CFCS Ch. 213.1: Road to Immortality (2)

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The original owner’s stepmother’s face had gone pale, and she seemed to be really in pain. She stretched out her fingers tremblingly, and her palms were covered with blood.

The original owner’s half-brother originally thought that his mother was pretending in order to destroy the jade pendant, but he never thought that his mother was really injured, he immediately stood up angrily, grabbed Jing Yang’s collar and asked, “What did you do to my mother??! You actually burned my mother’s hand! Why is your heart so vicious?!”

Jing Yang waved his hand and said, “I just got this jade pendant, what can I do in such a short time?”

He walked down from the top and bent over to pick up the white jade pendant. Who knew that her fingertips just touched the jade pendant and were immediately burned.

Everyone looked at the piece of jade suspiciously, and then turned to Jing Yang. Many people thought that it was very likely that he had moved his hands and feet on the jade pendant.

“Husband…, me, my hand, it hurts.” The original owner’s stepmother’s face had become paler and her forehead was sweating. She was really in pain, and she felt that her hand was about to be broken. She was also a person with strong spiritual power. She did not expect that she would be injured like this by a piece of jade pendant, and she would not even be able to relieve the pain by mobilizing her spiritual power.

“Xiao Jing, what’s going on?” the original owner’s father frowned and asked Jing Yang.

“I just got this jade pendant, I don’t know what happened.” Jing Yang said with a blank expression, neither arrogant nor humble.

“Good son” another owner walked down and said to the original owner’s father, “Xiaojing, this child loves to cause trouble and is unwilling to admit it, his problem remains unchanged. If he really goes to Zhu Yang Island, we still don’t know what kind of trouble he will cause. The younger brother and sister were kind enough to give him the opportunity to go to Zhu Yang Island, but with his temperament, I think it’s better to let him stay back, it will not only affect your happy family, but also the four of our families.”

Dozens of people present nodded in agreement.

While the original owner’s stepmother was in pain, there was still a hint of joy in her heart. She felt that if she could successfully prevent Jing Yang from going to Zhu Yang Island, her injury would not have been in vain.

Just as Xiao Liangqi was silent and seemed to be considering whether to keep Jing Yang back or not, the white jade, which had fallen to the ground, suddenly emitted a dazzling light, and then flew up by itself, constantly glowing in the air.

At this time, a voice suddenly came from the sky and said, “This jade should not be touched by anyone other than the person selected by it, otherwise they will be burned by a mysterious fire. Anyone who is selected by the jade must be sent to Zhu Yang Island, otherwise, your four major families in the southern border will be wiped out.”

This voice was the voice of the person who claimed to be the head of the disciples of Zhu Yang Island just now.

The original owner’s stepmother heard that she was actually burned by a mysterious fire, which meant that her hand would not be cured easily, and her injury was also in vain, because the person selected by the jade must be sent to Zhu Yang Island. In pain and anger, she rolled back her eyes and fainted.

“Mother!” Xiao Ling shouted immediately when he saw that she had fainted.

“Go and call a doctor.” Xiao Liangqi instructed his servant.

The scene was very chaotic for a while, and the piece of white jade flew into Jing Yang’s sleeve by itself. When Jing Yang saw that there was nothing for him to do, he turned and left alone in the chaos.

Originally Jing Yang thought that if going to Zhu Yang Island was good for him, even if they didn’t let him go, he could find a way to go by himself. But now, it seemed that someone insisted on him going to Zhu Yang Island, otherwise why would he threaten those who didn’t want to let him go.

Jing Yang returned to the original owner’s room, thinking that he was going to go to the place called Zhu Yang Island tomorrow, he felt that he had to figure whether he should go or not before leaving.

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