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Si Huang found red wine in the house, poured it in a glass, and then poured the powder from the small glass bottle into the wine glass.

She held the goblet with her fingers and shook it lightly. The slender, gloved fingers and the crystal stem of the cup, as well as the thick and beautiful red liquid in the cup set off each other, making her seem as elegant as an ancient nobleman.

“Come here, hold down his body, and feed him the wine.” Si Huang instructed the four boys who were still in good health, “Do what you want to deal with me at the beginning, if you don’t do it, just use the hardware of your body to pay the debt.” She handed out the goblet in her hand.

The four boys hesitated for a second. Seeing that Si Huang’s expression had changed, the four dared not think about anything else. They stood up and surrounded Si Hua. The boy who spoke earlier took the wine glass.    

“You dare!” Si Hua glared at them in horror and anger, “You fucking bastards, you dare to touch me today, and tomorrow I will kill your whole family!”

The boy gritted his teeth and said, “Young Master Si, you really can’t blame us for this. You have seen it. If we don’t do it, the end will not be much better. If you want to blame…you should blame…” He looked at Si Huang vaguely. Glancing at him, he winked at the other three boys.

The three boys immediately put their hands on Si Hua’s body, and one said: “Si Hua, Zhong Yan is right, we are also victims! You have said this medicine, it won’t kill people, otherwise we wouldn’t dare do this to you, it will make it even more fun, right? You must not miss out!”    

In fact, they were not afraid that Si Hua would really kill them. He certainly dared not. Second, everyone was watching this today. If one of them really had an accident, they would think of Si Hua, and police would be informed. No matter how big Si Hua’s background was, murder would still cause him to be imprisoned.    

“Mmmm!” Si Hua struggled desperately.    

This medicine couldn’t kill people, but he knew that it might be addictive, and he didn’t want Si Huang to succeed.

His hands were tied, and the four boys suppressed him at the same time. Not long after, most of the glass of red wine with the drug was poured into his mouth.

“Si Huang…I’m at odds with you!”

Si Huang ignored Si Hua’s roar, and asked Zhong Yan and the four other boys who were standing in the row again, “Is the camera equipment ready?”

“It’s all in the upstairs room.” Zhong Yan glanced at her and lowered his head.

Si Huang said, “Take him up.” Then he looked at Huo Yuzhi and the others, “You guys are going up too.”

Huo Yuzhi laughed dryly, “Why are we going up?”

“No matter what you do, just take a photo to get the effect.”

“Your Majesty… …our heart is with you!”

Si Huang looked at them with a smile, “Have you ever played with a man?” Her gorgeous voice spoke in a gentle tone, making the four girls blush suddenly. Crazy, all of them were young and had really played with men. It was just that Si Huang looked at them like this and said it. They didn’t know why, but they felt embarrassed, a little ashamed and a little excited.

Huo Yuzhi saw that there was no smile in Si Huang’s eyes, “If we do this, you will forgive us?”

Si Huang sat back on the single sofa, “Your affairs will be written off.”

Huo Yuzhi laughed: “Your Majesty, wait for our good news!”


There were only Si Huang, two boys including Li Qun who was unconscious, and the guy who was beaten up, in the living room.

Si Huang took off the blood-stained gloves, took out her mobile phone, swiped Weibo, and sent some private messages.

Si Huang V: I just had a fight.

Indus V, waiting for you to perch: Who troubled you? Did you win? Are you injured?

Si Huang V: I won the battle, and I was not injured [dynamic big expression squeaks]

Indus V, waiting for you to perch: It’s great! [Excited Kaomoji]

Si Huang pursed her lips and smiled, a ray of brilliance flashed in her eyes, and her fingers quickly pressed down a word.

Si Huang V: Since you say I’m awesome, what congratulations do you give me?

There was no reply for a few minutes this time.

Si Huang also waited calmly, but the caller ID suddenly lighting up on the phone made her smile fade.


“How is your time with Si Hua?”

“Oh, it’s pretty good.”

“Why can’t I get through to Si Hua’s phone?”

Si Huang glanced at the corpse on the ground that belonged to Si Hua’s phone, “He and I’m having so much fun, I don’t know where he lost his phone.”

“…So, tell Si Hua to pick up the phone.”

“Okay, wait a minute.”

Si Huang who hung up the phone didn’t get up to call Si Hua at all.

“Ding dong”, her private message from her Weibo was replied.

Indus V waiting for you to perch: What do you want? I’m in a remote place, and I don’t have anything to eat.

Si Huang V: You can send it.


The military area was important.

Qin Fan stared at the reply he had just got on his phone, savoring the five-character sentence, his eyebrows softened unconsciously.

He thought about it, this was the first time he would be giving a gift to a child, and the younger brother himself won a fight and asked for the gift!

Boys of this age were the most active, and they wanted to gain the approval of their elders after fighting and winning… This souvenir couldn’t be casual!

Qin Fan replied with a ‘papapa’ typing.

Indus V, waiting for you to perch: Do you use more fists or kicks in fights today?

Si Huang V: Fist [fist] [fist]

Indus waiting for you to perch V: Okay, wait for my congratulations. [Touching his head]

Putting away the phone, Qin Fan who wore a military green vest, showing enviable biceps, went out to the arsenal.

