KHSW Ch. 335

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“Nuo Nuo, come here.” Meng Xinyan called Xiao Nuo in.

“Grandma, what’s wrong?”

“Grandma is asking you, did your uncle play any game console when you were at home?”

Xiao Nuo shook his head and nodded again.

Meng Xinyan asked as kindly as possible: “Did uncle play or not?”

Xiao Nuo then pouted and pinched his little fingers in confusion.

Meng Zidi winked at Xiao Nuo behind Meng Xinyan’s back and waved, “Xiao Nuo, please don’t betray me! Otherwise, I will never let you play with the game console again.”

“Grandma knows that Nuo Nuo is the most well-behaved and obedient. Tell grandma, than grandma will prepare delicious food for you later.” Then she lightly touched Nuo Nuo’s nose with her index finger.

“But Xiao Nuo promised his uncle not to betray him.”

Hearing these words, Meng Zidi’s heart went cold. This little fool actually betrayed him like this.

If he had known earlier, he would have done his homework today…

Meng Xinyan narrowed her eyes. This brat was secretly playing with the game console again.

“Okay, Nuo Nuo is the best! Go find mom!”

Xiao Nuo nodded and ran out with his short legs.

Meng Xinyan turned around slowly, “Meng, Zidi come here.”

Ling Xi listened to the movement in the bedroom and looked at Xiao Nuo doubtfully, “Xiao Nuo, what did uncle do again?”

“Xiao Nuo doesn’t know. Xiao Nuo only told grandma that he had promised uncle not to betray him.”

“…” Well, her son was indeed very… witty.

“Mom, what’s wrong with Zidi?”

Meng Zimiao asked standing at the door.

Meng Xinyan said angrily: “The college entrance examination is less than half a year away. The review tasks during the winter vacation are so heavy. What do you think he is doing?”

When Ling Xi heard that her mother was really angry, she immediately put down what she was holding and walked over, “Mom, don’t be angry first. Is it worth it to be so angry?”

Xiao Nuo knew that he might have said the wrong thing, so he rushed over cautiously, took Meng Xinyan’s hand and shook it, “Grandma, it’s Xiao Nuo’s fault. It was Xiao Nuo who wanted to play with his uncle. Grandma, can you not blame Uncle?”

Even if Meng Xinyan was angry again, when she saw Xiao Nuo, the anger in her heart dissipated instantly.

“Okay, grandma won’t blame uncle anymore.” Then she glared at Meng Zidi, took Xiao Nuo’s hand and walked out.

Meng Zimiao was slightly startled, this Xiao Nuo…

When Mom got angry before, even she was scared. Unexpectedly, Xiao Nuo said such a sentence, and Mom let Zidi go easily. She looked at Zidi, shook her head, turned around and walked out.

Ling Xi entered Zidi’s room, “Zidi, do you dare to make a bet with sister?”

Meng Zidi looked at Ling Xi, “What kind of bet is this?”

“I know your dream is to be a racing driver.”

Meng Zidi looked at her in surprise. He didn’t tell anyone about this!

“Sister, how did you know?”

Ling Xi smiled mysteriously. In her previous life, Meng Zidi became a professional racing driver!

“You don’t need to worry about how I know. As long as your college entrance examination score is above 600 points, I will convince mother to let you become a professional racing driver.”

Meng Zidi’s eyes lit up, “Sister, are you telling the truth?”

“Well, it’s true, but… if your college entrance examination score is not above 600 points, even if it is just one point short, our agreement will be void. How about it? Do you dare?”

“I dare.”

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