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Hearing the knock on the door, Fifth Master Lu calmly moved his gaze away from Siyu’s drawing, tilted his head slightly, and a faint light flashed in his eyes.

Siyu looked left and right, although she felt that Ji Lin would only make the already embarrassing situation more confusing, but she couldn’t bear to let her stupid brother stand outside all night, so she looked at Fifth Master Lu inquiringly. “Then… I’ll let him in?”

Fifth Master Lu’s anger could not be seen even though he was very angry, then he asked, “This is your home, why do you ask me?”

If she ignored the sudden dissatisfaction in Fifth Master Lu’s eyes because of the interruption, Siyu would think that this was a sincere sentence and had no other meaning.

Siyu thought angrily, she did not know why she wanted to specifically ask Fifth Master Lu’s opinion, maybe it was a conditioned reflex formed under long-term oppression.

She walked over and opened the door, and saw Ji Lin standing outside, looking alert, like a loyal little milk dog protecting his master. First, he looked Siyu up and down and found that she was neatly dressed. At that moment, he breathed a sigh of relief, but when he was half relieved, Ji Lin caught a glimpse of the traces on Siyu’s lips.

The traces did not look like it was caused by herself, on the contrary, it seemed to be bitten by someone else. Ji Lin was a normal adult male, he had never eaten pork, but he had seen pigs run[1], let alone he was in the entertainment industry, the big dyeing vat. He almost immediately realized what was going on, that it was clear traces of being kissed! He only felt a rush of blood rushing to his head-which bastard was it that ruined his weak and lovely sister!

Siyu didn’t react at first, but when she found that Ji Lin’s gaze stayed on her lips for a long time, she suddenly remembered what had happened in the kitchen, and her ear tips turned red again after she had finally lost the blush on her face.

Oops, she even forgot this!

“A Lin, why are you coming here so late? It’s cold outside. Come in first…” Siyu covered her lips and turned around to stop Ji Lin from staring, regretting that she had forgotten to cover it up.

This time she was embarrassed in front of her brother!

Ji Lin put a calm expression on his face, strode past Siyu and walked into the living room. At a glance, he saw Fifth Master Lu, who was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed and resting and he became miserable.

Ji Lin was very grateful to him for saving Siyu, so even if he felt that the frequency of visits by Fifth Master Lu at Siyu’s house was a bit abnormal, he obediently said nothing, and as for his parents… Before he couldn’t comment, because he could detect that Fifth Master Lu was venting for his elder sister, so all he could do was remain silent.

Unexpectedly, now in the middle of the night, he saw him in Siyu’s house again! Ji Lin thought of the calls that had been hung up three times and how he had been blacklisted, and immediately understood that it must be done by the man in front of him.

And those small wounds on his sister’s mouth…!

As if feeling Ji Lin’s scorching gaze, Fifth Master Lu raised his eyelids lazily, but did not take the initiative to say hello, and continued to turn the Buddhist beads on his hand calmly, as if he was born to be the master of this house, and Ji Lin was just a guest.

The two big men were face to face, one sitting the other standing, both seemed very composed, as if two predators happened upon each other by chance, they were going around in circles looking at each other, assessing their respective combat effectiveness.

The living room became extremely quiet for a while, but there was a faint smell of gunpowder in the air. Siyu, who closed the door and returned, looked at the two people with a terrible headache. One Fifth Master Lu was already enough for her, but Ji Lin also bluntly came over, it seemed that she wouldn’t be able to sleep well tonight.

There was a stalemate for about a minute. In the end, Ji Lin moved first. He turned his head to Siyu, who was chasing after him with a helpless look and did not know what to say to break the deadlock. He acted like a baby with familiarity: “Sister, at the celebration party Liang Dao had given me several glasses of wine, I feel a little uncomfortable. Can you help me cook a bowl of hangover soup?”

When he first recognized Siyu, there was still some time where he pretended to be reserved, in order to show his sister his adult masculinity and he always sat looking serious, but Ji Lin slowly let go his baggage, and his temper was revealed, so he started to act like a coquettish and beloved little brother, causing the assistants to often not bear to look straight, and not want to admit this little milk dog who was lying on Siyu’s knees and wagging his tail was the cold superstar of the past.

Sure enough, as soon as Ji Lin said that he was uncomfortable, Siyu’s concern prevailed. She remembered Ji Lin’s body was a little weak and was coaxed into the kitchen to cook hangover soup in just a few words, leaving only the two men in the living room.

It didn’t take long for Ji Lin to become serious again, thinking that his experience was not deep enough, he soon became uncomfortable, but he knew that he could not lose this battle. This Fifth Master Lu was obviously interested in his sister. He was Siyu’s younger brother. Checks were justified–no, what checks! Why would he give up his sister? Impossible!

Ji Lin sat down on the sofa opposite Fifth Master Lu, straightened his back, and tried his best to make his voice sound more calm and confident: “Are you chasing my sister?”

