FPH Ch. 3

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Gu Nian was a little annoyed, this man, why was he so close to her!

The smell of mint coming from him actually made her legs feel weak.

Seeing that Gu Nian’s stern thin lips seemed to struggle for a while, he said, “Lean against me.”

Anyway, this little girl liked him, so it was not good for the little girl who liked him to lean so close to a strange man. What should he do if she suffers?

Pulling Gu Nian behind him, Chu Zhaoyang got into the car first.

Gu Nian seemed to have guessed what he meant, and sat down beside him embarrassedly, thinking that she had misunderstood him again.

But it was really because this man’s face was always paralyzed, as if he was unhappy all the time, that it was hard not to misunderstand.

Gu Nian felt uncomfortable and wanted to apologize, but she didn’t know how to start, so she secretly looked at Chu Zhaoyang from the corner of her eye.

This was the first time she had calmed down enough to observe, and she could see now that he was wearing a custom-made suit, looking fit and elegant. Because of the sitting position, the trousers were slightly stretched over his legs, and they were not stretched too much, but the outline of his thighs under the trousers could still be seen, slender, powerful and full of masculine tension.

His hands rested on his knees naturally, and his long fingers like jade bamboo were slightly bent, revealing the distinct joints, white and elegant.

A word suddenly popped up in Gu Nian’s mind, abstinent.

A neat suit with an expressionless face, it was as if he had cut off all his emotions and desires, it seemed that nothing could arouse his emotions, and his whole person had a kind of cleanliness which emanated from the bones.

Chu Zhaoyang’s fingertips quietly exerted force, clasping his knees, until his fingertips turned white.

Did she think that he was blind? Even if she liked him, she didn’t have to look at him so bluntly, it was still his place, it’s so unreserved!

Chu Zhaoyang’s lower abdomen tightened slightly, and his sitting became more and more arrogant, which made his pants even tighter, which also highlighted his pride. His black pupil slid to the corner of his eyes, peaking at Gu Nian’s reaction.

This little girl seemed to have seen it.

The corners of Chu Zhaoyang’s mouth were smugly drawn into an imperceptible arc.

Suddenly, the car swerved sharply, Gu Nian was thrown against the car door, Chu Zhaoyang pressed down on Gu Nian again, he quickly supported the door with his hand, and protected Gu Nian in his arms to avoid pressing her again.

Immediately afterwards, the police car braked suddenly, and the two fell forward again. Chu Zhaoyang immediately stretched out his hand to protect Gu Nian’s head.

When the car stopped, Gu Nian opened her eyes in shock, raised her head, and her gaze slammed into Chu Zhaoyang’s eyes.

She was still being protected by Chu Zhaoyang in his arms at this time. The surroundings were full of his body temperature and the refreshing scent of mint, but she felt extremely hot.

Chu Zhaoyang’s face was close at hand, and his breath swept across her face. Gu Nian’s eyes landed on his thin hot and beautiful lips at first glance, but she quickly removed her eyes when she felt too hot, then her eyes bumped into his eyebrows.

His brows were sharp, as sharp as knives.

Chu Zhaoyang’s pursed lips loosened slightly, and he said solemnly, “Are you alright?”

The breath that came out seemed to have the scent of mint, it sprinkled on her face, and her skin turned from white to red.

Gu Nian shook her head before she regained her senses, Chu Zhaoyang lowered his eyes, and his eyes slowly fell on her hands holding his suit.

Gu Nian made a soft “ah” sound and quickly let go. In this way, it was as if he was going to be stronger.

“Are you all right? I’m sorry, but a cat suddenly jumped out just now, so just to avoid it, I had to slam the brakes.” The policeman said apologetically, and was stunned when he turned around.

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