RCFS Ch. 102: Little Princess is Online!!! 1

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“Then lend me your body for a summer vacation.”

Fang You: ……

Why did he have the illusion of a yellow girl meeting a flower thief?

“What are you covering your chest for? Do you have any idea??”

Fang You: ………………

Goddess, goddess!! Don’t talk like a hooligan, it will affect your image too much!

“How? Dedicate?”

Fang You burst into tears. As a talker, he felt that his self-esteem was hurt, because for the first time in his life, he was forced to say a word!

“Fine!” Fang You gritted his teeth: “As long as you want, goddess, what is a mere body! What time and place? Do you want me to take a bath? What kind of perfume do you like? What about the mood? What about clothes? Fishnets or thin straps?”

Ye Yunxi: ……

What was this person talking about?

When he arrived on the set, Fang You twitched his eyelids.

Feeling was to let him help?

Should have said it earlier!

“What do you want me to do?”

“Do hard labour.”


It really was a work of devotion to the body.

What he had to do was help people move all kinds of things.

For example, the props of the props master, various scenes of the field service, and even a large box of lunch at noon…

Fang You: …….

What the hell was he here for?

After a busy day, Fang You was dying of exhaustion. Ye Yunxi gave Wang Tingting and the others an acting training class. Seeing this, Ye Yunxi said, “It’s been hard work today. I invite you to play. Where do you want to go?”

Fang You wiped the sweat from his head: “Video Game City! I’ve always heard that this place is good, but the old man at home is strict and has not allowed me to go, this time finally I was admitted to Junyao, I can also laugh hahaha!”

“Just go to the video game city!”

Ye Yunxi smiled: “Okay, let’s have Burger King for dinner, it’s convenient to order take out and eat.”

A group of people walked to the video game city.

Not long after they left, a small soft figure appeared on the set.

“Hey, I’m looking for Ye Yunxi, is she here?”

Grandpa said, this woman was going to steal her brother, but she absolutely disagreed!

Brother was so handsome, he could only be hers!

“Miss Ye!”

The field manager touched his head and suddenly said: “They went to the video game city!”

“Well, I see!”

Di Weiqian nodded lightly, tightened her hold on her rabbit schoolbag, and ran away.

Such a cute little sister.

The field manager couldn’t help nodding, sure enough, Miss Ye’s friends were all beautiful.

Walking into the video game city, Di Weiqian was dumbfounded.

There were so many people here!

And it seemed like everyone was here.

There were children as old as herself, and there were many fierce adults, the music was loud and harsh, and the people were shouting, and it looked very scary.

This, here was a little scary!

But, but for the sake of her brother, she, she couldn’t show weakness!

Di Weiqian clenched her pink and tender little fists and plucked up the courage to go inside.

“Yo, little sister, the schoolbag is so cute, isn’t it a limited edition?”

The two men blocked Di Weiqian’s way, and they were dressed in heavy metal outfits but they looked like monsters in Di Weiqian’s eyes.

Good, terrible!

“Why, no one came to play with you? Is it okay for us brothers to play with you?”

The man smiled and stretched out his hand. Di Weiqian was terrified. She closed her eyes and kicked hard using the method taught by her brother.


The screams were drowned out by the music, Di Weiqian narrowed her eyes, and saw one of them collapsed, clutching his crotch.

Amazing! What my brother taught really helped!

Di Weiqian stared at him, and before she could finish getting excited, the man’s accomplice exploded first.

“Smelly girl, you are courting death!”

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