RCFS Ch. 78: Battle of the Heirs 1

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After leaving the hotel, Ye Yunxi pushed the person away, her full red lips hooked into a smile: “In order to get your grandfather to agree, you don’t have to go to so much trouble, right?”

Whether it was the violin performance or the red roses, it was too eye-catching, so as soon as it was publicly announced, everyone in the imperial family would soon know about it, right?

Di Junxie hooked the corner of his mouth, wondered how smart this little woman was?

“What if I said it was all just for you?”


“I don’t like the violin, but the flowers were not bad.”

Di Junxie raised his eyebrows slightly, she didn’t like the violin?

“After all, I can still sell it for some money!”

Di Junxie: …

The first woman in the world who received his gift actually thought of selling it for money!

His black eyes became more and more gloomy, and Di Junxie frowned slightly.

This woman always had the ability to make him angry!

“Then, see you next week!”

After opening the car door, Ye Yunxi calmly left, but Di Junxie stayed silent for a while, then chuckled softly.

While talking about selling it for money, she also threw away the flowers, Ye Yunxi, can you be more cute?

[Ding! Peach Blossom value +10!]

Ye Yunxi: …

Where did this peach blossom value come from! !

When he got home, Di Junxie was indeed called by the old man to the study.

“You just gave her an identity?”

The old man thought it was incredible. Many people had already asked him about the restaurant incident.


The emperor’s evil expression was indifferent, as cold as a perfectly carved jade.

“But she’s nothing now.”

The old man was so angry thinking that she was not worthy of his grandson at all!

“Soon, she will be.”

Di Junxie responded lightly.

“What’s going on? She’s been kicked out of the position of heir! Can’t she go back?!”

Di Junxie lowered his eyes, and his thick eyelashes blocked the light in his eyes.

Go back?

That was natural, he was sure that there would be changes in the Ye family, just at this week’s family banquet!

So, why say so much now?

Di Junxie stood up expressionlessly: “It’s nothing, I’m going to sleep!”

“You…you…! It’s not over yet, that Ye Yunxi is really not worthy of you!”

The old man still wanted to speak, but Di Junxie had already got up leave.

Grandpa Di didn’t know yet, but within three days of what he said, he was slapped in the face!

The battle of the heirs had kicked off. Wasn’t it just a matter of grabbing the title of the heir?

“That, Yunxi, let’s forget it, Dad, we can’t afford this place!”

Ye Junpo stood hesitantly at the entrance of the mall, but refused to go inside.

This Zhenhua shopping mall was the most expensive of all shopping malls. All the items sold here were luxury goods. A casual pair of underwear was sold for four figures, not to mention clothes.

Ye Yunji was also a little hesitant: “Yunxi, it’s just a family banquet, you don’t have to be so inspiring, right?”

And they were no longer the heirs, so returning back with such a dignified personality would inevitably make them the laughing stock in front of everyone.

Most importantly, did they have this much money?

“Since we are going back, we have to go back in a beautiful way!”

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth and pulled the men directly into the men’s clothing store.

The high-end stores were clean and beautiful, shining everywhere, and the shop assistants were also very temperamental and polite.

However, Ye Junpo felt his legs go weak as soon as he saw the price.

Was a shirt worth tens of thousands?

Didn’t he have hundreds of thousands of coats?

Was buying clothes here necessary?

You open a shop selling gold, right? !

Ye Junpo was dazed, but Ye Yunxi had already handed over a few clothes: “I picked it up, try it out.”

“Yun…, Yunxi…”

“Let’s go, dad really has no money!”

“Don’t talk nonsense, dad, this time, let’s go back in a beautiful way!”

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