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After Jiang Lan had a full stomach, he felt a little drowsy. He had half-closed his eyes to savor the long-lost feeling of fullness.

Ying Qiao was driving, but his eyes kept glancing at him from time to time. He was still thinking about the conversation he heard by Qingyang Lake.

He wanted to explain, but the facts were somewhat different from what he had heard from his friends.

Although it was true that he had chosen the lairs of those big demons, it was just a strategy to force those big demons to come out of their lairs. If he didn’t take action, those big monsters hiding in the deep mountains and old forests would probably not be willing to come out for hundreds of years.

If he hadn’t picked those big demons’ comfort zones and lured them out and beat them into submission, where would the special team of the Demon Management Bureau come from?

Although there were some minor surprises during the implementation of the plan, the overall situation was controllable and the final goal was achieved.

This should be regarded as his glorious achievement, but why did it become his dark history?

Ying Qiao couldn’t figure it out. In the past, he couldn’t figure it out and didn’t bother to care. He just asked Tai Feng to give an order to stop spreading his gossip.

But now that the little monster knew about it, he was a little worried.

He struggled with how to explain it to the little monster.

After struggling all the way, when the car stopped at the gate of the community, Ying Qiao finally spoke.

He said to Jiang Lan in a tone of “I actually don’t care too much, I’m just talking casually”: “I heard what you and the boss said about Yinglong at the lakeside earlier.”

Jiang Lan’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that this was too coincidental.

Why did Ying Qiao hear it again?

He looked at Ying Qiao anxiously, fearing that he would “seek justice” for his idol.

Fortunately, Ying Qiao didn’t overturn the boat of friendship because of his behavior of slandering his idol. He just tried his best to calmly explain the whole story again, and then looked at Jiang Lan expectantly: “Look, Yinglong actually is not as bad-tempered as the rumors say.”

Jiang Lan muttered in his heart. He couldn’t tell that Ying Qiao was still a brainless fan. Yinglong had already attacked someone’s lair and robbed someone else’s treasure. He was like a modern-day bandit. If this wasn’t bad temper, what was bad temper?

But Jiang Lan didn’t dare to say this, so he could only nod his head.

“Yeah, yeah, everything you said is right.”

He was trying really hard to keep the boat of friendship from capsizing.

Ying Qiao felt that the little monster was perfunctory, but when he saw his sincere eyes, he felt that he was probably overthinking it.

In the end, he could only regretfully stop the topic and watch him enter the community. He thought he would find an opportunity to tell him about his glorious deeds next time.

When Jiang Lan returned home, he saw Suan Ni and Jiao Tu who had already slept and woken up.

The two little ones were playing penguin racing on a tablet in the living room. Suan Ni’s little paws were inconvenient to operate, so he squatted on Jiao Tu’s shoulders to direct him to play.

As soon as Jiang Lan entered the door, he heard him shouting: “Turn around, turn around…”

“Oh, why did you get killed again!”

Jiao Tu persevered: “…start over again.”

The two brothers didn’t notice Jiang Lan’s arrival at all.

Jiang Lan stepped forward, nodded the brothers’ heads, and pointed at the time: “What time is it? Are you still not sleeping?”

When Suan Ni saw Jiang Lan back, he stopped yelling, jumped from Jiao Tu’s shoulder to his, nuzzled him with her head, and said flatteringly: “Fifth brother, we were waiting for you to come home.”

Jiang Lan didn’t know about his little Nine, so he hit him on his head and warned: “Next time, don’t stay up late with Nine.”

After speaking, he touched Jiao Tu’s forehead with concern: “Are you still dizzy?”

Jiao Tu shook his head honestly: “I don’t feel dizzy after a good sleep.”

Seeing that he had no side effects after drinking, Jiang Lan ignored his pitiful look and took the tablet away from his hand with a stone heart, saying: “It’s time to go to bed now, we will play again tomorrow.”

Jiao Tu looked like he still wanted to play, but after hearing Jiang Lan’s words, he said “oh” obediently and followed him back to his room to sleep.

They had a good night’s sleep.


The next day was Monday, and Jiang Lan got up early to go to work.

Jiao Tu changed back to his original form, staying in the bag with Suan Ni, and was carried to work by Jiang Lan.

When Jiang Lan walked over with breakfast, he found an unknown young man sitting in the office. He subconsciously glanced at Uncle Zhou who was drinking tea and reading the newspaper, and then he was sure that he was not in the wrong office.

The young man had sparse features but no expression. He didn’t seem surprised to see Jiang Lan and nodded to him: “Zhang Tianxing.”

After saying that, he handed him a pack of wick cakes: “Specialty.”

Jiang Lan knew who he was. He was the colleague who had been on leave since he joined the Street Office.

He took the cake and thanked him. Remembering that he still didn’t know who he was, he added, “Jiang Lan, I’m a new colleague.”

Zhang Tianxing: “I know, I saw the group message.”

Jiang Lan thought of the group of colleagues who chatted all day long. There seemed to be four people in it, but only Xue Meng was always active there, so he didn’t even notice there was another person.

