RNMG Ch. 47.2

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Far away in a military region on the other side.

Qin Fan was wearing a camouflage uniform and lurking in the wild jungle. He was like a black panther, squatting silently on a tree.

At this time, a strong man cautiously passed under the tree where he was lurking. The man’s footsteps were very light, there was no sound at all, and his expression was very nervous and serious.

Swipe –

Qin Fan suddenly jumped down from above, his arms hooked around the man’s neck like lightning, stunning him instantly.

The victim’s equipment was removed, and the man was tied to a tree. Qin Fan’s footsteps went up and down a few times, and then he ran into the woods and disappeared.


The poor soldier who was hit didn’t even see who his assailant was, he just left while leaving a white spot on the center of his forehead, and the pain was so painful that he almost burst into tears.

The three of them looked around together, but they couldn’t see clearly. The tall and ferocious figure had already fallen from the sky, and several ups and downs of fists and feet knocked people out and kicked them away.

In the monitoring room.

A man wearing glasses and a white coat stared at the surveillance screen, as he shook his head and said, “These guys are unlucky enough, they are being trained by the chief himself.”

Standing next to him was another person, who seemed to be a captain from his clothes. The high-level man replied, “I think this group of guys is lucky.”

“Why do you say it?” asked the man with glasses.

The captain said, “They haven’t encountered a time when the chief goes really crazy.”

The man with glasses sighed: “That’s right.” Then he was surprised and stared at the screen.

In the tropical rainforest.

Qin Fan had just finished solving the five-person team when the phone in his trouser pocket suddenly vibrated.

His heart jumped, he climbed a tree, and took out his phone.

There were only a few special notifications in this mobile phone. Generally, he would not be called, not to mention that the vibration was only for a moment, it might only be a message.

Qin Fan’s mind quickly turned around, and a delicate and beautiful face appeared. He looked at the phone with an inexplicable mood, but saw that it was not a number notification, but a notification from Weibo?

His mood became a little lower, but he still opened Weibo – since he only paid attention to Si Huang.

It turned out that it wasn’t that Si Huang had posted a new update, but that he had attracted more attention and someone had sent him a private message.

His mood lowered another water layer.

Qin Fan was just about to delete the message, but then his eyes were fixed on the name displayed in the private message.

Si Huang V? Um?

His thick and long fingers opened the private messages.

An avatar icon belonging to Si Huang, there was a small bubble with a reply.

Si Huang V: Okay, I’ll get back to you~ [Emoji ‘la’ excited face]

Coax –

Qin Fan stared at the wavy lines and emoji, his pupils clenched, and his heart instantly tightened until he felt a tinge of pain, and his cold and handsome face turned red.

He just stared at this short reply for five seconds.

Within five seconds, all the messy thoughts came out of his mind.

Didn’t it mean that people who were followed, he would reply to private messages casually?

Why were emoji used by children…it felt so strange!

Inexplicably, Si Huang’s face appeared in his mind, he made a smiley face like emoji facing him, and then said in his unique voice obediently and smilingly, “Okay, I’ll get back to you.”

Qin Fan: “…too weak!” It was so weak that it couldn’t be weaker, and that look was simply deceiving (fan) and negative (zui)!

However, the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop turning up a little bit.

In the monitoring room.

The glasses man and the captain widened their eyes and stared at the handsome face enlarged on the screen, with an incredible expression of ‘the sun is coming out of the west’.

A buckshot flew towards Qin Fan in the tree.

Qin Fan moved like lightning, with his head turned sideways, under the horrified eyes of the sniper who was secretly happy in the dark – caught the strong glue training bullet with his bare hands.

The sniper’s professionalism made him immediately return to his senses, and quickly leave the current sniper position with the gun. It was just that as soon as he moved, he felt a pain in his back, and he didn’t need to look back to know that he was ‘shot’.

“Damn it! No wonder he’s called a monster!” The sniper muttered in a low voice and fell to the ground to his ‘death’ unwillingly.

It didn’t take long for Qin Fan’s figure to come to him and pick up his sniper rifle.

The ‘dead’ sniper said, “Normally, your right hand has to be useless.”

The military boots kicked his waist.

“Hmm!” The young sniper coughed out a mouthful of saliva.

Qin Fan said coldly, “You are dead, corpse.”

The sniper had nothing to say.

Then he saw the monster chief lying down like him, the sniper rifle hidden in the blades of grass.

