YXBG Ch. 60: Confession

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Yin Xiaomei, who was far abroad, didn’t know that so many things would happen when she came out, and she didn’t know that although the program team did not deliberately guide the narrative, Yin Zhefei and Yu Ziqi were forcibly matched since the first episode.

The second day after returning from the lake, Yin Xiaomei was the first to get up in the morning in high spirits. The first thing she did was to find Yin Zhefei and asked him to go to the supermarket with her.

Yin Zhefei sleepily opened the door for her, and then fell back on the bed like a zombie.

“Don’t sleep! Get up! You slept all last afternoon, and you’ve slept all night!” She jumped up and pulled him.

“…” Yin Zhefei was holding the quilt, obviously ignoring her.

“If you don’t eat breakfast, the jet lag can’t be adjusted!” Yin Xiaomei reminded him kindly, “The morning coffee here is delicious!”


“Let’s go buy some avocados, raspberries, blueberries, etc., and then come back and make fruit sandwiches?”


“Hey! You fell asleep again!” Yin Xiaomei patted his face.

“Big sister…” Yin Zhefei said painfully, “When I was 20 years old, I was less energetic than you, I’m old, you can do it, let this old man sleep, you can go to that, Gao Yu…”

For a long time, he didn’t hear Yin Xiaomei’s reply, so he opened his eyes a little, and saw her sitting there with her cheeks bulging out of anger.

Yin Zhefei stretched out his hand and pinched her cheeks for her.

“What are you doing!” She pushed his hand away angrily, “Don’t you want to sleep?”

“There is an angry toad squatting next to me, how can I sleep.” He got up and stretched his waist, “Go out and wait for me, just give me ten minutes.”

Yin Xiaomei originally wanted to say, “It’s not that I haven’t seen it,” but she turned to see the camera brother still filming innocently. For the sake of her image as a lady, she still went out and waited.

After a while, Yin Zhefei flew out, wearing light-colored cotton casual clothes and a black jacket.

He saw that Yin Xiaomei was only wearing a long red silk dress and reminded her: “It’s cold outside.”

“It’s just a few steps away, the supermarket is very close.” She didn’t care.

Yin Zhefei didn’t say much, he just put on his coat around himself.

As soon as she walked out of the door of the hotel, Yin Xiaomei faced a cold attack, it was so cold! It was like stepping into cold water at once! Even a man as strong as the photographer shrank his shoulders.

“Get frozen to death, don’t listen to good people.” Yin Zhefei said, “Go back and change clothes.”

“It’s okay, I’m very strong, even if I catch a cold, the Swiss virus can’t beat me!” She gritted her teeth, “Go quickly, go quickly. Hurry back.”

Yin Zhefei took two umbrellas from the umbrella basket in the hotel, followed her helplessly, and put his jacket on her by the way: “You can wear mine, because if you are cold and get sick, my parents will come after me.”

Yin Xiaomei wrapped his clothes around her tightly, saw the gloomy sky and said with a smile: “You should be glad you went out with me yesterday, it’s cold today, and it looks like it’s going to rain again.”

“What are your plans for today? “

“I’m going to the Zurich Art Museum!” Then she asked expectantly, “How about it, do you want to go with me?”

“Okay, it just happens to be a little cold today.” Yin Zhefei studied oil painting when he was a teenager, so when he heard her proposal, he was very excited and interested.

“It’s great, the museum is very big, we can stay there for a long time.”

The supermarket had just opened the door in the morning, so there were very few people inside, and the two of them were bickering while buying food, just like a pair of intimate young lovers. When they came out, Yin Xiaomei was dumbfounded, as it was already raining lightly outside. It was already cold, and with the cold water, it made people shiver even more.

Yin Zhefei gave the photographer an umbrella, held one by himself, and said to Yin Xiaomei, “Let’s go, it’s not too far away.”

Yin Xiaomei was going to follow him, but then she looked at her shoes reluctantly: “This is my new MB silk sandals, it will be miserable if they get soaked.”

“I’ll buy you a new pair.”

“Yin Zhefei, you are a waste!” Yin Xiaomei frowned and said, “Shoes are a woman’s second life!” After she finished speaking, she felt that the explanation was given in vain, and the sand pig probably didn’t understand it.

