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The two were chatting about the details of the plot when they heard Xi Wei shout from the studio: “Call the main actors here, get ready to start.”

The assistant immediately called Qin Yize and Lin Su, and Luo Ning followed Teacher Xue to the scene to watch.

The shooting scene was a small villa living room in the film and television base. The interior of the house was very warm and the furniture was quite well-used, very similar to the style of home decoration more than 60 years ago. A group photo was hung on the wall behind the sofa, so that the audience would know at a glance that this was the marriage home of the two protagonists.

Teacher Xue turned the script to the twentieth page, leaned into Luo Ning’s ear and said, “This morning’s filming is all about the male and female protagonists at home.”

Luo Ning nodded understandingly. Unlike writing novels that were written according to a timeline, filming a drama was based on scenes. For example, all the scenes at home in the plot would be filmed at one time, and then edited and spliced later. Therefore, screenwriters sometimes changed the script, not only in consideration of the plot, but also because of the venue, funding and other issues.

With Xi Wei’s “action”, the lighting, sound, photographer, and props all got ready.

Feng Mars Chen, Act 20, Home.

Qin Yize walked into the house wearing a military uniform. Just as he was about to lean over to change his shoes, his wife who had come out of the bedroom looked at him in surprise and said, “Aren’t you supervising the preparations for the war on Planet Ryan? Why did you come back suddenly?”

The general was originally serious. But the moment he saw his wife, his face softened suddenly, his eyes were so warm that he almost melted the other party, and his lowered voice was also very gentle: “It was the command that transferred me back and arranged other tasks for me.”

Xi Wei: “Cut!”

When the director called to stop, Qin Yize and Lin Su immediately separated, looking a little dazed.

Xi Wei rubbed his temples with a headache, and said, “Yize, your eyes are not gentle enough, adjust it and start again.”

Qin Yize nodded, but he happened to meet the smiling eyes of Luo Ning, who was sitting next to the director.

His heart skipped a beat, Qin Yize took a deep breath, forced his composure, turned around and adjusted for a moment, and then made an OK gesture to the director.

The filming was restarted, but the director called a stop before his words were finished.

Xi Wei said: “You are going home, not to the army for a meeting, don’t be so serious, do it again.”

After a while, the director called to stop again: “Keep your eyes warmer, standing in front of you is your long-awaited reunited wife, yes, she is the love you care about day and night, your expression is too stiff.”

Seeing Luo Ning smiling as if watching a good show, Qin Yize’s ears couldn’t help but get hot, thinking about how Luo Ning had said in the morning, “I believe in your acting skills. You must play the opposite scene with Lin Su well.” As a result, the director had stopped him three times before the first scene was filmed!

Qin Yize took a deep breath to stabilize his heartbeat and continued shooting.

The general walked into the house and leaned over to change his shoes just in time to meet his long-awaited wife.

Lin Su smiled and said, “Aren’t you supervising the preparations for the war on Planet Ryan? Why did you come back all of a sudden?”

It was Qin Yize’s turn. Qin Yize looked at her as tenderly as possible, and said, “It was the headquarters who transferred me back and arranged other roles for me.”

The audience onlookers, “……”! Actor, your lines are stringed together.

Luo Ning couldn’t help turning his head away, obviously holding back his laughter – Qin Yize, who was wearing a military uniform, said solemnly that the command had arranged for him to play other roles, and this scene was really cute.

Qin Yize realized that he had said the wrong line, his ears turned slightly red, then he hurriedly turned around and bowed to everyone: “Sorry, the words were crossed.”

Xi Wei was a very hot-tempered director, even if Qin Yize was such a big name but if he repeatedly NGed, he would say it bluntly. But today Luo Ning was present, Yize was Luo Ning’s lover after all, and he would definitely have a hard time criticizing him in front of Luo Ning.

Thinking of this, Xi Wei walked up to Qin Yize, called Luo Ning over by the way, and said, “Yize, come with me, and I’ll tell you about this scene. That intern, you too, come and study, the others rest in place for ten minutes.”

The shooting was temporarily suspended.

Xi Wei called Qin Yize and Luo Ning into the lounge, looked at Qin Yize helplessly and said, “Yize, are you feeling pressured because Luo Ning is on the scene? Before working with you, most of your scenes, you could pass in one take, according to your acting skills, there shouldn’t be such a situation of repeated NGs?”

Qin Yize was embarrassed and clarified: “It’s not because of Luo Ning, it may be because of my poor condition.”

Xi Wei frowned: “Who are you lying to? You don’t see your wife in the play at first glance when you enter the door, and your eyes drift to Luo Ning’s side, do you think I can’t see it?”

Qin Yize: “…”

Xi Wei said, “Don’t be distracted, remember you are an actor, you have to play a loving couple with Lin Su in the play, but this is just acting, it’s your job, if you are gentle with her, Luo Ning won’t mind, right?

Luo Ning nodded immediately: “Of course not. Yize, you can play with ease, I will fully support it.”

