PPM Ch. 88: Had the Prince’s anger disappeared?

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Williams didn’t know why the prince wanted to deliberately make things difficult for Li Shengxia, but he still did what he was asked…

“Hello, is it Li Shengxia?”

“Manager, it’s me.”

“There is still a stack of German documents to translate in the office. I remember that you learned German before, I need those documents tomorrow, please make sure to translate it before tomorrow and make a photocopy for me.”

Now? Wasn’t it time for work to end? The design department of Emperor Inheritance had always left work early and never worked overtime, because the concept of the design department was to improve work efficiency and creative ability, and spend more time looking for inspiration outside, instead of sitting in the office all day to think hard.

However, Li Shengxia didn’t dare to object. Since it was an important document and she happened to be able to speak German, moreover, the request was urgent and entrusted by the manager. Of course, she had to rush back to deal with it.

After seeing her hang up the phone, he saw that she looked like she was about to leave in a hurry, so he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong Li Shengxia?”

“Sorry, Ling Yarang, the manager asked me to go back to deal with some German documents. I’ll have to ask you to eat this meal alone. You eat, I’ll go first…”

“Wait a minute…”

Li Shengxia hurried to checkout, and the cashier at the counter said, “Oh, somebody has already settled the bill for this table.”

“Did you settle the bill?”

She turned around in surprise and found that Ling Yarang had walked behind her.

Ling Yarang softly said: “Why are you always rash?”

“I said I would invite…”

“This is the first time we are having dinner together. Of course, I will pay the bill first. Next time, you must invite me.”

“Well, it’s a deal. I still have something to do—”

“I’ll go with you, now that other departments are almost done working, how boring it would be to be in the office alone.”


“Don’t forget that I am also part of the design department.”

Li Shengxia couldn’t refuse anymore, so he nodded.

Mo Nianchen didn’t think that he would give them a chance to be alone with a phone call, and he felt extremely angry, how could this Williams be so stupid! Nothing would happen between these two, right?

He wanted to go forward and separate the two, but every time he encountered something related to Li Shengxia, he found it difficult to deal with it. In order not to provoke her resentment again, he still did not do it after all.

The more Mo Nianchen thought about it, the more unhappy he became, and he had already started to keep up with them! He went straight to the top of the VIP elevator, entered the office, and turned on the monitor.

Li Shengxia didn’t expect that the so-called documents that Williams was talking about was actually such a large stack of documents half a meter high, waiting for her to translate! She was destined to stay up late tonight.

“Huh.” Ling Yarang glanced at the cover of the document and made a single sound.

“What’s the matter?”

Ling Yarang shook his head, “It’s nothing.”

He had seen this document. Didn’t the cooperation with this German company end today? Why did Williams ask her to translate documents that were not necessary?

Li Shengxia immediately took a document and started translating. Ling Yarang gave Li Shengxia a glance. He remembered that Williams was very good to Li Shengxia. Could it be because of the Prince?

Ling Yarang reminded himself of the last quarrel between Li Shengxia and Mo Nianchen, and vaguely guessed something.

“I’ll help you…” Ling Yarang also took out a document.

“You can speak German too?”

“Just a little bit.”

“That’s great, you’ve helped me a lot!” Li Shengxia said in surprise, “It’s getting late, I’ll start work first.”

Li Shengxia’s translation was very fast, and also very precise.

Mo Nianchen felt very unhappy when he thought that Ling Yarang was by her side and didn’t know what he was talking to her.

So, he made another phone call.

Immediately afterwards, Ling Yarang received a call…

“Hello? What? Your downstairs street light is broken and needs to be repaired? Then you should contact the property management, what? Do you want me to pick up your daughter from school? Okay, okay, I get it…”


“Manager, he said he was socializing, but the streetlight downstairs of his house was broken, so he asked me to pick up his daughter from school. “

“Then go ahead.”

“But the document…”

“It’s fine, I can do it alone, and you have translated a lot for me.”

“Then be careful. I’ll come to you later.”


“No, you can go do your work.”

Ling Yarang waved goodbye to her and then went to work. It was not easy to say anything, and he left the office with the car keys.

Li Shengxia was left alone in the office.

Mo Nianchen’s lips finally showed a smile, now that the annoying guy had finally left. He watched Li Shengxia translate the documents seriously, and remembered how she studied hard when she was a child.

When she was a child, she studied very seriously, but she was always the second place, because the first place was always him.

It was funny how she didn’t admit defeat. Even though she was the second place, she still laughed at him.

At that time, everything was fine.

When did it start to become…

He reached out to touch the face of the girl on the screen…

When did she start to hate him so much? Then it got more and more annoying, he so hated it.

Li Shengxia didn’t know how many documents she had translated. When the last two pages were finally completed, she felt very sleepy. She didn’t have the habit of staying up late, and finally she couldn’t hold on anymore. She didn’t know when she fell asleep…

He saw her falling asleep on the monitor, thought about it, and finally went downstairs.

Step by step, he went to the design department.

How good would it be if one step at a time could reach her heart?

He put his coat on her. He wanted to let her go like this, but he heard her scolding him in his dreams, “Mo Nianchen, I hate you…I hate you the most…”

His body suddenly froze.

Hate him, don’t you? Very good! Very good!

He held another pile of documents and placed them in front of her, “Li Shengxia, you are dead!” Then he walked away!

The next day, when Li Shengxia handed over the translated documents to Williams. Williams actually yelled at her, “It’s not these! It’s the other stack, Li Shengxia, do you know what you are doing?”

Li Shengxia was surprised, what? Isn’t that the stack?

“The document to be translated is on your desk, can’t you see it?”

“I’m sorry, I’ll do it right away.” Li Shengxia bowed her head to admit her mistake and was very puzzled. She remembered that there were no other documents last night…

“You only have two hours to complete the work!”

Li Shengxia hurriedly backed out and went to translate the document. She stayed up all night last night, so she felt dizzy, and her cold was also not cured, she felt really depressed.

Seeing how busy Li Shengxia was, Williams was still puzzled. Had the Prince’s anger disappeared? He casually opened the document that Li Shengxia had translated last night, and couldn’t help being surprised.

This translation was too accurate, even someone who had studied German as his major would be ashamed.

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