RCFS Ch. 77: You must get used to it 3

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Well, just get used to it. Anyway, when the time came to see the parents, it would still be natural to enough not show any flaws.

Ye Yunxi calmly hooked the man’s arm and sat down.

There were many people in the restaurant, and even for such an expensive meal, there was a steady stream of diners.

Many people looked over subconsciously, and a small number of them knew Di Junxie.

The circle of the upper class was only so large, and the heir of the emperor’s family was so strong, he would never be forgotten, even after being seen just once.

“That seems to be the Emperor, right?”

“Who is the woman opposite? Is there such a young lady among the big families?”

“She is pretty, and is a good match with the Emperor.”

“Che, it’s just a meal, can it prove that she is the emperor’s girlfriend?”

“That is, isn’t that woman worthy of the emperor?”

When the men’s gaze fell on Ye Yunxi, they were full of surprise, while when the women’s gaze fell on Ye Yunxi, they were full of disdain.

“There is no such person among the young ladies of several major families. Maybe, she just wants to climb up the ranks and deliberately came to eat with him here, poor girl? Does she even understand the etiquettes?”

Etiquettes? I’m sorry, this sister really understands!

Looking up and looking around, Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth and gracefully picked up the knife and fork.

Posture, full marks!

Temperament, also full marks!

It was not that she didn’t know the etiquettes of the upper class. She didn’t care whether she was worthy of Di Junxie, but no one could despise her, Ye Yunxi.

Because if they could do it, so could Ye Yunxi, even if she couldn’t, she could still learn since she has a brain!

The petite woman evoked an arrogant smile, her black eyes lazily swept across the jealous faces, and she swallowed the beef gracefully and calmly, her posture so beautiful that one could not take their eyes off her.

“That’s really not the eldest lady of some family?”

“It’s perfect!”

“Excuse me, this gentleman ordered a “Canon” for the young lady, please enjoy it.”

When the waiter with the violin came to the table, there was a gasp in the surroundings.

Emperor Junxie ordered a violin song for this woman, and it was Canon!

How jealous!


Ye Yunxi smiled and glanced at Emperor Junxie, what was going on?

It was just a contract, did he really need to have to have such a full set up?

However, Emperor Junxie put down his knife and fork, and took time to relax, waiting for the music to start.

Whether it was a contract or not, this was what he wanted to do for Ye Yunxi.

The melodious sound of the violin matched the dim atmosphere of the restaurant, which was romantic and charming.

If it was just any girl sitting here, he was afraid she would have already fallen in love with him, but Ye Yunxi just rubbed her temple.

She felt that being a woman of Emperor Junxie must be very tiring, because this woman must be all-powerful.

Including, knowing how to appreciate music!!!

After the violin performance was over, a large bouquet of fiery roses was brought up, and Ye Yunxi’s mouth was almost cramping because of smiling so hard.

What exactly was he trying to do?

Her intuition told her that there must be a conspiracy!

“Why can’t the roses be given to me!!!”

“Young Emperor Di is so cold-hearted, still he can give roses to someone, this is really unbelievable!”

“I heard that the old man of the Di family is forcing Emperor Junxie to choose his fiancée.”

“So, is she the answer to the old man’s nagging?”

“Interesting, she doesn’t seem to be a member of one of the top families, does the Emperor have some misunderstandings, he won’t be used by wild cats, right?”


Please, it’s him using her now, just admiring Ye Yunxi unilaterally.

But not after three years.

“I’ll send you back.”

The fiery rose, the charming girl, she was even more dazzling than the man’s cold aura, which was so cold that it couldn’t be heat up even with all the fireworks of the world.

He always thought it was quite right!

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