RCFS Ch. 108: Summer Movie 1

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After rushing home in one breath, Di Weiqian didn’t even look at the person on the sofa, and hurried up the stairs.

“Little princess, are you back?”

Grandpa Di stuck his head out from the sofa: “Have you seen that Ye Yunxi?”

Di Weiqian paused for a while, then turned her head sharply: “Grandpa, you are a big liar!”

Di Wei: “…”

What, what’s the situation?

“Don’t be rude to the elders.”

Di Junxie walked out from the second floor, his knuckled fingers supported the handrail, and his eyebrows and eyes were unparalleled.


As soon as she saw Di Junxie, Di Weiqian couldn’t help tearing up, Di Junxie frowned, his fingers raised the little girl’s pear flower and rainy face, and his eyes darkened slightly.

“Who wants to die that has bullied you?”

Di Weiqian pouted, avoiding her brother’s hand, she swore and clenched her fists: “I won’t marry my brother when I grow up, I have found someone more handsome and powerful! I want to marry her!”

After that, the little girl rushed into her room and slammed the door.

The emperor’s evil eyes became darker, and his eyes swept coldly towards the confused old man in the living room.

“What did you fool her about again?”

Di Wei was startled, raised the newspaper in embarrassment, and covered his face.

“How, how do I know?”

“If Weiqian provokes some indiscriminate people, grandfather, have you thought about the consequences?”

“No, no, hehe…”

After speaking, he shrank his head back into the paper, but his heart was in a mess. No, it was not what he thought, was it?

Should be… no…

Seeing the old man’s guilty conscience, Di Junxie knew that it must be his grandfather’s business, so he frowned slightly and walked down.

“I will be on the set during the summer vacation, and you can go there to find me if you have something for me to do.”


The old man put down the newspaper suddenly and asked: “Are you really going to film?”

“The director is my father-in-law.”

“You insist?”

“That’s my fiancé.”

Resisting the feeling of smashing the cup, Di Wei snorted coldly.

He knew that it was useless to say anything. He had known that he couldn’t push people so tightly.

Ye Yunxi was a very interesting little girl, but…

“Your name is not allowed to appear on the cast.”

“I’m not going there to be famous.”

Di Junxie said lightly.

He was going for Ye Yunxi.

“Get out, get out, I’m annoyed when I see you!”

Di Junxie hooked the corners of his mouth, got up and left.

“Yunxi, why hasn’t your male lead arrived yet?”

The shooting was about to start, and people hadn’t been here yet, so the makeup photos hadn’t even been done yet!

Ye Junpo was a little anxious.

“Wait for me to ask.”

A phone call came over, but it seemed like he had been waiting for her call. It rang and connected in seconds, and Di Junxie’s lazy and magnetic voice crawled against the phone line and the small half of Ye Yunxi’s body went numb.

“Missing me?”


I’ll sure miss you, you big bastard!

“Well, I think you turned out to be a rascal who can’t be counted on!”

There was a chuckle on the other end of the phone, Di Junxie was obviously in a good mood: “I knew you missed me.”

Could he be anymore thick skinned?

[Ding! Peach value +10!]

Ye Yunxi: …

System! Mute!

“Where are you? Come soon! You’re the only one left!”

Di Junxie narrowed his eyes, looking at the petite figure outside the car window, as her gorgeous face explode with blue veins.

“You said that I don’t even have a salary, so I don’t have the energy to film, otherwise, what would you give me as a reward?”

Ye Yunxi, hehe, after a little bit of work, this person was here for benefits.

Okay, a reward for you!

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