RCFS Ch. 103: Little Princess is Online!!! 2

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“Stinky girl, you’re courting death!”

Another companion directly picked up Di Weiqian, as a seven- or eight-year-old child, she was no match for an adult man, but she was also stubborn, clenching her teeth and staring at the person in front of her, she bared her teeth and claws.

Her fingertips inadvertently brushed the man’s face, and it left a bloody sliver. The man became angry and clenched his fists and went to attack the small face of the little girl!

Before she could be hit, Di Weiqian closed her eyes and screamed, attracting passers-by to watch.

She didn’t know whose ice cream cone stuck on the man’s face, but the man screamed, his hands loosened, and Di Weiqian, who was lifted high, fell instantly.


Di Weiqian screamed, being scared to death.

What should she do if she fall down, it would hurt a lot!

Elder brother!! Save me!!

“Pfft!” The small body fell into a warm embrace, and Di Weiqian opened her eyes excitedly, but the person she saw was not her brother, but instead had her long hair fluttering in the wind.

It was a very beautiful face. Di Weiqian, who was in elementary school, didn’t know how to describe it. Anyway, she thought this face was very beautiful, the most beautiful face she had ever seen.

But there was no expression on this face, that indifferent look was very similar to that of her brother, the black eyes were bottomless, and the moment their eyes met, Di Weiqian could think about nothing, she just kept staring at those eyes.

However, those eyes fell slightly, the black eyes looked at her calmly and indifferently, and Di Weiqian could see her stunned face reflected inside.

“Are you okay?”

Inexplicably, Di Weiqian blushed lightly, subconsciously grabbed Ye Yunxi’s clothes, and nodded silently.

[Ding! Hero saves beauty! Reward: Awesomeness XP +100! The host is handsome and handsome~~~]

Ye Yunxi: ……

Forget it, now was not the time to take care of the system.

“Who are you to beat me with ice cream!”

The man was obviously angry, the ice cream cone hit the ground, and he looked at Ye Yunxi viciously.

“Oh, my hands were slippery.”

Ye Yunxi protected Di Weiqian with one hand, and shook the other hand gently. Although she was apologizing, there was no such expression on her face.

“Stinky bitch, you’re courting death!”

The man rushed over, and Di Weiqian threw herself into Ye Yunxi’s arms in fright, wrapping her arms around her neck.

Ye Yunxi smiled, hugged the person tightly with one hand, and made a fist with the other hand, but she didn’t hit him, she just turned around and kicked the person out.

Di Weiqian didn’t see what it was like, but she only saw the long hair of this young lady spread out in a graceful arc in mid-air.

Ah, what a handsome lady!

Di Weiqian hugged Ye Yunxi even tighter, and her face turned even redder.


The man slammed heavily on the ground, and when he looked at Ye Yunxi again, it was like looking at a monster.

He said viciously, “Wait for me!!”

After speaking, he smeared oil on the soles of his feet and slipped away.

Going away unscathed?

Ye Yunxi hooked her long hair, or was it a man?

“Hey, Yunxi, haven’t you bought an ice cream after so long?”

Sun Chao brought Fang You over to find her.

“Who’s in your arms? Your sister?”


Ye Yunxi wanted to put her down, but the little princess didn’t let go, and clung to Ye Yunxi’s neck.

Unable to see her face, Ye Yunxi thought she was frightened, so she could only helplessly laugh and say, “That’s right.”

The young lady said that it’s okay, it’s okay!!

Di Weiqian’s eyes were full of little stars, so she would be the beautiful girl’s younger sister from now on!

She was very happy!!

Di Weiqian laughed, her little shoulders shaking.

Ye Yunxi thought she was crying, and reached out to rub her back to comfort her.

Di Weiqian was even happier.

On the other hand, Fang You, suspiciously, took a look behind her, and was immediately stunned.

What the hell!

Wasn’t this the little princess of the emperor’s family!!!

Dj22031: Di family children seem to have an affinity with YY.. Poor Grandpa Di….

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