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Si Huang, who had just brought down the last boy, turned to look and saw Si Hua running in the direction of the car. She squinted, picked up a stone on the ground, carefully compared the position, and then threw it hard at Si Hua’s back.

Si Huang didn’t smash his head on purpose, for fear that the distance and force would kill him. She aimed at Si Hua’s leg and hit the target a short distance away, causing Si Hua to fall and roll on the ground twice.

“Si Huang, talk to me if you have something to say!” Si Hua, who was struggling to stand up, saw a pair of shoes come in his sight, his heart stopped for a while, and he hurriedly shouted.

Si Huang squatted down and stared at his frightened face for a while, “Afraid?”

Si Hua countered him and said, “Who is afraid!”

Si Huang grinned and grabbed his hair.

“Hey! Let it go! Si Huang, are you not afraid that I will tell our parents? Don’t forget where the injury on your back came from!” Si Hua felt that his scalp was about to be ripped off, then he was made to stand up with Si Huang’s strength. The posture of walking half bent was very awkward.

Si Huang didn’t answer his words, he walked to the seaside villa, and glanced at the four girls who were still standing there and the boys who had fainted on the ground, “Move in all those who fainted, you can run away, but think about the consequences.”

Watching Si Huang leave, the other three of the four girls looked at the tall slender girl, and the tall girl shouted, “Why are you looking at me, didn’t you hear him? Move!”


Including the tall slender girl, there were four girls in total, two of them moved one, and the remaining five boys waited for the numbness to subside and dragged their uncomfortable body to the villa in fear.

Snacks and clothes were piled up on the coffee table and sofa in the villa’s lobby, which had obviously been rumpled by these gangsters.

Si Huang picked up a pair of women’s stockings on the single sofa, tied Si Hua’s hands behind his back with a knot, then threw him on the ground, and sat on the single sofa by himself.

At this time, the four women also moved in while holding the two boys. Seeing the scene inside, the four of them were a little embarrassed. A girl with a round face gently picked up the snacks and clothes on the couch, throwing the trash in the trash can and the clothes in the bathroom.

The other three girls, including the tall slender girl, saw it, and they started to work together with the round-faced girl as if they had come to their senses.

After a while, the living room became refreshing and easy to see. The tall slender woman took the lead and sat on the couch. The three women also sat side by side, their sitting postures and expressions looking very well-behaved.

They were only sixteen or seventeen years old, and they were at least average in appearance, and it looked very painful for them to pretend to be good.

“That… Young Master Si, in fact, this matter has nothing to do with us, it was all done by Si Hua!” The tall slender woman mustered up her courage to speak.

Si Huang looked at her, “Miss Huo, I think you must have reached an agreement with Si Hua.”

Embarrassment flashed across Huo Yuzhi’s face, “Yes! Si Hua promised to give you to us.”

Bi Xiaotuo bumped into her, “Sister Zhi!” She glanced at Si Huang in panic again.

Huo Yuzhi ignored her and looked at Si Huang with her neck raised, looking calm, but her red neck actually revealed her nervousness, “I’m not going to lie to you, that’s what you think! In fact, the four of us sisters like you very much. That’s why we came here in a moment of excitement and confusion!”

“You think that if you admit your mistakes now, I will see you as girls, no wonder?” Si Huang said lightly, looking towards them.

Huo Yuzhi’s face also turned red. Not only was she embarrassed by the central matter, but also being stared at by the owner of this cool and handsome perfect face, her heartbeat was uncontrollable, and so blood had rushed to her face. It was true that she really liked Si Huang. She was shocked when she saw Si Huang’s videos and photos in the campus forum. Later, she followed Si Huang’s Weibo and wanted to see her in person with her own eyes every day.

This was also the reason why when she heard that Si Hua had an appointment with Si Huang, she immediately agreed to come after learning of his plan.

The four of them had never stopped talking about Si Huang since they came here. The moment Si Huang got out of the car, they were so excited that they whispered that he was even more perfect than the video, especially in today’s clothes. He was so handsome when he dressed up and when he dealt with Si Hua’s eight people!

“We… we didn’t really want to do anything to you, Your Majesty! We just wanted to meet you!” Bi Xiaotuo raised her hands as if to swear.

Si Huang raised the corner of her mouth, and kicked Si Hua casually on the ground, “What if it was me who was tied here today?”

Bi Xiaotuo looked at Si Hua who was tied up, moved her lips, and found that there was no way to deceive others at all.

In Huaxing Art School, Huo Yuzhi and the others were the best among the female students. The family conditions of the four girls were all good. They could play well with Si Hua. They usually bullied other girls and did ridiculous and rebellious things. Seeing how well-behaved they were now, Si Huang knew that once he was really controlled by Si Hua and the others today, and appeared in front of them as a loser, maybe they would really dare to do something.

Of course, if this kind of thing happened, they wouldn’t be able to do anything they wanted, but her true identity would surely be exposed.

“Your Majesty, tell me! How can you forgive and let us go!” Huo Yuzhi took off her shoes and climbed onto the sofa, kneeling facing Si Huang, while blushing and staring at Si Huang with a thick neck, a look of ‘what do you want?’.

The three girls including Bi Xiaotuo followed suit and climbed onto the sofa, kneeling neatly and facing Si Huang.

The five boys who came in later were horrified when they saw this scene, especially when Si Huang heard the movement and looked at them. Among them, the boy who was knocked down by Si Huang with an electric baton slumped to his knees on the ground. He shouted in horror, “Young Master Si, I listened to them all. You beat them up too. There’s no need to do anything more!”

In terms of family background, this person who shouted was the lowest, born in an ordinary family, they were the dog-legs around Si Hua and only dared to be arrogant in front of other ordinary people. The family background of the other few people was also not very good. It was no wonder that Si Hua brought this group of people here. A person with family background might not be able to do this with Si Hua and would also be difficult to control. Moreover, because of Si Hua’s background and power, this group of people, wouldn’t even dare to spread the word.