In fact, Ji Lin originally wanted to talk about something else. Once you come up, don’t get straight to the point, so as to not make others feel that you are anxious and lose your advantage, but for some reason, he felt like he was being provoked by the indifferent gaze of Fifth Master Lu. So, the words spoken changed and turned into another sentence.

Fifth Master Lu raised his eyebrows, and only then did a little smile appear on his lips, but in Ji Lin’s eyes, he didn’t look pleasing to the eye anyway, he always felt that this was a mockery of him.

“No.” Fifth Master Lu’s straightforward denial surprised Ji Lin for a moment, but soon after a second, he added faintly, “She was originally my person.” The secular relationship between men and women had never been recognized by Fifth Master Lu. There was no use of it here, and he had never observed it, so Ji Lin’s question was meaningless in his opinion.

However, this sentence changed its meaning in Ji Lin’s ears, and he couldn’t help thinking too much about it. Ji Lin’s face went dark, and he couldn’t help but point to the other party and question: “What have you done to my sister?! I’m telling you, you can’t touch her, till I’m here!”

If it weren’t for it being Siyu’s house, Ji Lin would want to roll up his sleeves and have a fight with the serious and indifferent man in front of him. He was still kept in the dark. Well, no, he wouldn’t allow it!

“You’d better not talk to me in this tone. I have a bad temper. If you are accidentally hurt, your sister will be frightened.” Fifth Master Lu calmly revealed his shortcomings. In his opinion, Ji Lin was too young, regardless of age or experience, so Ji Lin’s self-righteous aura was not enough to put him on the spot, he was just like a child sneakily wearing clothes of an adult and running out to show off his power.

But considering that Ji Lin was Siyu’s brother, Fifth Master Lu didn’t mind showing him a trace of tolerance. Moreover, Siyu obviously valued this younger brother. Fifth Master Lu frowned and thought if he harmed this little brother, the white rabbit he was raising would cry, right?

Just thinking about it, Fifth Master Lu wanted to sigh softly, and that little anger he was feeling disappeared. Even he himself hadn’t notice that this kind of pampering towards Siyu had also become his habit.

If it weren’t Ji Lin and someone else dared to point at him like this, his grave would already be two meters high.

“You! Do you think I’ll be scared if you scare me like this?” Ji Lin was not a new-born calf not afraid of a tiger. He knew how powerful this person was, and he also realized how terrible it was to anger this person from the Lu family from the tragedy of his parents. But thinking of Siyu, Ji Lin gritted his teeth secretly and said, “My sister is soft-tempered and doesn’t know how to reject people. If you are so aggressive, she wouldn’t dare to do or say anything even if she is afraid. So, it’s up to me!”

The smile at the corner of Fifth Master Lu’s mouth disappeared quickly.

He re-examined the boy in front of him. His cold eyes always made Ji Lin feel that he would kill him in the next second, but unexpectedly, Fifth Master Lu just closed his eyes and said coldly: “Continue talking.”

Ji Lin settled down, took another look at Siyu who was busy in the kitchen, and said: “I never knew that I had a sister. I just recognized her not long ago. My mother was never good to her. So I’m the only one left who can be considered as my sister’s maiden family… You suddenly told me that my sister is yours, how could I accept it? No promise, no action, I don’t know what happened between the two of you. I don’t know if you are sincere to my sister, I can’t agree, and my sister won’t be relieved either!”

Ji Lin said decisively. Although he was still immature, he was very sincere. He had calmed down just now, but deeper worries had begun to emerge.

He didn’t want to hinder his sister’s happiness, but he still had to make sure that this man was worthy of Siyu’s trust, right?

Fifth Master Lu fixedly looked at Ji Lin for a while, then lowered his eyes to look at the Buddha beads twirling in his hand, and for the first time a little dazedness appeared in his heart.

Sincerely and lovingly, these things that Ji Lin said never seemed to be in his consideration. The only thing that was certain was that he had a strong possessive desire for Siyu. This little girl could only stay by his side. He used to try to imagine Siyu standing next to others, and then realized that unstoppable killing intent would emerge from the bottom of his heart as soon as he thought of it, so without much thought, he announced his decision directly to Siyu.

Suddenly someone jumped out and told him that just possessiveness was not enough, because the little girl would not be at ease, but this thing was too strange to him, for the first time in his life he felt that he did not know what to do, when doing something.

Ji Lin sat rigidly on the sofa, staring closely at Fifth Master Lu, seeing his face change several times, and feeling that his murderous aura from time to time was strong. Ji Lin only felt as if he was being dragged to the gallows and made to stretch out his head. No, it was not right for him to shrink his head in this situation.

Fortunately, Fifth Master Lu’s abnormal condition did not last long. He suddenly stood up and said blankly to Ji Lin, “I will consider your words.” After that, he glanced at the kitchen and left straight away.

Ji Lin was stunned. He sat there blankly until Siyu came out with the hangover soup and asked suspiciously where Fifth Master Lu had gone. He recovered, scratched his head, and whispered to his sister: “He’s probably… thinking about it?”

Siyu: “…” This joke was not funny at all.

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[1] Never actually done something but knew how these things functioned.

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