RCFS Ch. 106: Little Princess is Online!!! 5

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“40 points, clear the first level, enter the second level!”

The voices of the two machines sounded almost at the same time. The second level was more difficult than the first level, because the basket in the second level started to move left and right, which would increase the error rate.

Seeing that his ball didn’t go in again, Brother Xiaoqing clicked his tongue and looked at Ye Yunxi.

The girl stood there calmly and indifferently, holding a burden in one hand, she still shot steadily with an extremely beautiful posture.


Enter again!

So far, the error rate was zero!

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth.

Shooting with her?

The sniper rifle was so far away, but she could still kill a person with one shot at high speed, and the speed of such a big basket was so slow, why would she really care.




The sound of constant hits stimulated Brother Xiaoqing’s nerves.

This wasn’t right, he couldn’t beat a girl in a fight, and now he had to lose even his best shooting machine?

Did he want to be like this?

Brother Xiaoqing was in a hurry and accelerated the speed in his hand, but as soon the speed became faster, the hit rate became lower.

“150 points! Clear the second level and enter the third level!”

Seeing Ye Yunxi entering the third level, while he was still struggling in the second level, Xiaoqing’s face turned green.

No, no, he had to go on!

“Hey, that girl is amazing!”

“Yeah, she can even compare with Brother Xiaoqing with a child in her hands!”

“If she can use both hands, I don’t know how amazing it would be!”

“This is the third level? How many of us can play the third level here?”

“Not many, the third level is already very difficult.”

This time, people’s eyes fell on Ye Yunxi on the machine.

The petite sister was very calm, with no superfluous expressions on her face, and her shooting movements were also precise and capable, such that the people watching also felt refreshed.

“250 points! Clear the third level and enter the fourth level!”

“Fuck, the fourth level!”

People exclaimed.

“The fourth level is the most difficult level, isn’t it?”

“Well, the fourth level is also called the unlimited level. There is no score limit, but only 30 seconds timer to play!”

“10, 9, 8, 7…”




“3, 2, 1!”


The whole place exploded!

“My God she is amazing! 470 is the highest score we have here, right?”

“God, this girl can throw 470 with a child in her arms!”

“This invincible hand speed and hit rate!”

“Haha, God Ah, sister, you have opened my eyes today!”

“It’s amazing!”

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

[Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!]

+10+10 kept ringing, Ye Yunxi hooked the corners of her mouth, put down Di Weiqian, and walked to the stunned brother Xiaoqing.

“Hey, are you stuck at the third level?”

Brother Xiaoqing raised his head in disbelief: “This, this is unscientific!!”


Ye Yunxi smiled brightly: “It doesn’t matter if it is unscientific or not, you lost. I remember you said, if you lose, I can say whatever I want!”

Even though she was laughing, Brother Xiaoqing felt an icy cold sensation inexplicably.

This, this girl didn’t want his life, right?

“What, what do you want me to do?”

Brother Xiaoqing shivered subconsciously.

Ye Yunxi smiled and turned to ask Di Weiqian: “Your Highness Princess, do you want to eat ice cream?”


Di Weiqian’s eyes now only saw Ye Yunxi.

This sister called her Royal Highness!

Sister, you are my knight!

“That’s ok, let’s have a vanilla/strawberry double swirl ice cream first.”

Brother Xiaoqing: …

That’s all!

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