Si Huang chuckled lightly, “Since you’re kneeling, let all of them kneel.”

The other four boys had different expressions.

“Didn’t you hear His Majesty tell you to kneel!?” Huo Yuzhi shouted sharply.

“Why? I won’t kneel, does he really dare to kill me? He will go to jail for murder! He is a big star now, and when today’s events will be spread out, let’s see what he does!” The boy who spoke was staring at Huo Yizhi while staring, but everyone could understand that it was deliberately told to Si Huang to threaten her.

Several boys’ faces moved intentionally, but the next second they saw Si Huang stand up and walk towards this side, punching the talking boy in the face.

The punch was so solid that the boy’s entire body was thrown to one side.

His head was stunned, and then he roared: “If you have the ability, don’t use an electric baton! Have a real fight with Lao Tzu!” Take the electric baton, the meaning could not be more obvious.

The boy’s eyes were bloodshot, and he clenched his fists to fight back at Si Huang.

Si Huang easily dodged sideways, stretched her legs and tripped the boy whose legs were unstable, and then kicked him with one leg.


He didn’t know if the floor was too slippery or if Si Huang was too strong, but this kick kicked the person out nearly two meters until he hit the back of the sofa.

Si Huang knelt down on one knee and smashed his fist directly into the boy’s face.

The four girls who were originally kneeling on the sofa were now all sprawled on the sofa, their bodies trembling as the boy was beaten until the sofa started to shake, and their eyes stared down with wide and shining eyes.

These young people had fought a lot. Huo Yuzhi and the others had also fought, and the boys had fought with each other more than once or twice in front of them, so they were not afraid of this kind of hand-to-hand combat, and their focus was completely off-topic.

“Sister Zhi, Your Majesty is good… so handsome!” Bi Xiaotuo thought her voice was very low, and her cheeks flushed with excitement.

Huo Yuzhi didn’t blink, “Then why don’t you say it? How could this group of soft-footed shrimps be Your Majesty’s opponents!” She said this while watching the sweat on Si Huang’s forehead slowly slide down the lines of his face.

“Your Majesty really deserves to be Your Majesty!” The last girl slapped the sofa and shouted loudly, “We are really going to die! How can we help outsiders to cheat His Majesty? Lucky!”

“Fuck—! You crazy women! Save people!” Some of the boys shouted in disbelief.

Huo Yuzhi rolled up her sleeves, “What do you want? Do you want to come in a group? Oh, you couldn’t win the group battle just now, and you still want to come? Come on! Sisters, do it with them!”

“Just do it! Who is afraid of who! “Bi Xiaotuo was pretty and cute, but her raised eyebrows and staring eyes completely revealed her true personality.

“You are crazy!” the boy yelled angrily.

Huo Yuzhi hummed, “It’s not the first day you got to know that this mother is crazy.”

“Si Hua is on the phone!” Bi Xiaotuo saw Si Hua’s small movements sharply.

Si Hua, who heard her report, suddenly raised his head and stared at her fiercely.

Bi Xiaotuo was taken aback, but jumped off the sofa, ran over and grabbed the phone that Si Hua had finally rubbed out of his trouser pocket, then she ran away, avoiding Si Hua’s kick, “Bi Xiaotuo! You are courting death!”

“I’m not afraid of you!” Bi Xiaotuo slammed his mobile phone on the ground, like a proud peacock, “You are a loser! Your Majesty’s defeated general, coward!”

Si Hua gritted his teeth, his eyes seemed to want to finish Xiaotuo and bite each piece of meat off her body. Damn, why didn’t he find out that these bastards were so unreliable before, they all had second-class brains!

At this moment, Si Huang let go of the boy on the ground, shook her hands and stood up.

The remaining four boys couldn’t bear to look at the boy who had a blue nose, swollen face, nosebleed, and had lost a few teeth. When Si Huang looked at them, the four of them became very obedient, one by one touching the ground with both knees.

“Besides hitting me, did Si Hua have other means.” Si Huang asked.

The four looked at each other, but no one spoke.

“Your Majesty!” Huo Yuzhi raised her hand, and after getting Si Huang’s attention, she immediately laughed: “I know, I heard them talk about taking pictures after giving you that medicine!”

“Should I find it?” Si Huang asked the four boys again, “You should understand the difference between the two.”

“The medicine is on… Li Qun.” One of the boys said.

Bi Xiaotuo ran to the unconscious Li Qun like a rabbit, searched him, and found a small glass in his pocket not long after.

“Your Majesty!” She handed it to Si Huang as if offering a treasure.

The gray-blue powder in the small glass bottle surprised Si Huang for a moment, he hadn’t expected Si Hua to actually get BI4. Thinking that she used this to cheat Si Zhihan before, and now he would have the same retribution against Si Hua. Si Huang picked up the glass bottle the size of his little finger and smiled lightly.

Although the amount in the bottle would not sterilize Si Hua, adding some other ingredients could increase the chance of addiction.

Si Huang didn’t know how confusing her meaningful chuckle was, but the eyes of Huo Yuzhi and the other girls gleamed.

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Ershui: Your Majesty, you are fully armed again today.

Your Majesty: Insects.

Er Shui: Actually, what I want to say is, please give me a picture of you today! lick lick lick ~

Your Majesty: No.

Er Shui (calling): Hello? Is it the Beast Brahma? Yes, I’m your mother, and I’m telling you that today, Your Majesty, is wearing leather pants and leggings at night, and has dressed up very badly…Pop! (The phone is shot flying)

Your Majesty: If you don’t want to hold a funeral, we will continue tomorrow.

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