“Here, take it!” Yin Zhefei stuffed the umbrella and food into her arms.

“Huh? What are you doing?” In the next second, she was already hugged in Yin Zhefei’s arms.

“Ah…” She exclaimed, then covered her mouth in a hurry, and whispered: “What are you doing! Are you filming an idol drama! Let me down!”

“Okay, there’s no one on the road now, you don’t have to be so ashamed, just pretend to be sick.” Yin Zhefei looked disgusted, but his tone was indescribably gentle.

Yin Xiaomei blushed and hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck to help him cover from the rain. At the same time, she carefully retracted her feet, for fear of rain falling on it.

Yin Zhefei’s shoulders got wet because of her “eccentric” demands, so he said helplessly: “You are not good to me, but to your shoes.”

“I am not good to my shoes either!” Yin Xiaomei’s soft head had gotten wet with rain, as she said unconvincingly.

Even the photographer couldn’t help laughing when he heard it.

The faces of the two went red for some reason, and they simply stopped talking.

When they started making breakfast, the photographer felt more and more clearly that something was wrong between the two – Yin Zhefei’s expression when looking at his sister, was it too affectionate?

He was suddenly enlightened and took several close-ups of Yin Zhefei’s demeanor.

Across the camera, that tenderness was about to overflow.

He naturally also remembered that the brother and sister were actually not related by blood. In this way, the relationship between the two might not be a pure brother and sister relationship.

When Yin Zhefei was smearing avocado spread on the bread, Zhang Xiangyi sent him a WeChat message from over there: Yin Zhefei, you are such a fool, why are you getting along with that Yu Ziqi! What about Xiaomei! Are you crazy!

Yin Zhefei frowned, wiped his hands on the towel, and replied, “Why am I crazy, I didn’t say a word to Yu Ziqi at all, okay?”

Zhang Xiangyi simply took a picture and showed it to him: You are still arguing, both of your CP fans have named you “Flying Fish[1]“, which is disgusting.

Yin Zhefei looked at the screenshot with a gloomy face. He had seen the first episode of the show and confirmed that there were no outrageous edits in it. He couldn’t blame the director, but even so, wouldn’t it give people a chance to speculate?

At this time, Yin Xiaomei had already cut a piece of bread by herself, eating like a hamster with bulging cheeks: “As expected, the breakfast I made by myself is delicious. The food in the hotel is really unpalatable.”

“Really? I’ll try it,” Yin Zhefei flew over, took her hand suddenly, and put the half of her leftover sandwich into his mouth.

Yin Xiaomei’s fingers felt his warm lips, and then a numb and itchy sensation moved into her heart along her fingertips.

She hurriedly withdrew her hand and became angry: “There are so many over there, why do you have to eat mine!”

“It’s delicious.” Yin Zhefei narrowed his eyes with a smile, not knowing whether to answer her question or to confess to her just now.

At this time, other guests and people from the show team also came out one after another. After a night of rest, everyone finally felt alive. The two huge black eye circles that had been hanging on Sun Sha’s face finally disappeared.

“You are up! Yin Zhefei and I made breakfast. Come and try it.” Yin Xiaomei greeted warmly.

Before anyone else could say anything, Yu Ziqi was the first to come forward and say in surprise, “Oh my God, you are amazing, Zhefei, you have done so much.”

The photographer saw Yin Zhefei’s face showing an expression of eating flies[2], but after thinking about it, he still didn’t shoot this.

The rest of the people exchanged glances and silently stepped forward to get the food. While Sun Sha seemed a little uncomfortable with Yu Ziqi’s actions, and she didn’t want to have anything to do with her at this time, so she took the initiative to step up to Yin Xiaomei and said, “You are too caring, thank you!”

As she was eating, she said to Gao Yu, “Hey! Gao Yu! I’m going to the Zurich Museum of Art today, do you want to go?”

“Of course, I’m happy to accompany you.” How gentle!

“What art museum, I want to go too.” Sun Sha wondered.

“Let’s go together, it’s very famous.” Yin Xiaomei hurriedly turned out the information she found and showed her.

“Ah, Shasha, didn’t we agree to go shopping in the old city together?” Yu Ziqi interjected at the right time, “And it’s all confirmed with the photographer!”

