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Yin Ruoji immediately returned to his office with Chang Mei, who was still in shock. After many years, the employees of Skyline Group had been changed several times, but there were still some loyal old employees who stayed in their posts, so when they saw Chang Mei’s familiar figure appearing, they were all surprised and thought they were dazzled.

When Chang Mei came back to her senses, she was already sitting in Yin Ruoji’s office.

The decoration here had not changed at all, even Xiaomei’s childhood drawing was still hanging on the wall, Chang Mei was a little dazed for a while, and felt as if she had not been away for so long and as if everything was the same as before.

Yin Ruoji placed a small glass of red wine in her hand: “You are too nervous, relax…”

“Oh, thank you.” Her attitude was polite and distant.

Yin Ruoji felt a pain in his heart, but he still pretended not to care and said, “If Xiaomei and Zhefei really want to be together, what do you think?”

“You…what do you know?”

“I don’t know anything, but I know what a man’s expression looks like when he sees the woman he likes.”

Chang Mei blushed slightly: “What about Xiaomei? Does she have the same idea?”

Yin Ruoji shook his head: “Xiaomei is a child who is very playful.”

So, it’s their son who must be suffering from unrequited love!

Chang Mei smiled helplessly: “Actually, it’s not that I haven’t thought about it, sometimes I see them standing together and I think they are a perfect match: a golden boy and a jade girl. Xiaomei is also always worried that I will leave her one day, if she marries Zhefei, we will truly become a family, and she will not have to worry about gains and losses in her heart anymore.”

Her face showed love and sadness for her daughter, Yin Ruoji’s hand was slightly clenched, and he restrained himself from pulling her into his arms and comforting her.

Chang Mei noticed his strangeness, hurriedly drained her glass of wine, stood up and said, “It’s time for me to go back.”

“I’ll send you.”

“No… No…”

“Chang Mei, I may not be a good husband, but I’m not a bad person, why are you so defensive against me?” He smiled wryly, “That Meng Ke is a sanctimonious bastard. I don’t trust him not to be waiting for you outside.”

Chang Mei couldn’t help but feel guilty when she heard the words: “Okay, then… I’ll trouble you…”

And Yin Ruoji did not think wrong, Meng Ke had indeed been waiting outside for Chang Mei.

Although he was a bastard, but he was a smart bastard, otherwise he would not have been able to coax Jane to give up so much for him. In the brief confrontation with the Yin family, he quickly judged that Chang Mei was the one who could be spoken to easily—even better than his own daughter who was too arrogant.

So, he deliberately wandered outside her community, wanting to see Chang Mei again. Most importantly, he still had vague and unrealistic fantasies in his heart. He heard that Yin Ruoji and his wife had been separated for a long time. Having the opportunity to develop something with the goddess, and also get her family property by the way, was simply killing two birds with one stone.

He had such a sweet dream, so he wandered there for more than ten days, but instead of meeting Chang Mei, he received the intermediary’s call for payment…

Meng Ke hurried home, scolding the dead fat yellow face[1] in his heart. His wife was useless, and everything had to be handled by himself. He couldn’t even pay the rent for this month, so he might as well just cut the yellow-faced woman and sell it as pork!

But before he could enter the gate of the broken community, he was stopped by someone: “Are you Mr. Meng Ke?”

He looked back suspiciously and saw a middle-aged man in a suit smiling very cordially.

“You are…”

“You don’t recognize me, but I just learned about your plight recently and I want to help you.”

Meng Ke frowned and said, “You are a liar, I don’t have time to chat with you, look for others!”

“You are Fiona’s biological father!”

He turned his head suddenly, with his triangular eyes narrowed slightly: “What did you say…?”

“Mr. Meng, I know about you, and I also know that you must have suffered in the hands of the Yin family father and son, this is my business card, please accept it, and when you are free, let’s pick a time to meet.”

After speaking, the man turned around and left.

Although Meng Ke muttered something inexplicable, he couldn’t help but put the business card in his pocket. When he got home, as soon as he opened the door, he saw his son, wearing sweat-stained vest and pants, huddled on the sofa, playing games. Thinking about the daily twists and turns, he couldn’t help but get angry: “You don’t go to school! Do you know how expensive it is to rent a house here! Are you worthy of me working hard like this!”

Meng Tianlong said impatiently, “I don’t have the ability, why are you yelling at me!”

“You!” Meng Ke was so angry that he was shivering. He was supposed to be a smart person. He should not have given birth to such a stupid son. The yellow-faced woman passed on her low IQ to her child…

Just as he was thinking, his wife came out with a pot of stewed vegetables. Seeing him, she said in a good voice, “You came back, wash your hands and let’s eat!”

Meng Ke was angry when he saw her: “Eat, eat, eat, all you know is how to eat, besides knowing how to eat, what else can you do!”

“Are you crazy? You mo******ker, hitting me at your leisure. Go and find your dead mother!”

“You… what are you talking about! I didn’t beat you for three days and you are ready to uncover the tiles[2]!”

“You dare to beat me, can you beat me!” As Meng Ke’s wife said, a pot of stewed vegetables swept past Meng Ke’s head and splashed his head and his face, while Meng Tianlong flexibly avoided it and continued to play his games.

“Stinky wife! I have to teach you how to be a woman today!”

“Aiya! Someone come! Someone wants to kill me!” Meng Ke’s wife was howling, and she was merciless. She was tall and strong, and she was capable, but Meng Ke could be said to be on par with her.

The two fought hard, and Meng Tianlong seized the opportunity, he stuffed all the money in Meng Ke’s wallet into his pants and sneaked out.

After a fierce battle, Meng Ke hung his head and hid in the bedroom.

Over the years, in fact, there was not a day that went by where he did not regret it.

Back then, he was really too young to know what to do next. Jane’s family was so rich, even if she cut off relations with her parents at the time, she could still have eased back when the child was born. Even if Xiaomei was a girl, she could have given birth to a boy in the future. How could he be so stupid so as to let his mother drive her to death and put himself in such a situation.

Surprisingly, he took out the business card that the man gave him.

Let’s give it a try…

He silently read the man’s name: “Zhou Qi…”

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[1] He is calling his wife this.

[2] Become insolent.

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