Xi Wei smiled reassuringly: “Since Luo Ning doesn’t mind, you don’t need to think about it. You can imagine Lin Su as Luo Ning. For example, you and Luo Ning haven’t seen each other for a long time. You come home full of exhaustion. There are warm yellow lights in your little villa. Then he comes out of the bedroom and smiles at you. What should your eyes look like when you look at him?”

Qin Yize was brought into the scene by Xi Wei’s hypnotic description. He seemed to really see Luo Ning standing in the living room. He smiled and said to him, “Yize, you are finally back. I can’t hold you to sleep at night, so I can’t sleep well. I missed you so much.”

His eyes softened involuntarily, thinking to himself, this clingy man. The guy is still inseparable from me.

Xi Wei clapped his palms: “It’s great, it’s the current look, the look in your eyes now is the expression of true liking for someone. Sure enough, you needed to think of Luo Ning to help you find the right feelings.”

Qin Yize: ” ????”

Looking at Luo Ning’s smiling eyes, Qin Yize hurriedly clarified: “No, uncle, you misunderstood…”

Xi Wei interrupted him: “Remember how you feel now, continue to maintain it later, you can adjust it.” After speaking, he patted Qin Yize’s shoulder and turned away.

Qin Yize and Luo Ning were left to stare at each other in the room.

After a while, Luo Ning took the initiative to break the silence and said with a smile: “Yize, don’t be under pressure, I’ll be watching and learning, you can pretend that I don’t exist and try to immerse yourself in the plot. I know you don’t like me, but you can imagine a person you like, according to uncle’s description, you haven’t seen each other for a long time, you are very tired from filming, and he is waiting for you when you get home, won’t your heart instantly warm up?”

Qin Yize felt a little embarrassed, so he looked away: “How can you still talk about the drama? Who did you learn from?”

Luo Ning smiled happily: “I recognized Teacher Xue An’an as my master, and she taught me. She said that the screenwriter knows her script the best. Sometimes I also have to assist the director to explain the scene to the actors.”

Facing his happy smile, Qin Yize couldn’t help but slightly raise the corner of his lips.

Although this guy used the excuse of visiting the crew for the purpose of apprenticeship and learning art, it was indeed a good thing for Teacher Xue to accept him as his apprentice, and it was no wonder that he was smiling so happily.

Thinking of this, Qin Yize’s mood also improved a lot, and he said lightly: “Teacher Xue has won many awards, with such a master, you have to study hard, she is very cheerful and has a good temper, if you don’t understand anything, with her as your master, you can ask her directly.”

Luo Ning nodded: “Of course. Except on the 15th, when I will go to the scene for the audition of my new play, I will follow the whole process of shooting this play and learn from Teacher Xue along the way.”

Qin Yize was a little surprised: “With the crew all the way?”

Wouldn’t it be possible to see him every day then?

Why was he feeling a little happy? But there were some worries.

As soon as he met Luo Ning, his mind went crazy.

Qin Yize quickly picked up his mood and said, “I’m going to film.”

Luo Ning said, “Well, come on!”

Feng Mars Chen, Act 20, Home.

When the general came home, he happened to see his wife whom he hadn’t seen for a long time and met Lin Su’s gentle smile. Qin Yize seemed to see Luo Ning, who was smiling, happily saying to him, “I have found my master.” His eyes couldn’t help but soften when looking at her.

Qin Yize, who was in the state, quickly said his lines without a single mistake. He walked to the sofa with his “wife” and asked in a low voice, “Did you miss me?”

Lin Su cooperated: “Of course, you are at home for only a few days throughout the year, and video calls are inconvenient…”

Qin Yize said softly: “Sorry, you also know my identity. The border has been very unsafe recently. I am a soldier and must perform my duties.”

Lin Su smiled considerately: “I was joking. The day I married you, I knew who you are, I won’t drag you down… By the way, you definitely didn’t eat, right? I’ll go to the kitchen to make you dinner.”

Qin Yize’s eyes were gentle: “Okay, I like the vegetables you make the most.”

The heroine got up and went to the kitchen, and the hero went back to the bedroom to change clothes.

Xi Wei said with relief: “OK, this scene has passed.”

Qin Yize: “????”

Really passed?

God knew that he had been thinking of Lin Su as Luo Ning just now, and he was still in a trance in the process of acting. The moment the filming was over, he looked back, Luo Ning, who was sitting next to the director, was giving him a thumbs up with a smile, and said with his lips, “Great acting.”

Qin Yize’s ears turned red instantly.

Lin Su joked: “Yize, are you shy? Why are your ears red.”

Qin Yize glanced at her and said solemnly, “No, I just feel a little hot.”

Assistant Xiao Qi immediately took a cooling fan and turned it towards Qin Yize, while Qin Yize pretended to be very hot and sat in the resting place being blown by the fan, in fact, he wanted to calm himself down. Seeing this scene, Li Xin held his forehead helplessly: Yize, you the innocent Alpha are also a clear stream in the Alpha world. What if Luo Ning eats you to death in the future?

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