FPH Ch. 4

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The two were hugging each other intimately, and Gu Nian was tightly guarded by Chu Zhaoyang, only barely showing half of her face.

At this time, Chu Zhaoyang was so close to her that the policeman felt that he would kiss her anytime.

Gu Nian woke up and quickly pushed him. Chu Zhaoyang coughed dryly and sat upright again.

Gu Nian glanced at the policeman embarrassedly, the policeman laughed dryly, turned back and continued driving.

After only two or three minutes, the car stopped in front of the police station, Gu Nian and Chu Zhaoyang got out of the car, and the police came to bring the thief in.

Gu Nian and Chu Zhaoyang made a statement and signed it.

Gu Nian couldn’t help but squint secretly, then she caught a glimpse of three strong words signed on the statement: Chu Zhaoyang.

It turned out that his name was Chu Zhaoyang.

His writing felt just like him, restrained and strong.

Then, Gu Nian also signed her name on the record.

Chu Zhaoyang straightened his tie with a long finger, and his face was completely unchanged.

He just thought of two words in his heart, Gu Nian.

Gu Nian, Gu Nian, Gu Nian.

The policeman who had brought them there had already made himself familiar and had asked them to call him Xiaoxiao, as he said with a smile, “Thank you two very much for today. I’ll take you back.”

The police station was very close to the Chutian Group, and it was only a ten-minute drive away. There were also contact information and work addresses provided by the two people on the statement. He had learned that Gu Nian was working at the police station in the next area, and both of them were working very close.

Gu Nian was about to be late, so she did not refuse. Chu Zhaoyang glanced at Gu Nian and nodded silently.

Xiaoxiao sent Gu Nian to the police station. Before getting out of the car, Gu Nian said goodbye to Xiaoxiao, and then looked at Chu Zhaoyang.

Under Chu Zhaoyang’s gaze, she raised a bright smile: “Nice to meet you. Your skills are great. Also, in the car just now, thank you. I’m leaving, bye.”

Chu Zhaoyang gently moved the corner of his mouth, but it was not obvious, and nodded to Gu Nian again. After getting off the car, Gu Nian trotted all the way into the police station. The ponytail flicked behind her head, glowing brightly with sunlight, looking inexplicably dazzling.

Chu Zhaoyang was reluctant to withdraw his gaze until he could not see her. When he lowered his head, the smile on his lips widened. He took out his mobile phone, opened the address book, created a new contact, entered Gu Nian’s name, and then skilfully entered a string of numbers.

When Gu Nian was filling in the contact information just now, he watched it and noted it down.

When Xiaoxiao saw Chu Zhaoyang through the rear view mirror, he asked casually, “Mr. Chu, do you work in Chutian?”

“En.” Chu Zhaoyang didn’t lift his head.

Xiaoxiao was not a talkative person, but he was most afraid of being in the cold, so he still persevered in the face of Chu Zhaoyang’s indifference: “That’s very powerful, I know that Chutian is very difficult to enter, and my neighbour’s son in our courtyard passed the test to enter Chutian, their family is happy every day.”

“It’s okay.” Chu Zhaoyang stared at Gu Nian’s name in the address book, thinking that if he took the initiative to call her, would she fly with joy?

Xiaoxiao continued his efforts: “Then what did you do in Chutian?”

Chu Zhaoyang still stared at Gu Nian’s name, and said casually, “President.”

Xiaoxiao: “…Haha, you are really joking.”

Chu Zhaoyang finally raised his head, staring at the back of Xiaoxiao’s head, causing Xiaoxiao to feel his burning gaze without turning back.

Then, he heard Chu Zhaoyang’s emotionless voice: “No kidding.”

Xiaoxiao: “…”

He was accidentally carrying a local tyrant, so nervous!

Gu Nian entered the office of the police station and heard a colleague discussing a popular little fresh meat in this magazine: “This Lin Youyuan is really handsome, Gu Nian, don’t you think?”

Gu Nian glanced at it and felt that the fresh meat was fresh, but he still lost a bit to the charm of a mature man.

Suddenly, Chu Zhaoyang’s face full of abstinence appeared in her mind..

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