FPH Ch. 2

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The sweet aroma, like the smell of morning dew, spread into his nose from the soft and delicate body in his arms. The soft and fragrant feeling in his arms made him reluctant to let go, his palms clenched on her waist unconsciously, as he felt the softness on his palms through the soft and thin fabric.

Gu Nian panicked, her whole body was surrounded by the male breath with mint fragrance, and she immediately struggled to get out of the embrace.

The softness in his arms kept rubbing, and Chu Zhaoyang, who was being rubbed against, caught fire early in the morning, and the soft strands of her hair inadvertently brushed the tip of his nose and thin hot lips. Chu Zhaoyang’s breath was rough, and his hot palms clasped her waist, pressing her into his arms and securing her.

He lowered his head, brushed his lips over her ears, and his low, smooth and hoarse voice slid into her sensitive ears: “Don’t move.”

Gu Nian’s ears went numb, and her body became red. She panicked even more, so she struggled even more: “You let me go, I still have to… ah!”

Halfway through the sentence, Chu Zhaoyang suddenly pressed her tightly into his arms, and she was hugged and turned around.

Then, a scream was heard.

Before she could react, she was let go.

Before he had time to sort out the slightly messy clothes he held, he saw the thief lying on the ground, holding his wrists tossing and turning, and there was a dagger lying on the ground in the distance.

A crowd of onlookers said, “Miss, you are really lucky. If it weren’t for this young man, you would have been stabbed by this thief.”

Gu Nian only just got to know that Chu Zhaoyang was holding onto her because he wanted to protect her.

At this time, a uniformed police officer also rushed over and handcuffed the thief. Gu Nian returned the clutch to the middle-aged woman who had hurried over later.

The woman bowed and thanked them again and again: “Thank you, thank you so much girl!”

The police officer caught the thief and came over and said to Gu Nian and Chu Zhaoyang, “Thank you two for your help, I have to trouble you two to go back to the police station with me to give a statement.”

“I’m also a police woman, this was my duty.” Gu Nian said.

“It turned out that we are colleagues!” The policeman was surprised and gave a thumbs up, “You run really fast.”

After that, he took the thief to the police car.

Gu Nian looked at the expressionless Chu Zhaoyang, and smiled embarrassedly: “Just now, thank you.”

Chu Zhaoyang nodded slightly with a paralyzed face, and his movements were not obvious. Seeing him leave, Gu Nian didn’t dare to stare after him too much.

Seeing his indifferent look, he didn’t seem to want to talk more, Gu Nian scratched her head, and could only follow up to find the police.

Chu Zhaoyang followed behind her, lowered his eyes slightly, his long and thick eyelashes blocked the light in his eyes, he raised the right hand that had hugged Gu Nian just now, and the soft touch in his palm seemed to still be there.

He leaned his hand over to the tip of his nose and sniffed, as if it might also carry the sweet scent of her body.

He held his right hand, rubbing his thumb lightly on the knuckle of his index finger.

Looking up at Gu Nian, who was walking in front, she walked lightly and flicked her ponytail, which reminded her of the feeling of her hair brushing the tip of his nose and lips just now.

This girl seemed to be very active towards him, she seemed to like him a lot?

Chu Zhaoyang straightened his tie, his back became straighter and straighter, and a little pride appeared at the corner of his mouth.

The thief was placed in the back seat, and Gu Nian was also about to sit in, when her wrists suddenly felt hot as they were restrained forcefully.

She turned around in astonishment, and saw Chu Zhaoyang standing behind her, his firm chest pressed against her arm. The palm of his wrist was so hot that Gu Nian shivered, and she was about to struggle after panicking, but Chu Zhaoyang held her even tighter, such that she couldn’t break free.

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