RCFS Ch. 130: Who Cheated Whom? 1

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Boss Zhang obviously believed that the business field was full of old people, and talking to a bean sprout was not enough to waste time.

After talking about the concerned matter, Fatty Zhang wanted to leave. Ye Yunxi took a quick step to stop him, and said with a smile, “The director is my father, and this is what he told me. I wonder, as the director’s agent, am I qualified to talk to Boss Zhang?”

The director’s daughter?

Zhang Le looked at her suspiciously. The little girl was not very old, but she had a calm smile in her eyes, and her attitude was neither humble nor overbearing.

She seemed to be a capable girl.

Zhang Le nodded: “Okay, come to my office to talk!”

Together with Brother Xiaoqing, the three of them sat in the office, which was separated from the video game city by a wall, but because of the good sound insulation, it seemed very quiet here.

“Boss Zhang, I’ll cut straight to the point.”

Ye Yunxi smiled and said, “I’m going to requisition the place for three days. I’ll shoot a scene where the video game city will be smashed, and we’ll compensate for the broken things. We’ll compensate for the business that’s delayed as well.”

Three days?

Zhang Le thought about it.

It’s hard to say how much business would be done in three days. Of course there were many on holidays and few on weekdays. After all, the children went to school on weekdays, and those who could come to play were children like Brother Xiaoqing who were used to skipping classes. This proportion was really not much.

Looking at Ye Yunxi again, although the little girl had good manners, she was still a young child. Zhang Le made up his mind to cheat this fledgling little girl.

He smiled, took a sip of tea, put it down, and said slowly: “Filming is a good thing, and it can also promote us. I am happy to support your work, but we have to calculate the money in advance.”

Ye Yunxi didn’t move under his calculating look, she only said: “Boss Zhang is right.”

Seeing her nodding, Zhang Le continued: “My video game city is just so-so. I don’t earn much a day, but I can still get five or six thousand. If you want to smash the equipment, all my equipment is new. One equipment costs at least six thousand yuan, I’ll do the math for you!”

As he said that, Zhang Le bowed his head sincerely to settle the accounts, but he didn’t see that Brother Xiaoqing’s face was a bit unhappy.

Because, he had already told Ye Yunxi the reserve price!

A piece of equipment was only worth three or four thousand, but he said that the equipment was worth six thousand, and the few expensive ones were the cheapest ones, and there was more than one thousand equipment.

Brother Xiaoqing looked at Ye Yunxi frequently, he was afraid that the elder sister would get violent and beat him up again, but Ye Yunxi was very calm, and the smile on her face was also very calm, and her calm expression made Xiaoqing’s scalp numb.

This… what did the eldest sister want to do?

Brother Xiaoqing couldn’t figure it out, and became more and more curious.

Soon, Zhang Le finished the calculation, pushed the calculator and smiled: “The three-day income will be calculated as five thousand, which comes to fifteen thousand, and those equipment’s will be charged one thousand less for Brother Xiaoqing’s sake. 5,000 per unit, I have 83 devices here, a total of 415,000, and since we are all friends, I will save you a fraction of 5,000, just give me a total of 410,000!”

If it was somebody foolish, he would feel that he had made money, and by the way, he would even give Fatty Zhang a good old man card!

Look, what a wonderful person, he saved all the odds, and finally saved five thousand, good man, good man!

But, was Ye Yunxi just a random person?

She came prepared.

Brother Xiaoqing told her the price of the equipment. As for the income, the income of five or six thousand was okay a holiday, but two thousand on a normal weekday was seen as not bad!

He wanted to cheat her?


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