PPM Ch. 68: Li Shengxia had Lost!!!

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Gina put on the work called “Red Thread Wraps Your Fingers, Don’t Lose and Don’t Forget”, which immediately cheered everyone on the field.

“Beautiful! It’s so beautiful! This dress is so perfect, and Gina is completely bringing out its beauty—”

“This design is so unique!”

“What’s the name of this work? It sounds so artistic!”

“I don’t know who the designer behind it is.”

“It must be a famous designer.”

Behind the scenes.

Li Shengxia was stunned, the “Red Thread Wraps Your Fingers, Don’t Lose and Don’t Forget”?

Wasn’t that the same design inspiration as her ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’?

How did this happen?

And that dress was exactly the same as her design. The difference was that this work was less childish and more mature than hers.

Because Jian Dan was familiar with the design, she could make the details more gorgeous.

At the same time, Elaine was trying Li Shengxia’s ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’. When she came out of the fitting room, she was stunned, obviously, Elaine was not the only one who discovered this.

“My God! What happened! This dress is almost the same as the ‘Red Thread Wraps Your Fingers, Don’t Lose and Don’t Forget’ on the stage except for the details—”

“Li Shengxia, you shouldn’t be plagiarizing, right?”

“Are you crazy? Dare to copy the works of designer Jian Dan!”

“She is really crazy, let’s take a look at her… It’s too far from the design of Jian Dan’s design! The imitation is also not decent.”

“That’s right, what qualifications does such a person have to participate in the exhibition, does she want to embarrass the Emperor’s inheritance?”

“Does she think that if she changes the details a little, others won’t be able to see it?”

“It’s too much!”

Several people present pointed at Elaine and Li Shengxia.

Elaine didn’t know what was going on, and was immediately flushed…

Li Shengxia walked quickly to Jian Dan and asked her, “What’s going on?”

“I want to ask you what’s going on!”

“You are also a world-class designer anyway, why would you steal other people’s designs!”

You’re so ridiculous, a mere little girl, who dares to say that me, a dignified world-class designer steals your designs? What do you think? Does anyone believe you when you say it out? I already told you to give up the competition, but it’s not good for you to do such a thing. You must know that if a person has a history of plagiarism, she can’t survive in the design world!”

Li Shengxia didn’t expect Jian Dan to be such a person! She originally admired her as a first-class designer, but now she just found her ridiculous!

“You also know that it is not easy to get along in the design world, if you have a criminal record. Why did you do this?”

“It’s all thanks to you for reminding me.”

——If your design does not have the word Jian Dan, then not many people would buy it?

Li Shengxia’s body was shaken heavily. Her design drawings had been well protected, and almost no one had seen them, not even Gina had had time to see them. How could Jian Dan see them? Was it just a coincidence? Did she just come up with this idea? No, she didn’t believe it would be so coincidental! Jan Dan did it on purpose!

She obviously had great design ability, but she deliberately misappropriated her own design, in order to make her be smeared for thousands of years today and be completely removed from the design world… What a cruel move!

She remembered that it must have been the day when her design draft fell on the ground unintentionally and was seen by Jian Dan. She didn’t expect that with just a glimpse, but Jian Dan had already learned so much!

“I’ll wait to see how you end.” Jian Dan said with a smile: “I said earlier that how you got here, that is the same way you can get out of here. You can quit now, it’s still not too late.”

Li Shengxia faced her provocation, not to be outdone: “I won’t lose to someone like you!”

Jian Dan smiled coldly: “Hehe…, what’s the use of just talking about it? There are five people in front of you, waiting for these five models. After walking the stage, you have to say goodbye to this stage completely.”

Li Shengxia didn’t understand what kind of hatred she had with Jian Dan that she actually wanted to harm herself like this!

At this moment, Gina came off the stage. The long cheers and the long-lasting praise, which should have belonged to Li Shengxia, now belonged to another person…

Her strength and fame were stronger than her own, but she destroyed her dream with her strength and fame.

When Gina and Elaine stood face to face, the whole lounge went silent…

These two dresses were so similar!

Compared with Gina, Elaine was obviously inferior…

It was like a Taobao model and a designer show…

“Haha.” Gina couldn’t help laughing when she saw the “Ten Mile Red Makeup” that Elaine was wearing. “I originally thought it was a clever design that made you have to find me, but it’s actually only a copy!”

“My “Ten Mile Red Makeup’ is not a copy! It’s my own work. It’s a work of art with soul and life.”

Li Shengxia hated others insulting her works, not to mention that Gina was still wearing a copy.

“Li Shengxia, you really want to go on stage like this, you are obviously courting death.” Gina said coldly: “I think you should stop doing stupid things. Although the works of the designer Jane are flawless, but even if it is pirated, it cannot steal the soul and interior of the work.”

“You’re right.” Li Shengxia said, looking at Jian Dan, as if returning the sentence to Jian Dan.

Jian Dan’s face turned ugly for a moment.

At this moment, Elaine ran into the fitting room, changed her clothes, and handed it back to Li Shengxia, “I’m sorry Miss Li, I can’t be your model anymore.”

Li Shengxia heard Elaine’s retreat, and quickly comforted her. She said: “Elaine, listen to me, I am the real designer of this work. Look, I still have a lot of original designs… I have recorded every change in detail…”

Elaine was very embarrassed, but she was more determined: “Miss Li, I believe in your character, but what you say is unsubstantiated, no matter what the truth is, if I go out like this, I will definitely be regarded as plagiarizer, and I will not be able to continue to stay in the entertainment industry.”

“The other party is Jian Dan, and the other party’s model is Gina, take ten thousand steps back, even if it’s the same as what you said, you can only knock down your teeth and swallow blood.”

Elaine originally liked Li Shengxia’s design very much. Although this ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ was not as mature as Jian Dan’s design, it also had a kind of natural beauty. It was just a comparison of the order of appearance and the designer behind it. Two almost identical works boarding the same exhibition, the consequences could be imagined!

Li Shengxia had lost!

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