CFCS Ch. 213.2: Road to Immortality (2)

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After the system was activated, memories flooded into Jing Yang’s mind. The original owner’s name was Xiao Jing. His father was the head one of the four major families in the southern realm of the immortal cultivation layer. The head of the Xiao family, Xiao Liangqi, was his father’s eldest son.

The world was divided into five levels, the so-called five levels, in addition to the division of living environment, also included the division of identity and cultivation methods.

Ordinary humans and animals lived in the environment of the fifth-layer human world. There was no possibility of spiritual power or cultivation of immortals. However, they could practice martial arts, but martial power, spiritual power, and immortality were completely different things.

The fourth layer was the spiritual layer, which meant that people living in this layer of environment mainly cultivated spiritual power, but there was a big gap between them and the immortal method. Although spiritual power was high enough to be able to cultivate immortality, very few people could actually do it.

The third level was the Immortal Cultivation Level. The so-called Immortal Cultivator referred to a person with extremely high spiritual power who could rely on cultivation or other methods to become immortal. In other words, immortal cultivators were not real immortals, but they were much more powerful than those on the spiritual level.

The second layer was the Immortal Realm layer, that was, they had cultivated to become immortals and had their own immortal mountains or immortal islands. Some immortals would develop their own sects and disciples, while some immortals lived alone.

The first layer was the celestial layer, a place that could only be reached by cultivators who had become gods. However, because there were only a few who could be called gods, the celestial world was too empty and desolate, so gods generally lived in their own immortal mountains or Fairy Island.

Except for the fact that the number of people in the first layer was too small, so there was not much distinction between the status and class, the family status and class of the other layers were very different. Just like the human world layer, there were common people, civil and military officials, and royal family members. The distinction between status was very obvious.

Although there were no emperors and officials in other worlds except the human world, there was a more serious difference in status than the human world, but the difference was different.

The origin of the original owner was one of the highest clans in the third-level cultivation layer, but the cultivation layer was not only one of the four families with the highest status, it could only be regarded as one of the families with the highest status in the southern realm, because in the cultivation layer there were north, south, east, and west: four realms.

The original owner’s parents were childhood sweethearts, and their marriage contract was made since childhood. Because of their outstanding looks, the two were called the first beautiful man and the first beauty in the southern border. This was the reason why the original owner’s appearance could make even Jing Yang sigh.

However, sometimes, when the appearance was too outstanding, the possibility of causing disaster was also very large. For example, the parents of the original owner, who had known each other since childhood, had been a loving couple for a period of time after they got married, and soon gave birth to the original owner. But there were always some people who would do anything to rob others of happiness.

There were mutual checks and balances between layers, otherwise the human world layer could not exist like other layers. If someone from the higher layers tried to enter the Human layer, they would be punished by heaven, and once they were punished, they would be wiped out after suffering great pain, and even their soul would not be left, so no one dared to take the risk.

However, apart from the most severe restriction of the Heavenly Punishment at the Human Realm layer, the restrictions between other layers were not so severe. This was also the reason that although there were no emperors and officials in other layers, the difference in status was very large, because it was possible to suppress other families by relying on the ability of the family, and they could suppress other people by relying on personal ability, and murder was not punished by the law. It all depended on you or the background forces behind you.

When the original owner’s father was not the owner of the family, or even the heir to the family, he went to the Immortal world to wish the city owner of Heming City a birthday. Because of his outstanding appearance, he attracted the attention of the city owner’s youngest daughter, Lan Manzi.

But the original owner’s father was already married at that time, and the original owner had also been born, even if Lan Manzi wanted to marry the original owner’s father, it was impossible at the time.

Heming City was a very prestigious holy place for cultivators in the world of immortality, because of this the Lan family, the administrator of Heming City, was also a huge and powerful family. This family had produced ten immortals, and one of them had even become a god. With such a background, it was already one of the top families in the Immortal Cultivation Realm, and even in the Immortal Realm, it was considered very powerful.

