FESM Extra 16.2: Benjamin × Li Xin

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Benjamin took a month’s paternity leave from the military department. After Li Xin was discharged from the hospital, he took Li Xin and his son to their residence in Capital Star.

Li Xin was shocked as soon as he entered the house – the house had completely changed. It was originally a three-bedroom apartment with one living room, one bedroom, a study room and a gym. Now, the wall next to the dining room had been opened, and the three-bedroom and one-living house next door was actually connected to their own house.

Li Xin’s face was confused: “W-what’s going on?”

Benjamin explained with a smile: “When I bought this house, I bought the adjacent one as well. We used to live together, and three bedrooms and one living room were enough. Now that we have a baby, we might as well open up the next door and make it into a baby room.”

Li Xin walked through the dining room door with the baby in his arms and saw the house next door with an area of more than 100 square meters. The living room was directly decorated into a children’s toy city, and the large bedroom was decorated as a baby’s room, with fluffy carpet on the floor. The corners of all the furniture were rounded and there were no sharp objects that could hurt people. The curtains and wallpapers were also full of childlike charm.

Unexpectedly, the general did so many things in private. Li Xin looked at him with some emotion: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Benjamin gently hugged Li Xin’s shoulders and said, “During your pregnancy, you had to take good care of yourself. The most important thing was to leave these trivial matters to me. I have decorated the next door as the baby’s residence. Take a look, are you satisfied?”

Li Xin nodded vigorously: “It’s so beautiful, our son will definitely like it too.”

The baby opened his eyes, seeing him look curiously around with his big eyes, Li Xin asked softly: “Baby, do you like the place your father has prepared for you?” He didn’t know whether the little guy understood it or not. But he bent his eyes and smiled and took the initiative to put his little hands on Benjamin’s arms, with a flattering look.

Benjamin felt soft and hugged his son over, squeezing his tender face: “Be good, your father will give you the best conditions. When you grow up, you will protect your Dad with him and don’t bully him. Do you understand?”

The little guy opened his eyes wide and touched Benjamin’s handsome face with a pair of soft little hands, looking very curious.

Li Xin smiled and said: “He likes you very much, unlike the alpha of Yize’s family who always clings to Luo Ning.”

Benjamin raised his eyebrows, grabbed his son’s groping little hand, and said, “This shows that he is more sensible and wants to please me. Or he is worried that I will deal with him.”

The baby took the initiative to grab his father’s hand and played with his fingers. His serious look was so cute.

Looking at the two alphas in front of him, one large and one small, where the younger one’s facial features were particularly similar to the general’s, Li Xin’s heart softened. He couldn’t help but stretch out his arms to hug the general’s waist, lean into his arms gently, and say: “I hope our son will be as gentle an alpha as you when he grows up.”

Benjamin held his son with one hand and Li Xin with the other. The corners of his lips couldn’t help but rise: “That’s not certain. He just has facial features more like mine, maybe his personality will be like yours.”

Li Xin shook his head: “He shouldn’t have a personality like mine, I have had a hard life.”

Benjamin said softly: “Don’t be afraid, alphas should be busier and have more exercise, so don’t make him too squeamish.”

The family of three hugged each other, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Unlike Qin Yize’s alpha who stuck to Luo Ning every day, this alpha of Benjamin’s family was not partial. One moment he reached out to beg his father for a hug, and the next he clung to his Dad’s arms and refused to leave. The two of them couldn’t do anything to him. They just had to take turns taking care of him. Fortunately, this child didn’t cry much, but smiled with his eyes bent all day long. Benjamin also liked this little guy very much.

Looking at the miniature version of himself, this feeling of “blood inheritance” was particularly wonderful. What’s more, this was the child that his beloved risked his life to give birth to. Benjamin said that he wanted to take care of him, but in fact, he was afraid of even jostling him when he held him in his hands.

Since Li Xin had been under the care of a professional doctor during his pregnancy, and the diet was specially formulated by a nutritionist, the child absorbed rich nutrients. Although he was born nearly a month prematurely, he grew very healthy and developed relatively quickly – he actually learned to speak when he was just one month old.

On this day, Li Xin was feeding the child while coaxing him softly: “Be good, call me daddy.”

In the past, the baby would only curl his eyes and giggle, but today, he actually screamed: “Dad… Dad…”

Li Xin thought he heard wrongly and was startled. He immediately called Benjamin over: “I think I heard him calling me dad?”

As if to verify Li Xin’s idea, the baby shouted again: “Dad!”

This time his words were spoken much more clearly, and his voice was so milky that Li Xin’s heart almost melted.

Benjamin was also surprised that the child had learned to speak so early, and he touched his head and taught him to call him father.

The baby quickly learned it again and called out with a smile: “Father…”

The two looked at each other, surprised and happy.

Their son looked to be very smart!

From the first formal speaking, the baby’s learning ability became more and more outstanding. He quickly learned various names, and by the age of one, complete speech was no longer a problem for him.

Moreover, since he learned to speak, this little guy’s mouth had been busy all day long: “Dad, Dad, I want to eat candy, the kind of candy made by Grandma Yu Lan!”

