RCFS Ch. 65: Face Slapping Begins 1

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“I understand how you want to integrate into the upper class as soon as possible, but the etiquette of the upper class is really not easy to learn, girl, it is better to be more reserved!”

The trainer obviously regarded her as a girl who wanted to become a Phoenix by climbing on a high branch, so she felt that both her attitude and her face were ugly. She even subconsciously glanced at Di Junxie and continued: “Since you have exhausted your efforts to climb to this point, can’t you have a few more days of patience?”

Ye Yunxi sighed.

Did this person have a brain problem?

“That’s how you waste the time of the guests?”

“What, who is wasting the time of the guests?”

“I said one night is one night, are you crazy to make money?”


The trainer was very speechless.


The Phoenix girl has such a face, it’s really disgusting!

She deliberately looked at Di Junxie but saw a faint smile on the corner of the man’s mouth, as his dark eyes looked lazily at her. Under his arrogance, he didn’t mean to be angry at all.

“This gentleman…”

The trainer also wanted to persuade Emperor Junxie, etiquette was something that could not be learned even in few months.

However, Di Junxie didn’t want to listen to her nonsense at all.

“You don’t understand what she said?”


The trainer was stunned for a moment. She didn’t expect this person to say that?

“If you don’t understand, change to someone who can understand.”

The indifferent tone, domineering and powerful attitude, and even the coldness between the eyebrows made the trainer’s face hot.

She glared at Ye Yunxi fiercely, but she could only hold back her breath and say, “Then let’s start, there are too many etiquettes, since you want to learn it in one night, then I can only teach it just once.”

She was being kind, it was really disgusting that this Phoenix girl was still being like this!

“It should have started a long time ago.”

Ye Yunxi laughed, her eyes were lazy, as if she didn’t care, and she showed a bit of arrogance, and the trainer looked at her with itchy teeth.

How crazy, she will only teach everything once, let’s see if this Phoenix girl can learn it!

The trainer snorted coldly and taught all the details from the standing posture, to the walking posture, sitting posture, eating, drinking tea, saying hello, and even wearing clothes and jewellery.

When she was done, she looked at Ye Yunxi proudly, and deliberately waited to see her become a joke: “You want me to repeat.”

Ye Yunxi laughed, standing under the spotlight, then in the blink of an eye, her momentum changed.

Was she still a student? With a tall figure and a straight back, the girl looked elegant and generous, not only had she learned everything the trainer had taught, but more importantly, the trainer didn’t know if it was because she was too beautiful or because she was too strong, in short, she looked more dazzling than the trainer.

If one had to describe it, if the trainer’s movements were like beautiful jade, then Ye Yunxi was a jade that had been meticulously carved and polished, that was brilliant and dazzling in an instant!

The trainer was stunned. She had never seen anyone who could exude such a lofty aura. It felt as if they had compared all the splendid salons. Even the man on the sofa looked eclipsed.

However, what shocked her the most was that Ye Yunxi did not make a single mistake from the beginning to the end, and she did a better job than her!!!

[Ding! Awesomeness Exp +10! 】

Was there a mistake?

Was this really just beginner level?

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