CFCS Ch. 212.2: Road to Immortality (1)

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The middle-aged man in purple robes looked over Jing Yang several times, but no one could tell what he was thinking about, and he didn’t give any explanation about the piece of white jade, but said directly, “The boat will arrive early to pick up the few people tomorrow morning and will depart before noon tomorrow. You must board the boat before departure without delay. You must also take good care of these jade pendants, otherwise you will not be able to go to the island.”

He didn’t stay any longer and went straight away with the sword.

As soon as those people left, the originally quiet crowd immediately began to talk to each other, and most of them sighed that at Zhu Yang Island, even the general manager, was at the level of immortal, it really deserved to be the first immortal island.

Everyone walked in under the leadership of the four patriarchs while talking. Jing Yang was thinking about whether he should go with them or go back to the original owner’s yard to rest. One of the four patriarchs turned around and called out, “Xiao Jing, you come here too.”

“Yes, father.” Jing Yang blurted out.

The other teenagers who got the jade also looked at him, with different emotions in their eyes, Jing Yang ignored them and went inside.

It turned out that the banquet to see them off had already been prepared. At their age, they should have gone to sit with the other teenagers, but because they were the protagonists today, they were seated just below the four masters and mistresses.

Jing Yang walked in all the way, and already felt a lot of envious eyes. Not only people around his age, but also many older people looked at him with envy or jealousy. However, he was not the only one who received these glances. The other teenagers who also received jade pendants received even more envy and jealousy than he received.

Jing Yang sat down at a separate low table, looking at the delicate and delicious dishes on the table, he suddenly felt a little hungry, and after the opening of the banquet was announced, he started eating without communicating with anyone. The others seemed to be used to him being like this, so no one looked at him with puzzled eyes, but they were puzzled as they didn’t understand why Jing Yang got the white jade pendant.

The above-mentioned patriarchs chatted with their mistresses, and the attitude of the other three patriarchs and mistresses towards the original owner’s stepmother could be described as flattering. Jing Yang listened to their chat carefully while eating, trying to get some information.

The other three mistresses expressed their gratitude and said that if it wasn’t for the original owner’s stepmother, their children would not be able to go to Zhu Yang Island in this life.

The other three family owners were also full of praise for the good family of the original owner and stepmother, and their flattering tone was very inconsistent with their appearance and identity.

The original owner’s stepmother always listened with a smile on her face, and occasionally said a few polite words, but she couldn’t hide the arrogant look in her eyes. Jing Yang could see at a glance that she must be proud and excited at the moment, but she just thought about it again. She could only show her mistress’s bearing and indifference without showing her pride. That kind of pretentious attitude, but also pretending to be different, seemed very ridiculous in Jing Yang’s eyes.

The few people above chatted and talked about the few people who were going to leave tomorrow. They said that they didn’t know when they would meet each other, so they couldn’t help feeling sad and worried.

The original owner’s stepmother was looking at her son with reluctant and loving eyes, but her eyes suddenly turned to Jing Yang, and her eyes and expressions changed immediately.

Jing Yang saw her adjust her expression, and then call out in a deliberately gentle voice, “Jing’er, come to mother.”

Jing Yang had just eaten his fill and felt a little nauseated when he heard her voice, but he still stood up and walked over.

The original owner’s stepmother looked at Jing Yang with a smile and said, “Would you like to show your mother the jade pendant you got?”

After hearing her words, the people at the banquet stopped eating, drinking and even talking and they all curiously looked at them.

Jing Yang felt very uncomfortable in his heart because he had called herself his mother. This should have come from the original owner’s emotions, just as he would feel disgusted when he heard this woman’s gentle voice.

Jing Yang knew that this woman must have bad intentions, but in front of so many people, he couldn’t refuse. Jing Yang was actually not afraid of what she would do, so he brought out the jade pendant from his sleeve.

The original owner’s stepmother stretched out her palm, and the moment Jing Yang put the jade on it, she suddenly shouted and threw the jade out, “Ah!!”

“Mother!” The teenager who had just occupied the original owner’s position quickly stood up and rushed over, then holding his mother’s hand, he asked eagerly, “Mother, what’s wrong with your hand?”

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