RCFS Ch. 107: Are you Ye Yunxi?

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A stick of ice cream? It was that simple?

Brother Xiaoqing thought it’s incredible?

“It’s not over yet.”

Ye Yunxi smiled lazily: “Today you’ll pay for a few of our expenses, please.”

Brother Xiaoqing spat and nodded gloomily, “Okay!”

“Also, remember to shout “Sister” when you see me in the future.”

Brother Xiaoqing and his party:

“No, right? Boss, she’s younger than us, so why will we call her sister in the future?!”

“Yes, boss, this is more embarrassing than losing a fight!”

“That’s right, boss, lose power and humiliate the country!!”

The brothers were not happy with calling a girl, who younger than them ‘sister’, it would be too embarrassing!

“If you don’t agree, then have a fight. How about who has the bigger fist, that person is the boss?”

Ye Yunxi raised her fist. It’s okay to disagree, keep your opinion and speak with strength.

The crooked people went instantly quiet.


A person who could kick Brother Xiaoqing away with a single kick, who would have the courage to fight her?

Brother Xiaoqing was also very depressed, but fights or something, forget it!

He could only bow his head in a humiliating manner, and respectfully say: “Big sister head!”

This was also a sister, isn’t it?

When a group of people saw this, they also bowed their heads: “Eldest sister head!”

Ye Yunxi hooted, they were quite good at barking!

“Good, go buy a drink for my sister!”

After speaking, the eldest sister turned around and went to get the reward.

There was a reward for winning at the basketball machine, that was, a basket full of game coins, plus ten tries at the claw machine, Ye Yunxi distributed the things to her few friends, and even Sun Chao and Fang You looked at her in astonishment.

A goddess was a goddess, born omnipotent!



System: Hehe…

The game coins were stuffed to Di Weiqian, Ye Yunxi took the tries at the claw machine and pointed to the dolls inside of the machine.

Ye Yunxi: “Which one do you like?”

Di Weiqian looked at it seriously for a long time, chose a little princess doll, and nodded earnestly.

Ye Yunxi smiled and glanced at the machine.

This thing had a high failure rate. If you want to grab it at once, you have to choose it well.

The corners were not easy to clip, and the overlapping angles were not easy to catch at. Choose and choose, choose the doll that stood closest to the mouth, and Ye Yunxi immediately started to operate.

Adjust the distance, drop the claws!


The doll was on the side of the mouth, and it fell out with a light touch, Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth, and put the doll in Di Weiqian’s hand: “This is for you, I have to go home early, don’t let your family worry!”

Di Weiqian looked at the doll and ice cream, then looked at Ye Yunxi, with eyes full of stars, and asked, “Sister, what’s your name?”

“Me? Ye Yunxi.”

Ye, Ye Yunxi!

“But didn’t they call you Yunxi?!”

Di Weiqian said in shock.

“Yeah, Ye is my surname, everyone calls me by the first name, what’s wrong?”

A certain image in Di Weiqian’s head was cracked, collapsed, and scattered all over the place.

There was a big mistake ah…ah…ah…ah…!

The ice cream smashed to the ground, and the game coins were scattered all over the place. Di Weiqian only hugged the doll and fled.


This sister turned out to be Ye Yunxi! !

“Hey, little sister!”

Ye Yunxi hurried out, but there were too many people in the video game city, and the little shadow disappeared in a flash.

Hey, could she go home safely?

Ye Yunxi was a little worried.

Because she was used to being a soldier, she subconsciously protected others. After a few rounds of searching, Ye Yunxi could only give up.

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