After a few words of greeting, the two of them got to know each other. Although Zhang Tianxing didn’t talk much, he didn’t seem to be difficult to get along with.

Jiang Lan received his special product and reciprocated by giving him an apple.

Then he returned to his seat and released his brothers. Jiao Tu still stayed at his desk, but Suan Ni jumped out on his own, squatting on the top of his cat’s nest and looking at Zhang Tianxing curiously.

Zhang Tianxing also saw Suan Ni. His eyes were glued to Suan Ni and he stopped moving.

When Jiang Lan saw this, he originally thought that Zhang Tianxing minded him keeping a “pet” in the office. Unexpectedly, Zhang Tianxing stared at it for a long time, suddenly took out a piece of ham sausage, and then waved to Suan Ni.


His expression was much gentler than when he was talking to him.

Suan Ni tilted his head to look at him curiously. Seeing him calling him, he hesitated for a moment before jumping out of the cat’s nest and walking over with soft paws.

Zhang Tianxing was sitting, but when he was on the ground, he had to look up at people. Seeing that the other party seemed friendly, he jumped lightly onto his lap.

Zhang Tianxing’s eyes suddenly lit up like a light bulb that had turned on the switch. He looked at Suan Ni on his knees almost tenderly, and carefully reached out to touch the down on the top of his head.

Jiang Lan heard him sigh and murmured in a low voice: “So this is how it feels to play with a cat.”

Jiang Lan: ???

Before he could understand what Zhang Tianxing meant, Xue Meng, who came in later, started to make a fuss: “Zhang Tianxing, are you finally back?”

Then he saw Suan Ni on his legs, which looked like a hot pepper chicken with its neck strangled: “Damn it, Ni Ni is willing to let you caress him, isn’t this unscientific?!”

Oh, Xue Meng was the one who gave Suan Ni his nickname Ni Ni because he insisted on going his own way.

It was not that it was too rare, it was that Zhang Tianxing, in the few years he worked with them, demonstrated to them in all directions what it meant to be hated by cats and dogs. It just so happened that this person was a plush man. He couldn’t say more than a few words all day long, but he liked to secretly caress cats and dogs.

Xue Meng was tired of laughing at him.

He never expected to see a cat walking without hiding from Zhang Tianxing in his lifetime.

Zhang Tianxing curled his lips coldly, glanced at him and then looked away, gently moving his hand from the top of Suan Ni’s head to the tip of his tail, his slightly narrowed eyes full of enjoyment.

He looked at Jiang Lan, friendlier than before: “What does Ni Ni usually like to eat?”

After just one mouthful, he already followed Xue Meng in calling him Ni Ni .

Jiang Lan laughed and thought this colleague was a bit interesting: “He is not picky about food and eats everything. But he loves dried fish the most.”

Zhang Tianxing looked in the direction of his finger – there was a small box next to the cat’s nest, which contained various snacks, mostly fed by office colleagues and Ying Qiao. It was Suan Ni’s little treasure trove.

Zhang Tianxing stared at the dried fish for a long time, then scratched Suan Ni’s chin with his fingers, and said in a low voice: “Like eating dried stingray? You are indeed no ordinary cat.”

Suan Ni tilted his head and meowed, his big golden eyes cute and innocent.

Jiang Lan was very close to him, so he heard clearly. He turned his head and asked in confusion: “What kind of dried stingray?”

Zhang Tianxing pointed to the bag of dried fish and said, “That one.”

Then he said to Suan Ni: “Do you like to eat? I will buy it for you.”

Jiang Lan stared at the bag of dried fish, a series of question marks popping up in his eyes.

This was given to Suan Ni by Ying Qiao. He only thought it was an ordinary dried fish.

Jiang Lan had eaten manta ray before. Manta rays lived in the East China Sea and were good at flying. They often appeared in groups and were difficult to catch. But its taste was so delicious that the price of stingray had been highly hyped. It was not only expensive, but also difficult to buy.

The eldest brother did get some fresh stingrays for them to try some time ago.

Although he had never eaten dried stingray, stingray was so expensive, so he knew that the dried fish would not be much cheaper.

He didn’t expect that the dried fish that Ying Qiao gave casually would be dried stingray.

The first thing Jiang Lan thought about was not where the money came from, but why was this person spending money so recklessly?

After spending these days together, he could see to some extent that Ying Qiao’s job might not pay much, but if he went out to work with Boss Chen, he should be able to get a lot of bonuses. It was just that this person always spent money lavishly, that’s why he was so poor.

Just like him, although the salary was high, he could still not afford it.

They all made themselves poor.

It was just that he was not poor now and could eat freely.

But Ying Qiao couldn’t do it. He was so good at making money, but the bonus he got must definitely not be enough.

He didn’t want it.

Jiang Lan felt that it was necessary to talk to Ying Qiao about this matter and tell him not to give away such expensive snacks casually anymore.

The author has something to say:

Longlong: Look at this Yinglong. He is tall, handsome, rich, and can fight. Who will not be a fan of him?!

Movie Emperor Lan (perfunctory): Yeah, yeah, pink, pink, pink. What you say is what it is.


It was still a day when Longlong worked hard to benefit himself.

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