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Xi Wei was a director who was very strict with the quality of the film. No matter how popular the actor was or how strong his background was, if he wanted to cooperate with Xi Wei, his acting skills must pass the test. As long as one of the actor’s expressions or movements was not in place, he would take a dozen shots to be satisfied.

The last time he worked with Qin Yize on “The Replicant Project”, Xi Wei was most impressed by the scene where Replicant No. 5 went to death calmly. For that particularly difficult action scene, and the final facial expression, Xi Wei originally set aside a whole day, he wanted to grind it slowly, but Qin Yize actually passed the scene with only two shots. Even the demanding Xi Wei couldn’t fault it.

Xi Wei recognized Qin Yize’s acting skills quite a bit, which was why after the completion of “The Replicant Project”, Xi Wei immediately asked him to make an appointment to collaborate on his next war film “Feng Mars Chen”.

But today, the scene of the couple reuniting was actually filmed five times?

Xi Wei didn’t believe that Qin Yize couldn’t even act in such a simple scene. It must be because Luo Ning was beside him that Qin Yize was disturbed. After all, even a very dedicated actor would feel embarrassed to perform an intimate scene with another woman in front of his lover? Fortunately, he called Luo Ning over in time to reassure Qin Yize. Sure enough, after Luo Ning said “I don’t mind”, Qin Yize and Lin Su filmed the reunion scene perfectly.

Xi Wei thought with a smile, the young men just got married, their relationship is so good, so he must have been afraid that the other party would be jealous seeing him film such a scene.

Fortunately, Qin Yize had already adjusted and found the feeling. The next few scenes were filmed relatively smoothly. It was not until 12 noon that Xi Wei asked everyone to stop work and have lunch first.

Luo Ning had watched the filming all morning and was already hungry. Hearing about the break, he immediately went to get a box lunch actively. He didn’t just take his own, but took three servings, brought back Xi Wei and Xue An’an’s lunch, and politely let the two elders eat it first.

When he put down the meal and turned to go get the soup again, Xue An’an couldn’t help but praise: “Director, your little Luo is really sensible. You see, when he came, the young girls in the whole crew liked to talk to him, and he looked at them with smile on his face all day long. He feels kind to look at!”

“He just learned to speak when he was a child, and his mouth was very sweet. He threw himself into my arms and called me Uncle every time he saw me. Then he smiled like a little angel. We all liked him very much. Moreover, he has been very good since he was a child, and he never let people down in terms of grades. My family has never been worried about it, and he always come first in the test.” Xi Wei paused for a while, with a proud look on his face, then he leaned over and said, “I’m not bragging, my nephew is indeed very smart.”

Xue An’an smiled: “I also think he’s all right. By the way, I took him as my apprentice, do you mind?”

Xi Wei was a little surprised: “Accept as an apprentice? Do you want to teach him seriously?”

Xue An’an nodded: “I see that he is very interested in screenwriting and has a lot of novel ideas in his head, so I want to cultivate him. Maybe he can become a big screenwriter in the future, and he will also cooperate with his uncle.”

Xi Wei laughed: “This possibility is not too big, right? I guess he is also mostly curious, and he came to the crew to join in the fun. As far as his skills are concerned, he did not take any professional classes, and he doesn’t know how to be a screenwriter at all.”

“It doesn’t matter if he was not a professional student, the script professionals write might also be a lousy one. You still have to rely on some talent to do screenwriting. I think Xiao Luo has great potential. Anyway, let him learn it first.”

“Well, since you have this heart, I’ll thank you on behalf of Xiao Luo first.”

While chatting, Luo Ning came in with another three servings of soup. Then Xue An’an said: “Xiao Luo, this kind of work can be handed over to the assistants, why did you still go get lunch yourself?”

Luo Ning smiled and said, “The two assistant girls are going crazy with work, and I, the intern, am also idle anyway. If I have nothing to do, just go get it myself. By the way, why haven’t you started eating yet? Aren’t you hungry?”

Xi Wei beckoned, “We are chatting, come over quickly, let’s eat together.”

The three sat together, just as they were about to start eating, there was a sudden knock on the door outside the lounge. It was Li Xin, Qin Yize’s manager.

Li Xin came in with an insulated food box with a smile on his face, and said, “Director, Teacher Xue, these are some snacks that Yize brought from home. His mother knew that he was going to join the filming group and made some cakes for him, which is very good. He sent some to give you a taste.”

Xi Wei nodded knowingly: “Okay, thank Yize for us, he has the heart.”

Li Xin hurriedly waved his hand: “You’re welcome, this is as it should be! You eat slowly, I won’t disturb you, excuse me.”

After the agent turned around and left, Xi Wei smiled and pushed the dessert in front of Luo Ning and said, “Eat it, it’s all for you.”

Luo Ning looked innocent: “This is Qin Yize honoring the director. Yes.”

Xi Wei rolled his eyes at him: “What are pretending in front of me for? Don’t you know that I hate sweets the most? He is offering borrowed flowers to Buddha.”

Luo Ning took the lunch box with a smile and opened it, sure enough, it was a cake made by Mother Yu Lan, and it was even his favorite flavor.

