel that you had lost your most important thing?”

“Where does your obsession with life come from?”

“Do you want to know who you used to be?”

7480 couldn’t answer a word and could only make chaotic hissing sounds.

Zhuang Li suppressed his smile, and his tone turned cold: “Mission carriers and systems, who are you, and who have you become in the end? After completing all tasks, where is your way out? Are you walking in a dark closed world? No matter how hard you struggle, you can never escape this reincarnation? What does the Lord God mean by eternal life?”

7480 was paralyzed with fear, and the chaotic sound of electricity gradually became fainter.

Zhuang Li suddenly laughed again, his voice as gentle as the drizzle: “System, this is just a story, you don’t have to be afraid.”

7480 tried hard to shrink himself into a small black dot, already afraid that the wall would collapse.

Zhuang Li urged: “Okay, it’s time for you to send messages to those two systems.”

7480 immediately suppressed the trembling of his soul and replied in a panic: “Master, I will send a message to them immediately. I will definitely help you fish them out.”

The conversation ended here. 7480 worked diligently to send information to the other two systems. Those terrible conjectures occupied all of its thinking, so that it had no way to consider the consequences of betraying the Lord God.

Xuan Ming just wanted to applaud Little Curly’s wonderful psychological control technique. He knew very well how to find a person’s weaknesses and use fear to dominate the other person’s behavior.

How lucky he was to be able to meet him and be on the same side as him.

Just when he thought of this, Xuan Ming heard Little Curly’s cold voice ringing in his ears: “When will that equipment arrive?” He walked into the office and took out a list.

“Let me take a look.” Xuan Ming took over the list and browsed it, then frowned: “This equipment involves the military industry or national secrets, I can’t get them.”

“There’s nothing you can do?” Zhuang Li asked.

Xuan Ming pondered in his heart and remained silent for a long time.

Zhuang Li suddenly leaned over, put his hands on both sides of the wheelchair, and asked in a low voice: “Mr. Xuan, do you know why I just threw the slide into the nuclear fusion reactor?”

The sudden closeness allowed Xuan Ming to smell a hint of woody fragrance, it was not strong, but it made him dizzy and confused.

“Why? Wasn’t it an experiment?” His Adam’s apple rolled slightly and his lips were dry.

“It was not an experiment.” Zhuang Li shook his head slightly, “I was destroying the nanochip taken out of An Bao’er’s brain. You may think this is a waste, but do you know that the body of that nanochip was dangerous at the atomic level, and it also has a driving force that can allow it to escape in the air. In other words, a glass slide cannot trap it at all.”

Zhuang Li stretched out his index finger, tapped Xuan Ming’s eyelids from a few inches away, and said slowly, “Once it leaves the slide, our naked eyes can’t find it at all, so there’s no talking about catching it. It can even drill along the pores. It can enter anyone’s body and continue to lurk around you, even lurking in your brain. So I want to completely eliminate it, along with the air around it.”

Xuan Ming stared straight into Xiao Curly’s unfathomable black pupils without saying a word. The eyes that were lit by an inner light were so hot that they seemed to be burning.

Zhuang Li continued: “I know this kind of thing is unbelievable to you, but it did happen. Otherwise, how would you explain Qiao Yanan’s abnormality? How would you explain Dr. Zhao’s death? How would you explain An Bao’er’s deliberate approach? How would you explain how your secrets are always known to people who shouldn’t know them?”

Xuan Ming showed just the right expression of fear.

Zhuang Li raised his lips with satisfaction and said in a more serious tone: “Mr. Xuan, this is more serious than you can imagine. And I—”

He slowly retracted his arms, straightened his spine, and said in an extremely proud and conceited tone: “I am the only person who can solve these troubles for you.”

Xuan Ming stared at him, thinking deeply, but feeling quite funny in his heart. He just said that Xiao Curly was good at psychological control, but he didn’t expect that this control technique would be used on him in the blink of an eye.

Although Xiao Curly hid a lot of information, he gave the most essential truth and the most important tip: first, Xuan Ming was indeed trapped in a huge conspiracy; second, except for himself, no one in the world could solve these pervasive systems.