“Daddy, please take me to play, okay? I’m going to play in the yard!”

“Father, can you buy me a new toy? Those toys are boring.”

“Father, I want a new toy!”

“Father, why are you ignoring me?”

“Dad, dad, dad, don’t ignore me!”

Benjamin almost had a headache.

Oh my God, this was not a small talker!

Li Xin was famous for his nagging, and it was easy for Benjamin to deal with Li Xin – every time Li Xin kept mumbling, Benjamin directly held his head and kissed him hard. With a domineering kiss, Li Xin’s face turned red, and became speechless.

However, this brat kept nagging him every day, but Benjamin couldn’t seal his son’s mouth, could he?

What was even more annoying was that the brat also learned to complain to his Dad.

“Dad, father is ignoring me!”

“Dad, father doesn’t buy me toys, does he dislike me?”

“Dad, father glared at me today, is he going to hit me, dad, protect me!”

“Father is so serious and fierce!”

Li Xin was helpless – the little chatterbox always had endless things to say and never got tired.

The whole house was full of the little guy calling “Daddy, Daddy”. Benjamin couldn’t stand the little guy’s nagging, so he simply bought him a room full of building blocks, brought his son over, and said, “This is the new toy your father gave you, now make me a castle.”

He thought he would say less after his attention was diverted, but instead he started bombarding him with a series of questions: “Father, is this called a building block?”

“Why are each pieces long? It’s different!”

“What is a castle? What should I do?”

Benjamin had a splitting headache and gave him a model picture: “…be quiet for a while and do it like this!”

The child said “Oh” then without a noise, sat on the ground and concentrated on playing with the building blocks. As a result, he didn’t stay quiet for ten seconds, and started to ask various questions again: “What should I do if they pile up and fall down again?”

“Father, you bought me so many building blocks. Yeah!”

He crawled around in the pile of blocks, asking this now and that now.

Benjamin was going crazy.

Despite being an alpha, he was so talkative!

Li Xin was also very embarrassed. His son’s appearance looked more and more like Benjamin, but his personality… really looked a bit like his beta father.

He had been talkative since he was a child. When he grew up and was sent to kindergarten, he even rushed to be the monitor of the class. He diligently worried about the study and living conditions of his classmates every day, and his eloquence was astonishing at a young age.

Many kindergarten children got into fights over disagreements.

But their baby never used his hands – he only used his mouth.

Li Chen, a serious kid, always spoke righteously every time he criticized his classmates: “Do you know it’s wrong for you to do this? Didn’t your father teach you how to be a good alpha? Alphas can’t bully omegas, they should protect omegas!”

“That’s wrong! If you make a mistake, you have to apologize. Those who don’t apologize are not good children!”

“How can you pull out a girl’s hair when her hair is so beautiful, shouldn’t you let her pull out yours too? This is only fair!” His many big principles were completely incomprehensible to the children.

Even the teacher was stunned when he heard the rebuttal.

Li Xin was a little worried and couldn’t help but secretly say to Benjamin: “Will anyone want such a talkative alpha when he grows up?”

Benjamin actually also had a headache, but he still pretended to be calm and put his arm around Li Xin’s shoulders. Then he comforted him: “It doesn’t matter, maybe our son can use his sharp tongue to trick an omega or beta back.”

Li Xin thought about it, and this possibility seemed quite high.

At a young age, his son was able to impress his teachers. No child in the class could compare to him. He should be even more amazing when he grew up in the future. He was so eloquent and had sweet words at his fingertips. In addition, he had handsome facial features that resembled his father. Such an alpha could definitely deceive an omega over.

Li Xin decided to let Chenchen play more with Qin Yue and Qin Zhengzheng. Maybe the two children educated by Luo Ning could have some positive influence on his son.

However, what made both sets of parents extremely troubled was that…

Qin Yue, who was already a sinister person, became more and more talkative after being influenced by Chenchen of Benjamin’s family.

Qin Zhengzheng, who was originally upright and simple, began to talk about truth after being influenced by Chenchen. He started to convince his opponent before taking action.

However, Chenchen, who was originally a “gentleman who talks but never takes action”, was influenced by the violent Qin Zhengzheng and believed that an alpha should not only have good eloquence but also good fists and kicks. So, he and Qin Zhengzheng teamed up to secretly teach a lesson to a person in the class. Like this, an alpha who made trouble and bullied them was beaten until all his teeth fell out.

Both parents who were called by the kindergarten teacher: “????”

Li Xin was helpless and Luo Ning had a headache, but Benjamin and Qin Yize admired their son’s hands-on ability very much. They looked at each other and said, “Alphas should be tougher and not be bullied. If they work together with their fists and kicks, they can be invincible.”

The two alphas laughed away their grudges, thinking that this was a good development for their sons.

In fact, behind Li Chenchen’s rhetoric and Qin Zhengzheng’s force value, there was a sinister little omega girl Qin Yue, who was the “think tank” who gave them suggestions.

The three of them joined forces and could almost walk sideways in the kindergarten.

The family could thus rest assured.

These three children would never be bullied when they grew up – they would only bully others.

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