BCFE Ch. 1.1: Time Travel

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Ye Ning rubbed her swollen head and opened her eyes with difficulty. Listening to the sound of the train, she heard a man’s voice in a daze. No, it was the voices of many men and many women. It was very noisy, and it disturbed her, causing her a headache.

“Xiao Ning, are you awake? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Do you want some water?”

A very gentle man’s voice came to her ears. Ye Ning turned back to look at him blankly, “I must not be awake.”

Yes, this must be it. In the dream, she was obviously working overtime at the company, so how could she be on the train? It was still this kind of green train. She hadn’t ridden it in many years. It must be because she had been under too much pressure at work recently that she dreamed of riding this kind of train.

Sun Yaojun looked at Ye Ning who was sleeping again, a hint of impatience flashing in his eyes.

“Xiao Ning? Xiao Ning?” Sun Yaojun was sure that Ye Ning had really gone back to sleep, and gently leaned over to take away the small bag that Ye Ning held close to her chest.

In her sleep, Ye Ning felt someone approaching her. She frowned uncomfortably and slapped the hand away, “I feel bad, don’t bother me.” Sun Yaojun covered his face and looked at Ye Ning in shock and anger to make sure she wasn’t intentional. Realizing that it was not intentional, he angrily stood up and left with the teacup in hand.

It was a very restless sleep. Ye Ning felt like millions of flies were buzzing in her ears. She was woken up by a dazzling ray of sunlight. She frowned and opened her eyes, looking at the sun outside through the glass window, she blinked blankly, was she still in a dream?

Looking sideways at the crowded carriage, Ye Ning pinched her thigh. The stinging sensation came instantly and she almost screamed.

Not a dream?

No, she was clearly working overtime at the company, how could she be on the train?

Co-workers playing pranks on her?

No, where could she find a train like this from the 1980s, with so many people dressed in period style as extras? Even their boss couldn’t afford to pull off such a grand prank.

“Xiao Ning, you finally woke up. You got a fever not long after you got on the train, and I couldn’t find a doctor. You were almost dying. You just woke up. Are you thirsty? I’ll give you some water.” A familiar yet unfamiliar voice sounded.

Ye Ning followed the sound and saw a concerned face. When she saw this face, her head banged and she fainted.

“Xiao Ning…” Sun Yaojun screamed sadly, and the noisy carriage fell silent. Seeing someone fainting, everyone enthusiastically came over to help, and some people went to find the conductor, and Sun Yaojun couldn’t stop them.

With the help of everyone, Ye Ning got a bed and a doctor came to help.

“39.8, high fever. It looks like she has been burning with fever for a long time. You really should seek help as soon as possible. High fever can be fatal if it persists for a long time.” The doctor took Ye Ning’s temperature and looked at Sun Yaojun with a reproachful look in his eyes.

Sun Yaojun suppressed his blush, “Xiao Ning was afraid of causing trouble to the big guys, so she never let me ask for help.” He felt regretful, he shouldn’t have screamed so loud just now, but now it was so embarrassing.

They had set out from Nanjiang Province. The weather there was warm, but the further north they went, the colder it got. He wore warm clothes himself. Ye Ning didn’t bring any warm clothes, so she caught a cold. She also got a fever last night. Sun Yaojun couldn’t wipe her face or ask someone to find medicine. He only gave Ye Ning some hot water to drink.

The train conductor and the doctor didn’t know what Sun Yaojun was thinking. Seeing his frown, they just thought he was anxious. They helped make arrangements, then asked Sun Yaojun to take good care of Ye Ning and left.

Ye Ning, who was in a coma, was not feeling well. Her head seemed to be about to explode, as if tens of thousands of needles were pricking her at the same time. The pain was so painful that she wanted to die, but she couldn’t move.

As if a century had passed, the stinging sensation slowly receded, and suddenly many fragmentary memories appeared in her mind, as if she was recalling her life again, or like a bystander watching a long movie. Slowly, Ye Ning’s brain resumed functioning, and the feeling that she had become another person slowly disappeared, and she became herself again.

This sounded strange, but it was her true feeling. She really felt like she had become a different person just now.

Her name was Ye Ning, and she was also from the countryside of Nanjiang Province. Other than that, they had no similarities at all, and they were not even from the same time and space.

She was born in 1963. She was only nineteen years old this year, ten years younger than Ye Ning herself. Her family’s living conditions were just above the subsistence level. However, because she was the first child and she looked like her mother, her parents treated her very well. They were quite partial towards her, and it didn’t change even after they had her younger brother and sister. It could be said that her mother didn’t even favour her younger brother as much as her, so even in the 1960s and 1970s, she still developed the appearance of a charming young lady.

It was worth mentioning that her mother Li Fang was an educated youth who could not endure the hardship after going to the countryside. She married Ye Qingshan, an honest man, and gave birth to three children. The eldest was Ye Ning, and the second was also a daughter named Ye Lan, the third child was a son, named Ye Gu. There was no news about Li Fang after she returned to the city in 1980. Ye Qingshan once went to find Li Fang. When he came back, he only said that Li Fang would not come back for the time being, but the three children all knew that their mother would never come back.

It was not easy for Ye Qingshan to raise three children by himself, not to mention that all three children were in school. Just one year’s tuition was a big problem. There were brave people in the village who went out to work and when they came back, they said they earned dozens of dollars a month. In the spring of this year, two people went out to work, and Ye Qingshan was one of them. There was no phone in the village, so Ye Qingshan would call Ye Ning’s school when something happened. As a result, she didn’t receive a call from Ye Qingshan last month, but received the bad news that Ye Qingshan had an accident.

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