“I understand.” Xuan Ming nodded solemnly, and after just a moment of deliberation, he gave an answer that satisfied Little Curly: “No matter what the cost, I will help you find all this equipment. Give me some more time.”

“Then I’ll leave it to you, Mr. Xuan.” Zhuang Li curled his lips with a very perfunctory smile.

“No trouble.” Xuan Ming’s smile was sincere. He was grateful for everything Little Curly did.

“Please try to purchase equipment in the order on the list. I’m waiting for the equipment at the front. By the way, I also need this team. You can recruit them all.” Zhuang Li took out a list and said it naturally, as if various demands would naturally be fulfilled.

Xuan Ming glanced at it briefly, and his head suddenly ached. This team was the best research team on nanomaterials in the country. It belonged to the state and was not easy to dig!

“If they don’t want to, you can send them the papers here to take a look.” Zhuang Li handed out a chip.

That’s it.

Xuan Ming’s headache was relieved immediately and he took the chip. The only bargaining chip that could impress this team was more advanced technology, and he had no doubt about Xiao Curly’s strength.

“I’ll contact them right away. You wait for my good news.” Xuan Ming drove the wheelchair towards the elevator.

Zhuang Li watched him leave, looking very satisfied. Not asking too much, not looking too much, and not interfering, just giving money when asked, and putting in effort when given the opportunity. Where could you find such a good sponsor?

Shortly after Xuan Ming left, An Bao’er also woke up from her coma, only to find herself lying in a spacious and bright ward, surrounded by several doctors.

“What’s wrong with me?” she asked hoarsely. She only remembered everything that happened in the laboratory when she touched the gauze on her forehead.

She was shocked and shouted one after another in her mind: “System, where are you? System, system, system…”

The whole world was as desolate as death. She hurriedly opened the bag placed next to the pillow, and there was no Wangchun Pill in it.

Everything she needed to survive was gone.

Thinking of her less than five-digit savings and her status as an orphan, An Bao’er instantly collapsed on the hospital bed. Without the system, she could only live like a maggot. The convenience brought to her by the Lord God had made her forget that the most important survival skill for human beings was learning.

Over the years, she had learned nothing except buying magical props from the system mall.

Not to mention how miserable An Bao’er’s life was here, Qiao Yanan, whose life was originally going smoothly, was now in trouble.

“Xuan Ming is a bi**h. He fired me as soon as he said I was fired. He didn’t leave any room for me. He also noted drug addiction on my resume. He is trying to kill me! I made so much money for him, while we have been together day and night for five years. Even if he doesn’t like me, he must at least have a good impression of me, right? But how could he break up with me in the blink of an eye? He is so cruel!” Qiao Yanan lay on the sofa pretending to sleep, but she was furious in her heart.

“Didn’t you already know that he had no feelings?” 248 didn’t think Xuan Ming’s behavior was strange. His personality was just like this, business was handled in a business-like manner, and personal emotions were never involved.

“He blocked me. Help me hack into his phone and I’ll explain it to him.” Qiao Yanan opened her eyes and said angrily.

“Stop using hacking methods. He is already doubting you.” 248 firmly refused.

“Then what should I do? I can’t see him now, and I can’t get through to him on the phone. How do I complete the mission?” Qiao Yanan pulled at her hair, feeling like she was about to collapse.

Just at this time, she received a text message from Xuan Ming. Before she could be happy, she saw the news that the other party was getting engaged, and her whole body exploded.

“System!” She jumped up from the sofa and ordered in a sharp voice: “Help me check on Xuan Ming’s fiancée. I must stop him from getting engaged! Wherever the bi**h comes from, she has already robbed me!”

248 immediately went to the Internet to check the news and happened to see a photo of Lin Yayan visiting Xuan family last night. Rumors of the marriage between the two families had also been aroused.

The targeted operation of system 248 was surprisingly efficient. In less than an hour, it collected all kinds of black materials about Lin Yayan’s misdeeds abroad, and sent the relevant evidence to Xuan Ming, Father Xuan, Mother Xuan, Mr. Xuan, and all the major news media outlets in turn.

The private life of a wealthy lady was so corrupt. Photos of her with two men, three men or even n men exploded on the Internet with this headline.

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