Lan Manzi was the youngest daughter of the city lord, because this daughter had been born in their old age, so the city lord and his wife doted on this daughter in every possible way and would satisfy her no matter what she wanted.

However, Lan Manzi, who grew up under the pampering of her parents, showed disdain for many suitors, but she fell in love with Xiao Liangqi, who was already married.

Lan Manzi could be said to have gotten whatever she wanted since she was a child. Even if she knew that Xiao Liangqi was married and had a child, she would still not give up so easily that what she wanted.

Lan Manzi found various reasons to invite Xiao Liangqi to Heming, the most used excuse was to tell him the fastest way to improve his spiritual power, and even help him become an immortal cultivator. For any cultivator, being able to become an immortal cultivator was a huge temptation, because only by becoming an immortal cultivator could one have the opportunity to become an immortal. And even if he couldn’t become an immortal, as long as he could become a powerful immortal cultivator, he could not only improve his own status, but also increase the strength of his family.

Xiao Liangqi knew that Lan Manzi liked him, and he only loved his wife in his heart, but under the temptation of becoming an immortal cultivator, he did not explicitly reject Lan Manzi, and secretly communicated with her, while always keeping a proper distance from her.

Lan Manzi heard that Xiao Liangqi’s wife was very beautiful, and she was a little disdainful of such rumors, but she failed to seduce Xiao Liangqi several times, so she was naturally unwilling and wanted to see what Xiao Liangqi’s wife looked like, such that Xiao Liangqi would not be seduced by her.

Lan Manzi was originally very confident in her appearance, but after meeting Xiao Liangqi’s wife, no matter how much she didn’t want to admit it, she had to face the fact that that woman was indeed more beautiful than her. And when she saw the two of them hugging their child happily and snuggling together, the jealous anger in her heart couldn’t be controlled. Not only did she want to replace that woman, she also wanted to make that woman disappear.

Lan Manzi made another appointment to meet Xiao Liangqi, and then she put medicine in the wine they were drinking, so that they had a physical relationship. It was the first time that Xiao Liangqi was drugged into have a physical relationship with her. He didn’t know what happened. He didn’t realize it until he was drugged by Lan Manzi several times.

And once Lan Manzi became pregnant, then she ran to her parents crying about her love with Xiao Liangqi, begging her parents to fulfill their wishes.

Lan Manzi’s father got to know that his daughter was pregnant before marriage and was immediately angry. He originally thought that he could not let Xiao Liangqi go but looking at his crying daughter and wife with red and swollen eyes, he had to follow Lan Manzi’s wishes for his daughter’s reputation. He wished to find a way to make Xiao Liangqi marry her before Lan Manzi’s belly started growing.

Xiao Liangqi was also stunned when he found out that Lan Manzi was pregnant, because he never thought of marrying Lan Manzi. Although Lan Manzi had a prominent family background and looked very good, the only person he loved was his wife. And in his heart, Lan Manzi was a frivolous woman. She could do such things to him, so she could do these things with other men as well. He even thought that the child Lan Manzi was pregnant with was not necessarily his.

Lan Manzi’s father, as the city lord of Heming City, was a very capable person. In his heart, apart from having a particularly beautiful face, Xiao Liangqi had nothing to satisfy him, and what was the use of a man being so good-looking except to confuse women?

He felt that his daughter could have a better future, but when he was painstakingly selecting a son-in-law candidate, he never imagined that his daughter would become pregnant with the child of someone he completely despised. But the matter had come to this point, no matter whether Xiao Liangqi had a biological son or not, he must marry his daughter, and his daughter must be the rightful wife.

Xiao Liangqi’s wife died suddenly and unexpectedly. Less than a month after her death, news came out that Xiao Liangqi was going to marry Lan Manzi, and the two quickly got married.

The other bystanders were confused since they were so fast in everything had no time to react, and when others were still unclear about the situation, everything was settled.

After many years, when some people who were very close to these things recalled these things, anyone with a little scheming could roughly guess what had happened, but no one dared to openly discuss these things.

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