RNMG Ch. 49.3

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Huaxing Art School.    

After Yu Xi parked the car, he made a phone call.    

“Hello? Hello, Mr. Yang, we’ve already arrived at the playground? Okay.” Yu Xi who hung up the phone looked at Si Huang, “They are in the playground.”    

“Let’s go.” Si Huang replied, then she took the lead to walk towards the playground.

Si Huang’s name was absolutely reverberating in the current Huaxing Art School, and the students of Huaxing Art School would stop when they saw her along the way. Accompanied by screams and discussions, Si Huang walked to the playground without looking sideways, and many people were already following behind her.

The playground had a temporary awning, with a few people sitting in it along with the filming staff.

The figure of Si Huang was noticed by the people inside as soon as he appeared.

When she walked inside the awning, a young man in a gray-blue suit stood up, “Hello, I’m Yang Bixian, and I’m also the person in charge of this brand endorsement.”

“Hello, I’m Si Huang.” Si Huang reached out and shook hands politely, then let go.

“Your real person looks even more perfect than the photo.” Yang Bixian looked at her and praised her for a while, “It’s the same as I thought, very suitable for BR’s style.” In fact, the first time he saw Si Huang coming, he noticed, it was not that Si Huang suited BR’s style, but BR looked more dazzling because of her. It’s just that, he won’t say it directly.

Si Huang smiled generously: “I think the results of the next work will also satisfy you.”

Yang Bixian’s eyes flashed, and he felt that the test he had prepared at the beginning was completely unnecessary. “Okay.”

This time, the RB working group had a total of ten sets of clothes, specially selected according to Si Huang’s height and size, casual clothes, shirt suits, sports clothes and home clothes.

Yang Bixian said, “This set you are wearing is also the latest design of the season, it has been brought out just to shoot a set here…” He pointed to the basketball court in front, “It was agreed at the beginning, it’s okay to play a game of basketball, right?

Si Huang folded his sleeves up, “No problem.”

Yang Bixian nodded first and shouted to the surrounding students: “9 boys who can play basketball!”

Few people present did not know about the RB brand. Yes, they understood that this was an opportunity to appear on the camera, even if they didn’t show their faces a lot, they would still appear on the camera, so they actively stood up one by one.

Yang Bixian personally selected 9 boys from the boys who came out. All of them were over 1.7 meters tall and above average in appearance. Standing in a row, they looked pleasing to the eye.

This was why art schools could produce so many good-looking teenagers at once.

“How you usually play basketball, you still play basketball now, but at the critical moment, you still have to highlight Si Huang and give him the opportunity, understand?” Yang Bixian reminded them.


“Okay, let’s get started.”

The camera was raised, the cameraman pointed the lens at the basketball court from top to bottom, and the other staff were also in their positions.

The 9 boys on the basketball court were divided into two teams, and the two sides were standing on their respective sides.

Si Huang, was the striker of the red team, Yang Bixian first threw the ball to her, and then blew the whistle, indicating that it was time to start.

The two members of the blue team immediately surrounded Si Huang, and their expressions were well done, but it was also easy to see that they had no intention of letting Si Huang stand out at all.

“Mr. Yang, do you see this?” The director of the shooting turned around and asked what Yang Bixian meant.

Yang Bixian frowned, feeling unhappy that these young people were fooling around, but he still said, “Let’s take a shot and see.” After all, the effect of the water release must have a show component, and it cannot be covered up by the intensive edits in the later stage. Yang Bixian had a little idea in his heart: if Si Huang has real skills in sports, the effect of shooting with real materials would definitely be better, more realistic and eye-catching.

“Si Huang, pass it on to me!” the boy assigned to the center back of the red team shouted as he ran.

Si Huang glanced sideways, and with a shot of his left hand, the basketball was accurately projected at the boy who was shouting.

The boy received the ball with a happy face, and immediately dribbled the ball and ran.

The two boys who were originally surrounding Si Huang secretly gave her a provocative look, one of them went away, and left the other to guard her.

The scene became four-on-four, and even if the camera mainly focused on Si Huang, there was no exciting point to dig.

“If you want to pretend to be a sports all-rounder, you have to be more reliable.” The boy who was sticking to Si Huang whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “You thought everything would be fine with a handsome face! It’s too beautiful!”

Si Huang said lightly: “In the end, you are jealous.”

The boy’s face turned red instantly, “Who the hell is jealous!”

Just when the camera turned to this side, Si Huang smiled and looked bright, “Some people, you are destined to be only envious and jealous of, and even if you chase after them, you can’t catch up.”

The boy was dazzled by the sudden smile, and then heard people’s screams and found that he had grabbed the ball. He showed a smug smile and said to Si Huang, “Little white face who only talks big…”


Before the boy’s words were finished, he stared at Si Huang as he bent over and got out of his defense. He immediately chased after him but was stunned to find that he couldn’t catch Si Huang at all.

On the basketball court, the basketball forward who just grabbed the ball rushed into the red square court with a confident smile on his face, skillfully dodged one or two interceptions, and when he reached the perfect distance in his mind, he went to shoot the ball with both hands. …


A crisp and thick voice sounded.

The blue team striker only felt the white shadows in front of him, and the sense of reality in his hands had disappeared.

He turned his head in amazement, only a handsome back was left in his sight.

“Stop him!”

Without the blue team’s striker shouting, the other four members of the blue team all surrounded Si Huang-knowing that the camera master was catching Si Huang, they had to follow him if they wanted to be on camera. And did they really want him to stand out alone? They were not fools!