Yin Xiaomei looked at her and then at Sun Sha, waiting for the latter to make a choice.

Sun Sha could only say: “Yes, I forgot… Then go to the old town.” Anyway, she agreed to Yu Ziqi earlier. If she regretted it at this time, it would inevitably make the other party’s fans uncomfortable.

“Aren’t Jiayang and Xiaofang going too?” Yu Ziqi hurriedly said, “There are art museums and so on everywhere.”

Yin Xiaomei rolled her eyes and swallowed the words “this art museum is different” into her stomach.

Sure enough, He Jiayang and Li Peifang were not interested in painting themselves, so they seemed to want to visit the old town more.

“Okay,” Yin Xiaomei said indifferently, “then you can go to the old town, but the old town is full of slate roads, so you have to change to a pair of flat shoes.” Although the tone was not good, it was a friendly reminder in the end.

The photographer’s lens immediately turned to Yu Ziqi’s pair of LP red-soled high heels.

Yu Ziqi’s face flushed, but she thanked her as if she had discovered it suddenly. Although she was annoyed, she had not forgotten her purpose: “Zhefei, didn’t you go to the old city yesterday? You are familiar with it, let’s go together.”

“No.” Yin Zhefei said simply, eating his avocado sandwich.

Yu Ziqi couldn’t hold the expression on her face for a while, but then she smiled: “I know you worry about your sister, but sometimes, you have to give her some private space, don’t you? Xiaomei wants to have some alone time with Gao Yu!” After finishing, she playfully winked at the person in front of her.

What? Yin Xiaomei was almost able to admire her shamelessness. When did she want to spend alone time with Gao Yu? When did she say such a thing!

Yin Zhefei smiled and stood up: “I don’t care who she wants to spend alone time with, I just want to follow her. It doesn’t matter whether she is alone or not.”

Yu Ziqi’s smile became more and more dry, and she was almost chewing her lips. The group of people felt embarrassed and swallowed their breakfast carefully.

“You…you are really kind to your sister, not even her own family could be like this, it’s rare…” She said indifferently.

“Ziqi!” Sun Sha regained her senses first and hurriedly stopped her.

“Why, did I say something wrong, Zhefei is indeed a very competent and good brother!” She still held on to an innocent smile.

Yin Xiaomei’s face was as gloomy as the weather at this time, she couldn’t endure it no matter what, this Yu Ziqi, in front of so many people and in front of the camera, exposed her scars like this!

She had always known that she was adopted, but she also hated people saying that they was not her own family!

When Yin Zhefei and Zhang Xiangyi said this, they both paid a very “painful” price for this – not only the “bamboo shoots fried pork”, but also Yin Xiaomei’s revenge against them, which had deliberately brewed for many years.

This Yu Ziqi didn’t even have a friendship with her, but she stepped on her secretly and openly, and now she still said such things with a big face.

The cameraman filmed nervously by the side, he had an intuition that this part would be cut off by the director.

But Yin Zhefei suddenly came forward before Yin Xiaomei’s attack: “You are wrong, I am good to her, not because she is my sister. It is because I am pursuing her.”

The photographer thought to himself, that’s great, it can’t be cut off now…

Yin Zhefei continued: “My little beauty, there are too many people who like her, even if I watched her grow up from a young age, I couldn’t give her any preferential treatment, so I have no choice but to follow her wherever she goes. If I’m good to her, she will be enlightened one day, and she will like me.” Although he said it pitifully, there was no sense of humility in his tone.

The rest of the program group stared at him and thought, this is the third episode and Young Master Yin made a big move. Other people could only watch it now.

“As for the fact we are not biological siblings,” Yin Zhefei said with a smile, “it shouldn’t bother you. After all, some people are raised by their biological parents, but what’s the point of only giving birth and not teaching them?”

Yu Ziqi’s face went white with shame.

But when Yin Xiaomei heard this, she pointed at Yin Zhefei and laughed: “Hahahahaha! Yin Zhefei, you are really poisonous!”

Everyone present had a head full of black lines, the girl’s focus was completely wrong.

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[1] In Chinese, it would mean Feiyu… which is from the names of both Yu Ziqi and Yin Zhefei.

[2] Being unhappy.

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