RCFS Ch. 104: Little Princess is Online!!! 3

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What the hell!

Wasn’t this the little princess of the emperor’s family!!!

At the moment when his eyes met with hers, Di Weiqian grinned at Fang You, giving him a warning look.

Say it and you’re dead!!

Fang You twitched the corners of his mouth and silently made a zipper action.

However, little princess, don’t you know that Fang You is a talker?

Let the chatter boxer keep it secret, you might as well kill him!

Fang You was in pain, but he couldn’t say a word.

“Yunxi, is this your sister?”

Wang Tingting also looked strange, but Helian Moxie knew that Yunxi had no younger siblings, and she was already the youngest in the family.

“Well, she is very shy, so I brought her to play.”

The shy little princess moved out from Ye Yunxi’s arms and looked left and right.

“Wow, what a beautiful little sister, she’s so cute!”

Wang Tingting gestured to carry her, and Di Weiqian buried her head back in an instant.

“She’s really shy.”

Ye Yunxi smiled helplessly.

“Then if you hold her, can you play?”

“It’s okay, I’ll see you play.”

Hearing this, Di Weiqian felt a little embarrassed, she made the young lady not even be able to play.

“Big brother, it’s her!”

After the commotion, a group of people emerged and surrounded them.

“Stinky girl, are you the one who beat up Lao Tzu?”

The leader was a young man in his early twenties, known as Brother Xiaoqing. At first glance, he looked like a person who often went in and out of the video game city. He wore flowing clothes and had a hideous tattoo on his left arm.

Ye Yunxi smiled and said with contempt: “If I were you, and I was abused by a woman and couldn’t get up, I would just find a place to poke a cat to save my shame, I didn’t expect you to do the opposite, why, you were too abused by me to even find a cat. If you can’t get even, you still have a face?”


This girl was crazy!

Seeing his younger brother being humiliated, Brother Xiaoqing said angrily: “Stinky girl, I will take care of you for my younger brother today!”

Before he could finish speaking, a punch had already hit him. Di Weiqian looked back and wanted to see, but Ye Yunxi directly pressed her head back into her arms to protect her, and she turned around with another beautiful side kick!


Brother Xiaoqing turned his head down and fell. A bag was planted on his head, and his face was gone. In Ye Yunxi’s words, he could find a place to catch a cat.

“Old, boss!”

The little brothers around them were shivering, this girl didn’t even do anything, she just kicked their boss back with one kick!

Did she have to be so fierce? Brother Xiaoqing spat, struggled to get up, looked around at everyone looking at him, and suddenly felt that his face was gone.

He couldn’t even beat a woman, and he was really degrading the more he lived!

“Okay, I won’t fight with you, other people in the province will say that a man bullied a woman!”

Ye Yunxi wanted to laugh, who was bullying whom?

“Then how do you want to compare?”

“I want to compete with you on that!”

Brother Xiaoqing pointed at the shooting machine next to him, his face full of confidence.

Playing with the shooting machine, he was the most powerful in the video game city. He could kill invincible opponents in all directions. No one in this area dared to compare with him!


Ye Yunxi nodded.

Seeing her agreeing, Xiaoqing had a smirk on his face, and couldn’t help but say proudly: “If I win, you have to apologize to me and my brother, saying that you were wrong, you can’t beat us, and will call us brother!”

Ye Yunxi nodded: “No problem, but what if I win?”

Could she win?


He had never seen this girl in the video game city. It was definitely her first time here. What the hell would she be able to win?

“Whatever you want!”

“The boss is indeed arrogant.”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth, and when her black eyes lifted, she brought a three-point sharp edge.

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