Boys were jealous and wanted to embarrass people of the same sex. They generally didn’t play tricks. They shouldn’t look down on us. What’s the matter with them? From the behavior, they were full of male aggression, which was obvious at a glance.

In the face of the four-person siege, the people from the red team also came and stood far away, “Pass the ball! Pass the ball!”

This time, Si Huang didn’t even glance at the person, he dribbled and sprinted without looking sideways.

“Fuck! You’re so arrogant, we’ll see how humiliated you are!”

The first 1.75-meter boy stood in front of him with a sturdy body, his palms facing down to grab the ball.

Si Huang flexibly turned sideways as expected, the hand dribbling the ball easily turned, the basketball bounced under the boy’s crotch, Si Huang and the boy passed sideways, and the basketball returned to her hand just in time.

The second interceptor came immediately, Si Huang’s eyes shifted to the right, her body leaned, and her right hand dribbling the ball also went to the right.

The blue team’s guard quickly followed, already thinking of the feeling of getting the basketball in his hand, and then his smile froze…

Swipe – his right hand shook from his waist, the basketball was thrown from behind to the left, and he continued to dribble with his left hand, and Si Huang’s body naturally returned to normal. He moved on without even looking at the blue defender who was leaning and nearly fell.

This was fake action!

The third… Si Huang, who was dribbling the ball abruptly, stopped suddenly, and the stop was quite steady and unexpected. The basketball team’s center guard couldn’t stop in time, and when he came to his senses, Si Huang had already left.

The fourth… couldn’t catch up at all!


From beyond the three-point line.

The slender boy jumped lightly and powerfully, the basketball was thrown in a beautiful parabola from his hand, and the sound of the perfect shot was simply pleasant.

From the teenager’s arrival, bending, jumping, shooting, landing… The whole process was as smooth as one that could only be achieved after countless rehearsals, and it was all smooth and natural to the eyes.

She landed on her feet, glanced at the basketball that had already run away, and then reached out and tangled the hair scattered on her forehead to the back of her head. The fair and slender five fingers were like jade carvings, weaving between the black hair, the slightly raised jaw, the full forehead, while he squinted over to look at the blue team’s losers’ eyes, clear and full of the disdain of the winner.

The scene was silent.

Si Huang raised the corners of his blushing lips, and his aura exploded instantly. He was cold and noble, and there was a bit of youthful arrogance in his elegance.

The five members of the blue team were all blushing and their blood boiled with anger.

“One more game!”

“Yes, another game! The one who loses calls the other brother!”

“He’s too arrogant, I can’t wait to punch him in the face!”

Compared to them, the girl onlookers had all gone crazy.    

“Si Huang! Si Huang! Si Huang – so handsome!”

“Long live Your Majesty! Your Majesty is invincible! Your Majesty tortured them to death!”

It was a girl, and she shouts neatly with great momentum.

Si Huang turned his head to look and found that he didn’t know how they did it, but they had actually made a banner in a short period of time, with the seven characters “Your Majesty, I love you” written in big thick letters. There were also girls who didn’t know from where had gotten Si Huang’s enlarged photo poster. Two girls held it together, and they shouted excitedly when they saw Si Huang looking at them.

Those who didn’t know what was going on would have thought it was a big star coming to hold a concert or something. The surrounding male students all stared at Si Huang with subtle eyes, and thought it was not unreasonable to be jealous and envious of her.

Si Huang put down the hand that was pulling his hair, and the girl’s side also became neat and quiet in an instant.

Si Huang smiled helplessly, “Isn’t this filming a promotional video?”

Everyone returned to their senses: “…”

Yang Bixian was also startled, and then smiled while holding his forehead. He went to look at the refreshing and high-spirited handsome boy on the basketball court, his face was still the same face, but the arrogant yuppie look that confused people was gone. He looked at Si Huang carefully, and suddenly said, “You did a good job, but this scene is still a little flawed.”

Everyone present looked at him.

Yang Bixian pointed to his forehead and smiled at Si Huang: “There is no sweat at all, and the blood of youth is lacking.”

Si Huang smiled and said nothing.

The five boys of the basketball team froze. Damn, sprinting and breaking through the five of them, and he didn’t sweat at all, what did this mean? It showed that people don’t put in any effort at all!

The crowd of girls screamed again.

“Look at His Majesty’s sweat! It’s best to take off your sweaty clothes–!” An excited voice broke through the obstacles and reached everyone’s ears.

People including Si Huang looked at the voice and found that the four sisters and Huo Yuzhi had also come running at some time in the group of girls. The person who just sent out the ultrasound and rude shout was Tian Jiuran, one among the four sisters.

“Undress! Undress! Undress—!” Under the leadership of the four sisters, the girls all swayed and performed vigorously.

The boys were both envious and gloating, ready to see how Si Huang would end.

Yang Bixian was also interested and watched the play without speaking.

Si Huang shook his head amidst the noise, turned to face the group of girls and said, “I can’t take off my clothes.”

“Ah~” At this moment, the girls forgot whether they had any grievances or not, and they were surprisingly tacit and united. The girl’s cute sides were pitifully played to the fullest, with a pair of twinkling eyes staring at Si Huang, they pitiful hissed, “Why not? Why not? What are boys afraid of?”

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Er Shui: Your Majesty, what about the photos you agreed?

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Er Shui: I want a private photo~!

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Er Shui:… everything is negotiable, don’t go waking up the monster!

Your Majesty (squinting): My cell phone.

Er Shui: … predict the future and continue tomorrow.

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