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Yin Zhefei told Yin Xiaomei, “Go upstairs to change clothes, we’ll set off in a while.”

“Okay!” She jumped over and dragged him along to disappear at the entrance of the stairs.

Only the rest were left silent.

The photographer even forgot to keep up with them in order to keep shooting.

“What are you all doing looking at me!” Yu Ziqi saw that everyone’s eyes had turned to her, so she screamed out of control, turned and went upstairs.

Yin Zhefei sent Xiaomei back to her room, while looking at her with a look of joy.

“Are you so happy?”

“Of course, you are too poisonous. She turned pale with anger when you weren’t seeing.” Yin Xiaomei happily picked out thick clothes from her suitcase as she spoke. “Yin Zhefei, you’re so interesting, you know that I’m too concerned about my image to say anything, but it doesn’t matter if you say it since you’re an outsider, you’re so witty!”


“Xiaojin also told me that you two were being linked together in a CP, now you have unilaterally demolished it, I’m very happy!”


“Huh?” She turned around, saw his serious face, and hurriedly sat down, “What’s the matter?”

“What I said downstairs was true.”

Yin Xiaomei opened her big watery eyes, not knowing what he meant.

“I lost, I actually lost from the beginning.” Yin Zhefei sighed and took her into his arms, “I’m in love with you.” He felt the soft little woman in his arms stiffen. But he had to go on, “I wanted to wait for you to find out for yourself, or wait for you to like me too, but I can’t wait anymore.”

Yin Xiaomei raised her head and said dumbly, “Are you ill?”

“I’m really sick. I gave up for a while, because I knew that once I spoke seriously and you rejected me, it would be impossible for us to go back to the way we used to be. But… that day, you kissed me back…. I knew that I couldn’t suppress myself any longer.”

“Is this your prank again…?”

“Xiaomei… I’ve already passed the age of fighting with you, you idiot, I’m serious while telling you these things.”

“Then when we were in the car before, didn’t you just want to tease me?”

“No, I just panicked, I don’t know why I did that kind of thing…”

“I asked if you liked me, and you laughed.”

“I’m sorry, I, I didn’t see my heart clearly at that time.”

Yin Xiaomei’s focus shifted again, and she said happily, “You lost! You just said that you like me!” Although she didn’t know what kind of game this was between the two, she still won.

“That’s right.” He didn’t dare to let her go, and asked nervously, “What about you, do you want to give an account to your defeated general? You kissed me, and you must like me too, don’t you?”

Yin Xiaomei was taken aback, she felt that it was right to kiss him, but it was obvious that she didn’t think about liking him at the time…

“You… you don’t like me?” Yin Zhefei hugged her unconsciously.

“You’re strangling me…” She struggled.

“I’m sorry…” He hurriedly let go of her, but he still didn’t give up and asked: “You don’t not have feelings for me at all, right? Otherwise, you won’t keep my photos, kiss me, and refuse Zhang Xiangyi…”

Yin Xiaomei scratched her head, and her face flushed a little: “Of course I like you a little bit, but most of the time, I think of you as my brother… If we are like this, wouldn’t it be incest?”

Although she said she liked him a bit, Yin Zhefei was relieved in the end, he put his head against Yin Xiaomei’s head and said with a smile: “What incest, we are not related by blood, and are you not always afraid that mother will leave you, if we get married, my mother will always be your mother, and there will be no external force that would be able to separate you.”

Yin Xiaomei’s eyes lit up, obviously extremely moved.

Yin Zhefei couldn’t help but feel frustrated about his charm again. Even when he confessed, he had to pull his mother out as bait to make her tempted…

“I’ll think about it…” Yin Xiaomei’s face showed a moving smile that she didn’t even know about. Immediately, she leaned forward and asked, “Do you think I am the sexiest woman in the world?”

Yin Zhefei smiled and said, “Yes.”

“You can’t hold in at all!”


“Am I better than the women in the short video you watched in high school?”

“Are you sure you want to compare with them?” Yin Zhefei was almost speechless.

“Well, that’s also…” Yin Xiaomei thought about it and said proudly, “I need to think about it for a long time, you go out first, I’m going to change my clothes.”

This damn bastard! He knew she would get carried away!

But when he walked out of the room, Yin Zhefei couldn’t help showing a smile. After all, the two of them needed one of them to take the first step, and he naturally needed to be the one who took the initiative.

It’s okay to let this kid be proud for a while, after that, he would have a lifetime to be proud.

Soon, Yin Xiaomei changed her clothes and came out. She wore a Chanel peacock blue off-the-shoulder sweater and a pair of light blue thin jeans. She looked fresh and cute, not to mention her upturned butt really caught the eye.

Yin Zhefei couldn’t help feeling hot when he thought of the graceful curve he had once touched.

“Let’s go, let’s call Gao Yu to go as well!” She was obviously in a good mood, and even hummed a little song unconsciously.


When the third episode aired, this time “World in Love” won the ratings championship again.

And Yu Ziqi even demanded very stubbornly that all the clips from the morning should be kept, which made Sun Sha feel that she had a problem with her IQ, and she secretly decided to stay away from her.

What’s more, they went to the old city that day, and they almost froze into sculptures in the rain!

In contrast, Yin Xiaomei’s indoor itinerary was indeed reasonable. The Zurich Art Museum was very modern, retaining paintings by many famous artists such as Van Gogh and Monet. The colors of each exhibition area were also different such as raspberry pink, Tiffany blue. Coupled with the elegant paintings, it was much more fun to look at than when they were shopping in the rain.

Sun Sha secretly decided that if she believed in Yu Ziqi again, she would be the number one fool in the world.

And although He Jiayang and Li Peifang didn’t say anything, they obviously felt that they were on the wrong team, and the whole trip was disappointing. The unluckiest one was Li Peifang, who was bitten by a ferocious goose by the lake, and this became the only highlight of their trip!

Yin Xiaomei was stingy, and the museum was free on Wednesdays, which greatly saved her expenses. After the morning’s trip, Gao Yu and Yin Zhefei felt a little unfulfilled, but then Yin Xiaomei took them to the Armory for lunch, and then they took the tram to visit ETH Zurich.

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