PPM Ch. 67: You just Lack Opportunity

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Mo Nianchen listened to the ringing tone of the phone and deliberately looked at his watch, feeling a little more cheerful.

He decided to count to ten, and if she didn’t hang up, he would pick it up reluctantly and forgive her.

So, he counted in his mind, one, two, three…, who knew, the phone ring would stop before he could even count to four!

His mood instantly fell to the bottom with the stopping of the ringing of the phone!

Heck! hell, hell!

Mo Nianchen snorted angrily! Was this her attitude, while begging him for mercy? She hung up after four rings? She’s so sassy! Heck! Why didn’t he answer the phone just now!

He had been cold all day, why the hell was he still cold!

She had called to beg him, so he would just go with the flow and listen to her explanation!

Hell, hell, hell!

Mo Nianchen looked at the phone that was no longer ringing, and felt extremely regretful!

Just then, the phone rang again.

Mo Nianchen was instantly overjoyed! No matter where his dignity was, he had long been irrational when it came to her.

He quickly walked to the desk, grabbed the fixed line that was about to fall on the ground, and said arrogantly, “What? Is it too late to think of begging me now?”

“Hello? A Chen? What’s the matter with you? The phone can’t get through. Didn’t you ask me to go to my sister-in-law’s fashion design exhibition? Why don’t you let me go anymore? Did something happen to you?” It wasn’t her! Mo Nianchen’s mood instantly reached freezing point!

As soon as he heard the word ‘exhibition’, his emotions seemed to be ignited again, and he roared at the other end of the phone: “Go to hell, go to hell! No one is allowed to praise her! Otherwise, just don’t go. I’ll see you again!”

After that, Mo Nianchen hung up the phone ruthlessly.

Jiang Youxi on the other side of the phone heard the busy tone of Dudu…Dudu, and he helplessly pouted the corners of his mouth. What was he mad at him for!

Seeing Jiang Youxi’s depressed face, Cheng Zheng said, “What did A Chen say?”

Jiang Youxi said innocently, “He said no one can support her.” Why was his life so hard, why was it was his turn to call A Chen? It was not a good time to meet him when he gets angry!

Hearing this, Ouyang immediately went berserk: “It’s crazy, did he take the wrong medicine? Before, I had to invite all the famous designers I know, but now he doesn’t want it and I have explain to them.”

“Then what do we do?”

“Who knows!”

On the other side.

Mo Nianchen hung up the phone and was furious. He couldn’t hold it any longer and dialled the phone at home: “Did someone open the door to Li Shengxia against my order? Let her answer the phone, right away!”

“She never came back.”


She actually never went back at all!

Mo Nianchen was so angry that he dropped the phone!

He had been cold here all day, waiting for her to come and beg him, but she didn’t even go back!

Li Shengxia, what are you doing is wrong, how dare you go missing before me!

Did she think he was that stupid and would give her a chance to escape?

“Come on, check the location of the Crown Princess!”

“Yes, the Crown Prince.”

A few minutes later…

“The Crown Prince has been found. The Crown Princess is currently staying in a remote hotel. Do you want to bring her back?”

“No need!” Mo Nianchen said coldly.

Since she didn’t go back to Li’s house, she would definitely come to the company tomorrow! He wanted to see how long she could last!

Presumably, she needed the first prize of tomorrow’s exhibition to fill the gap of the Li Group, right? He wanted to see how capable she was to get the first place tomorrow. Without his help, she could only beg for her life obediently.

Although Mo Nianchen was so determined, he couldn’t help but want to get angry.

She actually ran to a hotel casually, he gritted his teeth, but he still felt uneasy, “Sirius, you monitor her every move, and any suspicious people around her must be cleaned up.”

“Yes, Prince!”

The bodyguards who received the order soon cut off the call.

Mo Nianchen’s eyes narrowed dangerously.

Fashion design exhibition day

Several colleagues in Li Shengxia’s office were also participating in the exhibition, so naturally they also met her backstage.

Ling Yarang said hello to Li Shengxia, “Shengxia, why are your eyes swollen, didn’t you sleep well last night?”

“I’m fine.” Li Shengxia smiled at him. She just hoped not to run into Mo Nianchen at the company again! She was hoping to get the first prize.

“Don’t worry, you can do it.” Williams cheered for Li Shengxia, “Just do your best, don’t care about the result.”

Li Shengxia nodded to Williams, “Yes, boss!”

At this moment, a disdainful voice suddenly came, “Maybe if she was to accompany some leaders, but her vitality is greatly damaged.”

It was Jian Dan.

Jian Dan continued sarcastically: “But, even if you try hard, it’s useless.”

Li Shengxia clenched her fist, “Whether it works or not, we’ll see later.”

Jian Dan smiled contemptuously.

Gina pretended to be sympathetic and sighed, “It’s hard to come across the tail of the dream, it’s over so soon, it’s really a dream of epic proportions, it’s better not to have it. What do you think?”

The model Li Shengxia had brought was Elaine. Seeing that Li Shengxia’s opponents were actually Jian Dan and Gina, she couldn’t help being flustered, and said to Li Shengxia in a low voice: “Can I really do it? The opponent is Gina.”

Li Shengxia immediately ‘corrected’ her: “No, the only opponent you have is you yourself. Trust me, you can do it.”

Elaine said unconfidently: “Gina has a strong momentum in the entertainment industry now. Compared with her, I am far worse.”

“You are just lacking an opportunity.” Li Shengxia encouraged Elaine not to be nervous.

At this time… the opening ceremony had already begun, and everyone had sent the appearance order in the program list. Tan Qing did not participate in this exhibition.

The first to appear was Pianpian.

Jian Dan came in fifth.

Li Shengxia was in the eleventh position.

At the beginning of the exhibition, there was only a number, and the designer was not reported. Only the guests present were allowed to judge the design of the work itself. The designer of each work would not be announced until the model walked the runway and the scores came out. This system was more beneficial to newcomers.

Elaine breathed a sigh of relief.

Jian Dan had long known that her appearance would be earlier than Li Shengxia. She really wanted to know what Li Shengxia’s expression would look like when she waited.

The elegant design was a short skirt, showing a lively and cheerful theme.

There was continuous applause from the audience, and it was said that all the designers under Emperor Inheritance were of world-class level, and they really lived up to their reputation.

After a few pieces of clothes were exhibited, it was Jian Dan’s turn –

Gina put on a work called ‘Red Threads Around Your Fingers, Don’t Lose and Don’t Forget’, which immediately excited everyone in the audience.

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