PPM Ch. 66: Cold Happiness

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He accidentally saw the breakfast she gave him just now. At this moment, the breakfast had already been deformed and had turned cold!

He grabbed the breakfast and threw it on the ground angrily, but for some reason, when he looked at the breakfast he had thrown away, it was as if he had lost his happiness…

He felt so happy just now, and thought that there was a relationship between them. It was possible that he had also touched the warmth of this breakfast, she bought him, but at this moment, it had become so ugly and so cold, like his broken heart…

He picked up the breakfast again.

He remembered what she had said to him this morning.

She said: Mo Nianchen, remember to have breakfast, remember, you must eat it!

Trembling, he tore open the package and took a bite of the cold breakfast.

This breakfast was like his happiness that had gone cold, and before he had time to taste it, there was only a bitter taste left…

But, he was still reluctant to throw it away, and was still forcing himself to eat it.

It was as if he was reluctant to lose her, knowing that it was impossible between them, he would still rather occupy her, and even if he saw that beauty no longer existed, he kept forcing himself to keep her by his side.

It was the worst breakfast he had ever eaten, but he still ate it all in one bite.

He almost tasted its warmth, but he just didn’t pay attention, and it was all cold. So what? This was the breakfast she prepared for him. For the first time, for him, breakfast…

The world was deserted again – his heart seemed to be missing a piece of the puzzle, and no matter how you put it together, it couldn’t fill the missing gap. She was what he missed. No matter how he looked for it, how he did it, or how hard he tried, he couldn’t fulfil this shortage.

After Li Shengxia rushed out of Mo Nianchen’s office, she felt groggy.

Did he know what he had lost?

He lost my heart and I wanted to try to get close to you again! You make me feel like a total idiot, delusional about falling in love with a heartless man!

Although it had been a whole day, Li Shengxia still did not recover from the events of the day.

She was absent-minded all day, and every time she thought about what he said, she felt heartbroken.

She felt so heartbroken and embarrassed.

Thinking of the humiliating words he said to her, she felt that her own feelings were ridiculous!

Did she actually think she likes him?

She actually thought yesterday that maybe it’s okay to like him again!

Hehe, that’s crazy!

She looked at her watch and found that it was time to get off work, but he didn’t do anything, that was to say, he didn’t care about her at all!

Why be embarrassed? Li Shengxia, you know that person has no heart at all! He is just humiliating you for fun!

Die this heart.

From now on, keep a distance from him, the farther the better!

She didn’t think about anything now, she just thought about how to do the fashion design exhibition well!

Who knew if he would be unhappy and throw her out of the design department forever? This opportunity was given by him, and she also exchanged her dignity for it. This was her dream, and she didn’t feel ashamed at all. All she had to do was go all out and make herself the best she could be!

Then, even if something happened in the future, even if he wanted to remove her from the design department, at least she would have no regrets!

Because, she had already touched the dream…

He couldn’t take away the shining light of the dream in her heart!

That day, she found a hotel and stayed there overnight.

She couldn’t go back to Li house, because she had said before that she wanted to move out and she would never let Li’s family know about her embarrassment.

Because there were too many people waiting to rely on her. And because there were too many people waiting to see her joke, she must not fall down…

But that night, she tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. All that came to her mind was Mo Nianchen.

His domineering nature, his cruelty, his ruthlessness and the vicious words he was best at.

Li Shengxia, why are you so stupid, so stupid, there are so many men in the world, why do you like him…

Today, he has completely lost you. So, can you try and drop him completely?

Why did she feel so sad at the thought of abandoning him and cutting off ties with him completely.

After all, it was the person who she had liked for so many years, after all, it was the only person who she had liked.

It was her first love, her dream, and the source of all her happiness and unhappiness…

Don’t think about it!

Li Shengxia covered her eyes, and then buried her whole person under the quilt.

She finally recognized her own heart and decided to try to like him. Even this morning, she felt a little bit that he might like her too, but happiness was so short-lived that it only took a few hours before she came back to reality.

She wanted to hide herself in the shell like a snail.

But she knew that there were more important things waiting for her tomorrow.

What about the Li Group? If Dad knew, maybe he would be stimulated again.

Li Shengxia’s mood was in a mess, but she really didn’t know who to ask for help now, so she had to wait for the end of the exhibition. If she could win the first place, there would be a lot of money, which should be able to temporarily relieve the urgent need.

Was she going to go back to the days of running around for money every day? People like her shouldn’t have the luxury of chasing their dreams, right?

Perhaps, the real snail was the one who climbed up step by step even if it encountered difficulties.

The most painful thing in the world should be not even giving her time to feel sorry for herself. She couldn’t go down, because there were many people behind her who depended on her salary to make a living.

But no one knew how much she wanted to find someone to rely on…

So many people were looking to see if the Li Group could stand up again, but no one had ever asked about the burden on her alone and if she was tired?

On the top floor of Emperor Inheritance, Mo Nianchen’s office.

Time passed by minute by minute, from day to night, from night to late night…

The people in the company had long since left, but Mo Nianchen was still in the office. As time ticked by, the office was messed up by him, and his mood was also messed up.

It was already twelve o’clock…

He deliberately conveyed the news to the housekeeper that he would not go home at night, and instructed the housekeeper not to open the door to Li Shengxia. He just wanted her to beg him.

But he had been waiting for a day coldly, and the housekeeper had not reported the situation. He paced back and forth in the office, and the irritability between his eyebrows could not be relieved.

Finally, he waited…

Ding bell…

Mo Nianchen’s office phone finally rang!

Was it Li Shengxia calling?

Did she know to beg for mercy now?

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