Xue An’an was a little surprised: “Yize and Xiao Luo know each other?”

Luo Ning and Xi Wei looked at each other, and when they saw each other nod, they calmly explained, “Master, Yize and I are actually married.”

Xue An’an went “Pfft”. She almost sprayed out the water she had just drunk, and looked at Luo Ning with round eyes: “What did you say? Married?”

Luo Ning nodded and said, “Him and I were introduced by Uncle Xi Wei, and we just got married last month. Few people know about the wedding.”

Xue An’an couldn’t believe that Qin Yize and the handsome guy in front of her had actually gotten married. But on second thought, Qin Yize used to seldom NG while filming, but today he made repeated mistakes and remembered the wrong lines. It turned out that because there was a “real wife” on the scene, he couldn’t act intimately with his “fake wife” in the play at all.

Xue An’an touched her chin suddenly, “So that’s what it is… No wonder Yize was in a bad state today. You really know how to act, you even said you were his fan, and asked him for an autograph!”

“We agreed to pretend not to know each other. After all, there are many people on the crew, and I don’t want the news to leak.” Luo Ning explained seriously.

Xi Wei patted Luo Ning on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, Ms. Xue and I have worked together in several dramas, and she won’t tell outsiders.”

Xue An’an immediately assured: “I’ve always been tight-lipped about all kinds of gossip in the circle. However, Qin Yize’s image to the outside world is a high-cold male god, and his team has been publicizing that Qin Yize has never been in love, and he has never had any scandals in the circle, so why did he marry you so suddenly?”

Luo Ning smiled slightly, and said, “It’s probably because when love comes, you can’t stop it.”

Xi Wei held his forehead: “Aren’t you ashamed as an Omega when saying this?”

Luo Ning said calmly: “What’s to be shy about when talking about being married? Omegas can also boldly pursue the ones they like.”

Xi Wei laughed out loud: “You really inherited your Omega father’s ‘daring’ gene.”

Luo Ning corrected with a smile: “This should be our family’s genes.”

Xi Wei touched his nose and did not refute, because he was also a bold Omega.


In the lounge next door, Qin Yize saw Li Xin coming back and couldn’t help but wonder: “Where did you go without eating?”

Li Xin smiled and said, “I gave Luo Ning the cakes that Madam sent you.

Qin Yize frowned displeasedly: “What are you doing for him?”

Li Xin looked at Qin Yize with a foolish look: “You don’t like sweets, and you don’t know how to please Luo Ning, so those pastries were just placed there. They would later only be distributed to the crew by Xiaoqi, but I helped you give it to Luo Ning, so that Luo Ning will have a better impression of you, isn’t that better?”

Qin Yize was stunned, and looked away awkwardly: “Who cares about his impression of me? We don’t have any feelings.”

Li Xin rolled his eyes and said, “How many times have you been stopped by the director this morning? You even said ‘the headquarters arranged other tasks for me’ as ‘the headquarters arranged other roles for me’.! You are so amazing, the headquarters will let you act, right?!”

Qin Yize: “…”

Li Xin began to educate him again: “Do you still remember the movie you acted when you first debuted? Wasn’t it an idol drama? Your character was the male No. 2 who pretends to be cold on the surface but is actually hard mouthed but soft-hearted. Every time you looked at the heroine, your eyes went soft and watery, and the director praised you for your good acting! What, how long has it been? Nian, is your acting regressing? Was it not because Luo Ning was watching, you cared too much about his thoughts, and you couldn’t let go! You don’t know, your face was stiff, and your eyes were still looking at Luo Ning’s side, do you think I’m blind?”

Qin Yize: “…”

What the agent said seemed to make sense?

Seeing that Li Xin was going to continue to nag, Qin Yize interrupted him immediately: “It’s alright, it’s alright, if you give Luo Ning the cake, just give it, I didn’t say much, why do you keep babbling on! Instead of worrying about me and Luo Ning, it’s better to worry about my career.”

Li Xin complained: “Who told you to be so innocent since you have never been in love, Luo Ning is so popular, and you are not afraid that he will be chased by others.”

Qin Yize said coldly: “That’s none of my business.”

Li Xin said angrily: “Remember what you said today, don’t beg me for advice on emotional matters in the future!”

In fact, Qin Yize and Li Xin had known each other for nearly ten years and had a very good relationship. Li Xin was his senior in college. When he entered the entertainment industry, Li Xin was also a little-known agent. The two worked hard together, Qin Yize slowly became popular, and Li Xin also became a well-known agent. They nominally had a relationship of an agent and an artist, but their relationship was actually more like brothers. That’s why Li Xin cared so much about Qin Yize’s relationship status and spoke openly to Qin Yize.

Qin Yize looked at the back of Li Xin leaving and was a little puzzled.

Li Xin was one of the people who knew him best. Li Xin had always said that he liked Luo Ning. Could it be that he really… really liked Luo Ning?

Liked the clingy Omega who dragged him into the water so that they had to get a license, snatched his first kiss at the wedding, drilled into his arms every day during the honeymoon, and bit teeth marks on his neck?

How could he possibly like such an Omega? It was not that he’s out of his mind.

Qin Yize dived into deep contemplation.

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