“Chief, why are you here so late?” Li Jianfeng, was surprised. In fact, he wanted to say, what does it mean to call someone over at night?

Qin Fan: “Do you still have the material for the CK body armor?”


“Make a pair of gloves.” After a while, Qin Fan’s mind came to the appearance of Si Huang, frowned, and added: “Make it more beautiful.”

Li Jianfeng’s expression froze, he stared at Qin Fan’s big palm, and hesitantly asked, “What is the way to be beautiful?”!

“It’s not for me.” Qin Fan glanced at the workshop, walked to a table, picked up a pen and drew a pair of hands on the drawing on the table.

If Si Huang was here, she would be surprised that Qin Fan drew her hand to the exact size.

Qin Fan put down his pen and said, “According to this size, for a boy, sixteen or seventeen years old, you can do whatever young people like.”

“Boy, this hand is really delicate, is it a piano student?” Li Jianfeng looked at it. After taking a few glances, “Young people also have different preferences. Do you think it is better to be cool and handsome, or elegant?” He stared at Qin Fan as he rolled his eyes. He had never seen the chief care so much about anyone before. He actually wanted to get gloves made with CK materials, and even wanted them made beautiful! For this gossip, it was not a loss to work hard!

Qin Fan said, “It’s to be used for fighting and self-defense.”

Li Jianfeng: “…” I should have known that none of the boys who were related to the Qin family were safe. “That’s cool. Boys in the 16th or 17th year like this.” He picked up the drawing and looked at it again, “It’s a pity to use this hand for a fight. The last time I went home, my daughter was still shouting which violin player had the best hands at the concert.” Speaking of his daughter, there was a loving smile on his scumbag-like face.

Qin Fan was said to be a little attentive, thinking about Si Huang all over his mind, he frowned: “What’s the use of a man who is so beautiful.”

“You’re out of date, chief! Women really don’t like rough men now. They like the clean and beautiful ones, and it’s better if they know musical instruments!” Li Jianfeng said, turning to look at Qin Fan’s face and body, his eyes became more and more subtle, and he said in a wretched tone, “Actually, Chief, you are like this, if you could restrain your aura, there are many women who will support you and serve you like an emperor!”

Qin Fan thought of something, his eyes swept black like a saw knife, “Stop talking nonsense, I’ll pick up the goods within the next three days.”

Li Jianfeng kept staring at him until his body froze for a while, but he didn’t dare to refute Qin Fan’s short deadline. After the people left, he slapped himself: “It’s not good to make fun of anyone, but you dare to make fun of this monster! Find yourself guilty!”


After ten o’clock.

Huo Yuzhi and a group of people walked downstairs.    

Huo Yuzhi handed over a stack of newly developed photos to Si Huang, and said loudly, “Your Majesty, we didn’t really do it, what do you think about the effect?”

Under the circumstances, how could they really do that kind of thing with other boys.

Huo Yuzhi’s mind was spinning fast, and she knew what Si Huang’s real purpose was, so she had taken photos that satisfied Si Huang without doing that.

Si Huang looked at the ‘wonderful content’ in the photos one by one.

In the photo, Si Hua’s body and face were exposed, with a drunken expression on his face. Some were of him lying on the bed with a girl, and some were with several girls, but the consistent thing was that the girls’ faces was never visible. In the end there was something even more explosive…even men joined in.

Although Si Huang knew that it wasn’t really done, but just looking at the effect of the photos, it was really horrific.

“Aren’t you afraid of being retaliated against by Si Hua after the incident?” Si Huang put away the photos that worked better than he expected.

The four boys all had concerned looks on their faces, but Bi Xiaotuo shouted with a serious face: “For Your Majesty, I have nothing to fear even if I go up the mountain of swords and the sea of fire… Ow!” Huo Yuzhi slapped her head hard.

Huo Yuzhi ignored Bi Xiaotuo’s resentful eyes and said to Si Huang: “Our family is not as good as Fenghua, but we are not afraid of a Si Hua when we join forces. Besides, this is his fault in the first place. If he really dares to take revenge on us, it’s no big deal, this mother is not afraid of him! As long as he is still a student like us, and he has not yet taken the important position of Fenghua, there is nothing to be afraid of.”

Si Huang did not give Huo Yuzhi any promise like ‘Fenghua must be mine in the future, you don’t have to be afraid’. She just picked up the gloves she took off earlier and went out.

“Eh? Your Majesty! You’re going, what should we do?” Huo Yuzhi shouted.

“Whatever you want.” Si Huang’s figure disappeared outside the gate of the villa.

The four men and four women in the living room peeped at each other, what do you mean by whatever? They didn’t even know how to do it!

A phone ringing broke the silence.

Zhong Yan took out his phone and looked at it, and his face turned pale, “It’s Si Hua’s father, what should I say?”

After three seconds of silence, Huo Yuzhi said with a sullen face, “What do you say! What do you say, we are on His Majesty’s side anyway. You’d better think clearly, don’t live in the past, according to the current state of His Majesty and Si Hua, who do you think Fenghua Entertainment will end up with in the future? It’s better to think clearly and speak clearly!”

Zhong Yan wanted to cry but had no tears. What he said in the previous sentence ‘whatever you want’, followed by a long threat that everyone could understand, could he still talk casually?!

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