RCFS Ch. 105: Little Princess is Online!!! 4

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Sun Chao pulled Ye Yunxi: “Otherwise you are better than him, you can’t win the shot, Brother Xiaoqing come here every day, he can even make shots with his eyes closed! “

“Wouldn’t Yunxi suffer a lot?”

Helian Moxie was also a little worried.

“Otherwise, let’s change it.”

On the other hand, Fang You, who wanted to speak, closed his mouth again when he saw Di Weiqian’s shallow gaze.

“Miss, I have troubled you, I’m sorry.”

Di Weiqian rarely apologized to someone, so Fang You’s eyes widened, as he stared at Ye Yunxi in horror.


How did you conquer this little princess?

This one was pampered and raised, and even the old man of the emperor family called her his little princess. Except for the emperor, this one never apologized to anyone, and never listened to others. Now, such a delicate little princess, actually apologized to Ye Yunxi!

God, what’s going on?

Had he not woken up yet?

Fang You desperately rubbed his eyes and pinched his thigh, pessimistically finding that he was very awake, and this was not a dream.

“It’s not your fault, some people can’t afford to lose.”

Ye Yunxi smiled, rubbing the top of Di Weiqian’s shallow hair, the little girl was so happy, she looked back at the provocative Xiaoqing, stuck out her tongue and made a big grimace.


Brother Xiaoqing felt that his status had been seriously challenged!

“Ma Liu! Hurry up and compare, I will abuse you so that you can’t find your dignity!”

Hearing that there was a competition, many people in the video game city crowded around.

“Brother Xiaoqing, who are you comparing with today?”

“Brother Xiaoqing, you are definitely abusing people unilaterally. No one can compare to your skills!”

Eye Night Cloud Creek.

“Yo, this time comparing with Xiaoqing bro is a beautiful girl! Why is she still hugging a little girl?”

“Haha, Xiaoqing bro, be merciful when comparing to my sister!”

“It’s not good to make a beautiful girl to cry!”

The hilarious voice sounded, brother Xiaoqing became even more proud, and then looked at Ye Yunxi, still standing there with no expression, as if she could not feel the pressure rushing over from all directions.


Tsk, this bitch, she’s in a hurry to lose!

Brother Xiaoqing nodded, the moment the machine lit up, the game began!

Brother Xiaoqing quickly picked up the ball and threw it into the frame. His speed was very fast. The speed of his left and right hands was almost dazzling, but his hit rate was not 100%. But it was fast, so the score also soared all the way.

Ye Yunxi still had Di Weiqian hanging on her body, so she could only throw with one hand, pick it up, and then throw. The speed was not as fast as Xiaoqing’s, but the hit rate was high, one hit and one went in, the score was biting at Xiaoqing, and the numbers kept going up.

Seeing that she was a drag, Di Weiqian also wanted to help. She bent down to pick up a ball, and before she could throw it, she gently pushed with one hand from below, and the ball floated out lightly and was thrown into the frame accurately.

Scores had gone up again!

She, she actually dropped in?

Di Weiqian looked at her hands in surprise, then looked at Ye Yunxi.

The girl smiled slightly: “Great.”

The young lady praised her for being great!

Di Weiqian was super happy, her eyes fixed on Ye Yunxi.

There was a bit of flamboyance and charm in her gorgeous face, the ball kept drawing beautiful arcs in her hands, the sound of hitting the basket and the sound of score jumping kept ringing, and Di Weiqian’s heart gradually fell.

Miss, you are so handsome and dazzling!

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

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