Perfect Pampered Marriage: Good Morning, Hubby (PPM)


“Hubby, someone bullied me.” A few minutes later, a certain company had gone bankrupt.

“Hubby, someone likes me.” A few hours later, a certain confessor disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

“Hubby, I want to end our friendship, break up, get a divorce.”

She escaped abroad to live a free and easy life, and in the next instant he showed up at the door of her new home…

“Come home.” “We’re already divorced!” “I live right next to you. You may meet with me any time you like.”

The first day, there was a knock on her door. “I won’t meet you!”

The second day, her phone blew up with calls. “I still won’t meet you!”

The third day, her company had a new president.

A few days later, she knocked on his door helplessly. “Hubby, can we set a meeting?”

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1-60

Chapter 61: What was that dark drink?

Chapter 62

Chapter 63: She better give him a reasonable explanation

Chapter 64: What happened, can’t tell anymore lies!!!

Chapter 65: Whoever dares to Help Li Shengxia Will Die

Chapter 66: Cold Happiness

Chapter 67: You just lack opportunity

Chapter 68: Li Shengxia had lost!!!

Chapter 69

Chapter 70: The Self-Righteous Stupid Woman

Chapter 71: I’m a big star and you’re nothing!!!

Chapter 72: Gina’s Counterattack

Chapter 73: It’s good to watch a good show!!!

Chapter 74: Gorgeous Counterattack

Chapter 75: You’re Shameless!!!

Chapter 76: Li Shengxia, You Wait and See!!!

Chapter 77: Losing Her was far more difficult for him than Forgiving Her!!!!

Chapter 78: Are you concerned about me, Li Shegxia?

Chapter 79: Going out on your own!!!

Chapter 80: Li Shengxia, do you hate me?

Chapter 81: Feels like a Breakdown!!!

Chapter 82: Would he be happy if she lost?

Chapter 83

Chapter 84: Why did she think of him again?

Chapter 85: I’m afraid that he was really hurt!!!

Chapter 86: If I’m disfigured, will you support me?

Chapter 87: Why should I go see her?

Chapter 88: Had the prince’s anger disappeared?

Chapter 89: They will be dismissed if people can’t be fixed!!!

Chapter 90: Li Shengxia, do you like Prince?

Chapter 91: She is my legal wife

Chapter 92: Was this his way of reconciliation?

Chapter 93: What, I have to live here?

Chapter 94: How dare a takeaway be so rude?

Chapter 95

Chapter 96

Chapter 97: Speak for her

Chapter 98: This is the evaluation you gave me!!!

Chapter 99: Is it so difficult to dance with me?

Chapter 100: Seems Grand!!!

Chapter 101

Chapter 102

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

Chapter 105

Chapter 106

Chapter 107


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