RCFS Ch. 131: Who Cheated Whom? 2

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Ye Yunxi smiled, did not refute, just took a sip of tea following Zhang Le’s example, put down the cup, and when she raised her eyes, the black eyes flashed wantonly, and she was sure of victory.

“Does Boss Zhang know who our first male lead is?”

Ye Yunxi smiled calmly and indifferently, her dark eyes reflected the ripples of the tea, and there was a little beauty in the gentleness.

Zhang Le lacked interest. The director of the movie was someone he had never heard of before. With a group of new artists, what kind of awesome male lead could he have invited?

Therefore, he didn’t even bother to get to know.

“Di Junxie.”

The three words escaped her mouth, and Zhang Le’s brain started pounding loudly.

Who was Di Junxie?

Everyone who wanted to squeeze their heads out and rush into the sword of the empire families had heard of this name!

The head of the lofty family, the heir of the Emperor’s family!

This name was even stronger than the name of the most popular spicy chicken in the entertainment circle of Yan Kingdom!

Zhang Le was completely shocked, and opened his eyes wide to look at Ye Yunxi.

The girl smiled slightly, like an old fox who had been in the shopping mall for many years, and sat back with a smile, brushing her long black hair: “Is the title of Young Master Di, enough for boss Zhang?”


Absolutely enough!

This was simply the rhythm of smashing a crater!

The proper gold content was 100%, the kind that no one could match!

“Then how much do you think Young Master Di is worth?”

Zhang Le fell silent.

Money? Could that be measured in money?

That was simply priceless!

Zhang Le rubbed his hands, knowing that he couldn’t take out this little thing.

He chuckled, restrained his deceitful thoughts, and said with a smile: “Will, Young Master Di will also come to film this scene?”

“Of course, he is the first male lead!”

Ye Yunxi waved her hand and continued drinking tea. She didn’t need to say another word.

“Okay! This time, I will be very honoured to welcome Young Master Di, and I will spend 400,000 yuan to get Young Master Di to promote my video game city. It’s super worth it!”

“Well, I think so. You can’t even invite this great god otherwise!”

Zhang Le nodded again and again, expressing his agreement, while Xiao Qing who was watching was stunned.

What the hell, was this a peaceful solution?

What if you don’t agree with each other and start?

When you started speaking last time, there was no room for negotiation!

This time, this time it was solved just like that?

Moreover, the eldest sister didn’t even need to beat up his brother-in-law?

After all, the price he had asked for was too high before!

But the eldest sister not only didn’t get violent, it was his brother-in-law who didn’t want any money just after listening to a few words, in fact he even acted as if he was taking advantage of her, and now he so respectful to the eldest sister that he almost knelt down!

This, this flip was too amazing!

“Xiao Qing, send off… um… your sister!”


Brother Xiao Qing was still in a daze, and as he sent the person to the door, he couldn’t help but ask, “Big… no, Sister, you are really good, you didn’t even need to beat my brother-in-law.”

Ye Yunxi smiled: “It’s okay, there will still be a time when he would cry.”

Brother Xiao Qing: “???”

What do you mean?

Seeing that he didn’t understand, Ye Yunxi didn’t say much, she just turned around and left.

She was very busy and didn’t have time to explain so much, but there were plenty of ways to deal with profiteers.

Mr. System had now cast his eyes on the five bodies that Ye Yunxi admired, and it was too low to do anything if there was a disagreement.

Look at this character, so handsome!

As for Di Junxie, since he didn’t invest, then it’s okay to use his reputation, right?

You shouldn’t be so stingy~

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