FPH Ch. 43

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“No, I came here at eight o’clock, but my brother wasn’t here, and he didn’t even answer his phone when I called him.”

“Could he have work to do, so he hasn’t gone back yet?” Gu Nian asked, but suddenly, she thought of Chu Zhaoyang’s pale face during the day.

At that time, she thought he was just tired because of all the running around, but thinking about it now, it seemed… his face was not very normal.

At that time, she was embarrassed and didn’t look at him carefully, and then she saw the man who looked like Yan Lu and annoyed him, and she was busy apologizing to him, so she further didn’t notice his strangeness.

But now that she recalled his face after he had kissed and let her go, he had almost fallen back to his seat.

Gu Nian raised her eyebrows when she heard Chu Tian say, “No, my brother hurried to come back today, and there were no other arrangements. And because of a previous incident, no matter what, he will not turn off the phone, nor will he not answer the phone, especially the family’s phone, he won’t let the family worry.”

Chu Tian’s words contained too much information, and Gu Nian’s hand unconsciously grabbed the sheets.

Did he come back early to celebrate for her?

Moreover, what happened in the past that made Chu Zhaoyang care so much?

It was just that now she didn’t care about asking carefully, and Chu Tian obviously didn’t want to go into detail, otherwise she won’t be vague.

“Where are you now?” Gu Nian asked.

“I’m at my brother’s house. When I came, my aunt hadn’t left yet.” Chu Tian said, “I also waited for more than two hours to see him before I was worried.”

In fact, Gu Nian didn’t quite understand. Chu Zhaoyang, a big man, even if he couldn’t get in touch, it wouldn’t make Chu Tian so worried.

Was there any special reason why Chu Tian was so anxious?

Gu Nian hesitated for a while, and said, “You… give me the address, and I’ll go look for you right away.”

Anyway, now that Chu Tian was waiting there alone, it was easy to think wildly, so it would be better to have someone to accompany her.

“Okay, okay!” Chu Tian quickly gave her the address, Gu Nian took a note and wrote it down, then took the note and walked out.

At this time, Mu Lanshu was already asleep, and Gu Nian didn’t tell her, she just left quietly, so as not to be questioned by Mu Lanshu again, she didn’t know how to answer anyway.

She went out to take a taxi, showed the driver the address, and arrived at Lanyuan, where Chu Zhaoyang lived. It was Chu Tian who opened the door, and Chu Zhaoyang had still not come back.

It took a lot of time for Gu Nian to take a taxi from home, and it was already past 11 o’clock now.

Even Gu Nian had started to worry.

On the way, she called Chu Zhaoyang several times, but no one answered. Gu Nian wasn’t sure if it was because Chu Zhaoyang didn’t want to answer her call.

When she came to Chu Zhaoyang’s house, she started to send text messages to Chu Zhaoyang: “Chu Zhaoyang, where are you? Can you call me back? Chu Tian and I are both worried about you. And about the noon thing, I… want to make it clear to you face to face.”

She wanted to explain her side of story to him face to face, as there would always be misunderstandings in words.

However, her phone remained silent.

After a while, Chu Tian’s cell phone rang.

“It’s my brother! It’s my brother’s call!” Chu Tian rushed over excitedly and answered the phone in front of Gu Nian.

“I’ll be home soon, don’t worry.” Chu Zhaoyang’s calm and low-pitched voice came from the phone, which made people feel at ease.

“Brother, where have you been? Nian Nian said that she separated from you early in the morning. You haven’t come home, and you haven’t answered the phone. You worried me to death.”

When Chu Tian was anxious, her voice choked up, “I didn’t even dare to tell our parents, I’m afraid… I’m afraid you will…”

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