The man pressed half of his shoulder against the gun, and even his breath seemed to disappear.

If it wasn’t for what happened before, the sniper would never have known that there was a person hiding there. This skill of hiding was too strong.

Suddenly, the man moved, and his left hand was as fast as the blink of an eye, completing a set of actions to load the sniper rifle.

Bang – the glue bullet was fired.

A figure fell to the ground in the distance.

The sniper’s eyes widened, one hand, and he didn’t even have a second to aim, right?

Qin Fan threw a look of contempt at the ‘corpse’ with rich facial expressions and left with the gun in his left hand.

Originally, this was supposed to be a simulated battle in which the soldiers could use their skills to the fullest. Qin Fan was only responsible for passive defensive attacks. This mode could at least allow the soldiers to persist for a longer time, and also display their own shining points. However, when a certain monster awakened, no longer passively but actively attacking, a mock battle became a one-sided slaughter.

The tall figure shuttled through the rainforest and could find the place where the ‘opponent’ was hiding according to the subtle traces, and then take the initiative to kill them all.

The two people in the monitoring room watched helplessly as a group of poor soldiers were slaughtered one by one. These poor children who didn’t even know how they died made them silent.

Originally, the two thought that Qin Fan had gotten sick again, so he took the initiative to deal with the soldiers.

In the end, he didn’t beat anyone, but calmly and brutally knocked down all the elites, step by step.

The captain said to the man with glasses: “You’ll be busy today.”

The man with glasses hummed, “What is it, all these rough-skinned rough men suffer from a little pain, so they want to receive treatment? There is no door!”

The captain shrugged.


Qin Fan counted everyone, and after confirming that he had killed everyone, he made a gesture to the air, indicating that the trial was over.

He walked away in a dashing manner, and he didn’t know how many people were so beaten that they almost doubted themselves.

Qin Fan, who returned to his dormitory, didn’t even use the time to take a shower, he just took out his mobile phone and typed a line of words into the input box under the private message. He frowned halfway through the input and deleted the words.

After inputting back and forth and deleting it several times, Qin Fan frowned more and more tightly. Finally, he threw his phone away and turned to take a shower.

He took a cold shower and came out. Qin Fan’s previous entanglement disappeared. He picked up the phone again and replied to the private message with a blank face.

Indus V, who is waiting for you to perch: You have replied to me, I am so happy.

Qin Fan’s pupils shrank as soon as this was sent out.

He forgot the emoji.

Then, he silently sent another reply.

Indus V, waiting for you to perch: I’m so happy. [Emoji ‘haha’ laughs]

After sending the message, he waited for more than ten minutes and did not receive a reply. Qin Fan looked at his watch, it was time to go to bed.

The child should be sleeping. Qin Fan thought and determined that he had no other work to do, so he chose to read a book for another half an hour – the document book stored in the mobile phone.


Yesterday’s Si Huang did go to bed early, and the next day he woke up in good spirits, and his face was so radiant that everyone who passed by couldn’t help but take a second glance.

There was still a scene with Yu Lianyun today. She didn’t know if it was because Si Huang didn’t call her yesterday, or it was a deliberate performance, but Yu Lianyun’s attitude towards Si Huang was colder than when they first met yesterday.

No matter what the off-screen relationship was, when they arrived in the play, the two immediately became people in the play.

In the morning’s work, except that Director Liu felt that there were a few scenes that were not perfect and needed re-shooting, everything went very smoothly.

During the lunch break, Si Huang opened his Weibo after eating, and saw the reply to the private message from Indus V.

Over and over again, the punctuation of the previous sentence was rigorously typed, and then there were no repeated emoticons in the back.

Si Huang: “Pfft.”

Yu Xi turned his head to capture this smile full of truth, which dazzled his eyes, and couldn’t help but curiously peek at Si Huang’s phone.

Si Huang calmly pressed the phone and changed to a black screen.

Yu Xi didn’t ask, but he suddenly heard Si Huang take the initiative to say: “If you received a reply from the goddess you’ve been chasing, what would you say?”

Yu Xi didn’t expect her to ask this, but he replied seriously: “I will seize the opportunity to express myself, or provoke a topic that does not seem deliberate, and try to talk more with the goddess.”

Si Huang pursed his lips and smiled, “…the contrast is cute.”

“What?” This sentence was said too low to be heard clearly.

Si Huang shook her head.

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